PuTTY 0.74

PuTTY is a free implementation of SSH and Telnet for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.

modemu2k 0.0.5

Modemu2k is a fork of modemu, originally developed by Toru Egashira. Modemu2k adds telnet capability to a comm program. It can redirect telnet I/O to a pty so that a comm program can handle the pty as a tty with a real modem, and allows you to use a comm program's scripting and file transfer features over telnet.

TinTin++ 2.01.3

TinTin++, aka tt++, is a free Mud Client for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that runs in console mode. Its main assets are a easy to learn and use scripting language featuring just-in-time compilation, full telnet support, automapping, perl-compatible regular expressions, a split screen interface to separate mud output from client input, and keyboard macros that work on all systems. TinTin++ runs on Windows using the Cygwin Linux environment, and on Android using the Termux Linux envi

Paranoid TelnetD 1.0

A telnetd server with a IPv6 support, chroot support, allow/deny via user, IP and MAC address, and which has it's own native authentication so that telnet accounts cannot be used to log into the main system.

ExtraPuTTY 0.29

ExtraPuTTY is a fork of Putty 0.63 for Windows. It adds a Win32 API, command shortcuts, uses config files instead of the registry, automatic reconnection, and supports FTP, TFTP, X/Y/Zmodem besides SSH and Telnet. It also provides Lua 5.2 scripting for session handling and management, and is directory relocatable for portable installations.