FirCAS 1.2.4

FriCAS is a computer algebra system forked from Axiom. It provides calculus (integral calculation, differentiation) and abstract algebra, function plotting, and has an integreated help system. It's implemented in Spad, a strongly types high-level language, for expressing mathematical algorithms in natural notation.

Tags spad mathematics algebra integration differential
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.412 Nov 2014 21:45 minor feature: Avoid FINISH-OUTPUT. Redirect IO when running programs from Closure CL. Add FORMCAT to CATLIST. Misc cleanups. Add gnuDraw. Eliminate few uses of Lisp. Add DFSFUN2. Add R. Rioboo's cylindrical algebraic decomposition. Better support for nopile mode. Restructure modular evaluation.