pass-import 2.5

pass import is a password store extension allowing you to import your password database to a password store repository conveniently. It natively supports import from 20 different password managers. More manager support can easily be added.

pass-update 2.1

pass update extends the pass utility with an update command providing an easy flow for updating passwords. It supports path, directory and wildcard update. Moreover, you can select how to update your passwords by automatically generating new passwords or manually setting your own.

pass-tomb 1.1

Due to the structure of pass, file- and directory names are not encrypted in the password store. pass-tomb provides a convenient solution to put your password store in a tomb and then keep your password tree encrypted when you are not using it. It uses the same GPG key to encrypt passwords and tomb, therefore you don't need to manage more key or secret. Moreover, you can ask pass-tomb to automatically close your store after a given time.

Vaultier Team Password Manager 0.7.2

Vaultier is a collaborative password manager and file storage, suitable for enterprise usage. It allows account-based file access constraints, utilizes RSA over AES for encrypting data, authorization keys stored on clients. It's available as docker container, Ubuntu-tested package, or via PyPI

O2 Project 2.2

O2 is a flexible and encrypted archiving system for personal data like contacts, account and credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, etc. It allows categorization of stored entities, regrouping, adding new meta info, object data relations, sorting and searching, import and export, or report/summary generation.

makipass 1.0.1

MakiPass is a desktop tool for encrypting files. It utilizes the AES cipher, provides high-entropy password generation, capture keyloggers per keystroke simulation, allows process introspection. It can also be used as simple backup manager, can export data as JSON or ZIP file, and comes with a simple text note / editor facility.

Password Safe 3.34

Password Safe is a password database utility. It stores multiple identities and accounts encrypted using Bruce Schneiers Twofish behind a master key. It provides an intuitive user interface, automatic backups, and is available on many plattforms.