JSTAR 1.0.1

JSTAR(J*) is a Programming Language which is focused on Remote webapplication in the areas of webdesign, websites construction,and which is invented in CDollar P.L by wilmix jemin j.

Tags jstar cdollar programming-language remotewebdesign
License MITL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.0.122 Mar 2017 11:38 major feature: a) Has CDollar utilities and GDollar utilities. b) SAVES time and cost c) It requires only less source code to design a remote webapplication . d)Interact with WDBASQL database. e) User friendly and used in windows platform. f) Behave Like PHP and have attractive statements. g) Uses CDollar-JAVA compiler and it used CDollar-java runtime h) accepts and executes .jstar,html , and .exe file i) Can be used in wallet and mobiles. j) solve complex problems in webdesign. k) Uses C# ,CDollar , GDollar , JAVA Logic and utilities. l) it is used with WEB1.0 webservice .. m) JSTAR is focused on remote webdesign without internet connection is the major advantage of JSTAR.