Image Lock PEA 1.0

Image Lock PEA protects photos, drawings, and documents in image format with a password. Thanks to the integrated viewer the images are never stored unencrypted on the hard disk, but are held only in memory. The Image Lock PEA uses functions to derive the key from the password, that protect also against attackers with a high budget. In addition to the confidentiality, an authenticated encryption protects the integrity and authenticity of the images.

Tags cryptography java cross-plattform end-users
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.025 Apr 2017 06:17 major feature: - Several images can be be shown by one PEA. You can either open the images separately or you can open a folder containing several images. Only the actually displayed image is decrypted and it is decrypted only in memory (RAM), not on your disk. - Minor changes in appearance and usability.
0.120 May 2016 16:38 minor feature: