Stunt Rally 2.5

Stunt Rally is a car racing game. It includes a track editor, but comes already with 147 tracks in 26 featured sceneries and complex landscapes. It also includes 19 car models and 4 other vehicles. It's built on OGRE for rendering, and uses VDrift and bullet for animations. Landscape objects are also rendered using PagedGeometry and shiny, while the interface menus use MyGUI.

Tags c++ game car-racing ogre vdrift
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

2.504 Nov 2014 09:45 major feature: 167 tracks (20 New), 5 New sceneries: Surreal, Stone, Space, Alien, BlackDesert Common Renamed all tracks with 3 letter prefixes, showing short name in listOn Replays tab there is a button to "Rename All Old" replays,ghosts and records Game New challenges and championships Solid fluids (e.g. ice, lava, added in editor fluids mode, but solid and flat) Rewind cooldown, after rewind 1 sec delay until next use is possible GUI - Tracks list Now with short name, difficulty and length ratings (in default short view) Selectable columns, and filtering, button Y, Ctrl-F twice to toggle Common Fixed black terrain on ATI/AMD Radeon cards Many smaller fixes Changed translations, more info for strings, own program to generate .pot, topic, Wiki New user log files with errors and warnings only, ogre.err and ogre_ed.err Editor Easier on pipe creating, mark (key 8) now also moves pipe down (ctrl-8 the old way) On pipe sections now marked on minimap as orange Up/down keys working in pick window and objects lists, buildings groups list Checkbox to ignore all "Wrong checkpoint" messages on track (for curly tracks where checks overlap road) Better checkpoints in pipe, now in center and radius 1 Tweak Reference graph for tires, loading tires Code Reworked Road_Rebuild.cpp, cleaner, data stucts, split to Road_Prepass.cpp Split common .cfg to settings_com.h and cpp specMap_rgb option in .mat (for rgb only specular maps) Check if tracks and cars exist before replay load Fixed most CppCheck warnings.
2.409 Aug 2014 22:01 major bugfix: Fix cursor manager crash. Properly handle object origin in the editor selection box. Sync upstream changes to shiny. Sync translations. Add new checkpoint colors for new laps. (And a few dozen more, not quite decipherable, changes according to the git commit log.)