video2midi 0.3.5

video2midi is an open source utility, written in python for creating midi file from Synthesia video and the like ..

Connected Component Labeling for GPGPU 1.1

Connected Component Labeling (CCL) is a well known technique for assigning a unique label to each of connected components in a given binary image. In this project, libraries that implement a parallel CCL algorithm that is suitable for execution on GPGPU are provided. In the archive, an implementation in OpenCL and C that is usable in combination with OpenCV library, a single-threaded vectorized CPU implementation that utilizes AVX2 instructions, and a Java implementation that is for helping unde

Diffimg 2.2.0

DiffImg computes pixel discrepancies between two image files and displays them as color mask or as yellow/red overlay. It also provides a dual panel display, can compute the mean error, RMS and min/max values, shows an error histogram, or display a slideshow for image directories. This allows for compression level comparisons, or optimizing raytracing parameters.