EKO sound editor 5.3.3

EKO is small and simple sound editor based on Qt4/5, Portaudio, libsndfile and libsamplerate. It has basic editing, utility and analysis functions, the rack with realtime effects (not so much), GUI themes and palettes support.

Tags sound
License Public Domain
State development

Recent Releases

5.3.308 Mar 2017 14:52 major bugfix: More fixes. Resampler options has been added to the settings "Common" page. No "read-only" mode now - when the saving to the original format is not supported, EKO will save to WAV.
5.3.205 Mar 2017 19:31 major bugfix: Faster resampler; saving in other format fixes.
5.3.119 Jan 2017 22:48 major bugfix: Qt4-compatibility fixes.
5.3.027 Sep 2016 18:05 major bugfix: Some GUI improvements.
5.2.022 Jun 2016 13:30 major bugfix: Channel handling fixes, some GUI improvements.
5.0.015 Jan 2016 13:14 major feature: Hello! The fifth EKO's code has been heavy rewritten to share the codebase with my new project, the minimalistic DAW - Wavylon. Also there are many errors were fixed, and limitations eliminated. But what is changed for the user? EKO becomes more stable. Some new realtime FX - two guitar pedals emulators, the filter and the delay module. But they are will be more useful with Wavylon. So there is not so much visible and audible changes but the inner changes allows me to move EKO forward.
4.0.006 Nov 2015 19:10 major feature: Volume automation has been added, many fixes and inner changes, monitor input support, initial win32 build.
3.0.012 Oct 2015 18:06 major feature: Now EKO is able to open MP3 and videofiles (as audio) using external command line tools FFMPEG or Mplayer. MP3 export via LAME. FXRack has been modified to the Mixer. Undo engine has been improved. A lot of internals has been rewritten, including the selection and looping code.
2.1.021 Jul 2015 11:54 major bugfix: Math fixes.
2.0.027 Apr 2015 18:06 major feature: JACK support has been dropped. Now EKO works with sound using Portaudio (as Audacity). Inner sound engine has been rewritten, adding the recording suppord and GUI themes. Bugfixes, new bugs introducing, etc.