Calf Studio Gear 0.90.1

Calf Studio Gear is a stack of audio effect plugins for JACK sound servers and LV2 hooks. It contains instruments and tone generators, dynamic processors, digital effects, modulators, filters and equalizers, delay effects, distortion and enhancement filters, as well as some tools aimed at professionals.

Tags c audio jack effects modulation instruments
License GNU LGPL
State development

Recent Releases

0.90.108 Aug 2018 03:16 minor feature: Equalizers: flickering graphs if all bands activated while indivi . Clarify the units for line-graphs and dynamics thresholds: . . . JACK host: use jack_port_rename if available. . Merge branch 'master' of . compiler warnings. . compiler warning. . amount of freqhandles in xml. . Copyright information. . Allow 16 filter bands in multi spread;. Multi Spread: Intensity knob;. Merge branch 'master' into master. . Rename some functions to avoid warnings on clang. . Make PhaseGraph and Pattern aware of lights and shadow style properties. . flat theme. . Add dull style parameter; make flat theme even more flat. . Let lights style param modify main background gradient (makes flat th . . Flat theme knobs flat. . Transient Designer: height of graphs. . non-flat graphs. . Autohell: implement jack_port_rename detection for JACK2 too. . Merge branch 'master' of . Autohell: oops, wrong version. . in INSTALL;. RDF output. . Handle all gtk events in a single LV2 idle call. . Increase C99 compatibility for MINGW. . Merge branch 'master' of . . . error while generating RDF on Fedora. . Sidechain Compressor/Sidechain Gate: routing in split modes; F . . MIDI channel for Monosynth, Organ and Wavetable;. compiler problems C++11;. Remove some superflous deprints. . compiler problems on gcc4. . Comment RDF for atom ports (still experimental);. Re-add maintainer to RDF. . Status icon;. Prevent LMMS from crashing sidechain limiter; thanks to Johannes Lore . . Level sidechain signal in Comp and Gate if routed from stereo input; f . . crash : inputs and outputs can have zero size. . crash: tick can grow beyond self- ticks.size(). .
0.90.005 Nov 2017 11:25 minor feature: m(. m((. LineGraph: dB values on handles. LineGraph: unified use of label builder; different labels when hoveri?. LineGraph: background for labels. EQ: bigger pass buttons; 0.707 as default Q for shelves. EQ: ticks for 0.707 Q. Reworked Merge branch 'master' of More stuff in README. And more README. Line graph: some lifecycle. Line graph: Import the std namespace. Add a note in the manuals explaining zipper noise on very high Q in b?. Merge branch 'design' of int?. Last missing knob ticks. Merge branch 'design' of into design. Merge branch 'design'. TapButton: auto size request. VintageDelay: timeout to reset tap button after 2 secs. Preferences: Selector for existing gtkrc files. Load custom styles on startup, save style selection in preferences. Missing include in utils.h. Envelope Filter: add hint in manual for reversed operation. Try to a with unsorted plugins in Ardour. New: selectable styles. Merge branch 'styles'. 2 new styles: Wood and Hybreed. Logos for Hybrid and Wood styles. LED widget: drawing glitch. JACK host: minor code cleanup. LV2: Attempt to some conformance. LV2: more conformance. May break song/preset compatibility. Vocoder: out-of-range default values. Vocoder carrier and modulator out of bounds. Merge branch 'master' of testing things. stereo : more testing. Stereo: ms- lr and lr- ms working. cleanup. Reset widget class naming to dynamic since it crashes other hosts;. Make Analyzer UI require instance-access. Stereotools: lr- ms- lr. Merge branch 'master' of Stereotools: use ms settings on lr- rl, too. EQ8/EQ12: High pass and low pass with Q. LineGraph: z axis for lo and hi pass handles. First steps for new multi-mode delay. Merge branch 'master' of Update Controls.html. HTML manual path. HTML manual path. Separat
0.0.60pre130 Dec 2014 17:10 major feature: Many enhancements and bugfixes after last release two years ago.