Magic Assistant 1.5.0

Magic Assistant is a management tool for "Magic: The Gathering" players. It has a card browser and library, deck building features, and a MTG tournament organizer. It includes a MTG card database and online updates, also provides card searching and filters, deck charts, deck play simulation, booster pack randomizer, comparing card/deck prizes with vendors or other players.

ERMaster 1.0.0

ERMaster is an Eclipse plugin to make database Entitity-Relationship diagrams. It allows to import from a database, export a table definition to Excel, generate an ER image, or DDL output.

Nodeclipse / Enide Studio 0.17

The Node Tool Suite (NTS) provides Node.js and CoffeScript development tools and an integreated development environment as plugin or full Eclipse distribution. It features Gradle, Maven, JSHint, a MarkDown editor, Chrome devtools, JSDT jQuery integration, NPM support, and can also be installed from the Eclipse marketplace.

RsBudget 2.0.0

RsBudget is a PC software to budget, track and control your private financial activities (Expense Tracker).