Linux Wacom tablet project 0.27

The Linux Wacom project is comprised of hardware drivers, libraries and documentation for Wacom tablets. It can configure devices, and interfaces with X11 under Linux, or graphics applications; usually provides out-of-the-box support on most distributions. Supported devices include the Wacom series Intuos, Cintiq, TabletPC, Graphire, Intuos Pro, Volito, PenPartner, PL & DTF , Bamboo, Bamboo Pen & Touch, and Graphire Bluetooth.

Tags c x11 hardware tablets wacom linux desktop
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.2709 Dec 2017 18:25 minor feature: New devices: - Dell Canvas 27. - Pro Pen 3D stylus. - XP-Pen Star 03. - ISDv4 4831 (Dell XPS 13 9365). New API: libwacom_get_button_evdev_code() and the matching EvdevCodes entry in the.tablet files.
0.2625 Aug 2017 18:45 minor feature: New devices: - DTH-1152. - Wireless Intuos Pro 2nd Generation. - ISDV4 4809, 481a 4822, 4824, 484c, 5010.
0.2511 May 2017 20:45 minor feature: New devices: - ISDV4 104, 10E, 117, 124, 4814, 5013, 5014, 503E, 503F, 5048, 5044. - USB Graphire. - Cintiq Pro 13, 16. libwacom 0.24. New devices: - Second generation Intuos Pro M. - Second generation Intuos Pro L.
0.2221 Jul 2016 13:45 minor bugfix: New API: libwacom_get_paired_device(). The EKR has the modes enabled now. to the show-svg-image tool.
0.2117 Jun 2016 18:05 minor bugfix: New devices: - MTE-450 "Bamboo", Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10. Layout for the Express Key Remote, Intuos series.
0.1927 Apr 2016 10:25 minor feature: New devices: - DTK-1651, ISDv4 0x504a. Quirk added to prevent udev tagging HUION Consumer Control devices as tablets.
0.1807 Jan 2016 09:25 minor feature: Renamed ".tablet" files for Bamboo devices. Modified user-visible names of Bamboo devices. - "Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5" - "Wacom Bamboo Capture". - "Wacom Bamboo 2FG 4x5" - "Wacom Bamboo (2FG)". - "Wacom Bamboo 2FG 6x8" - "Wacom Bamboo Fun medium (2FG)". - "Wacom Bamboo 2FG" - "Wacom Bamboo Touch (2FG)". - "Wacom Bamboo Craft" - "Wacom Bamboo Fun small (2FG)". - "Wacom Bamboo Pen" - "Wacom Bamboo Pen small". New devices: - Missing gen-1 Bamboo (0xd5). - Missing gen-2.5 Bamboos (0xd6, 0xd7, 0xd8, 0xd9, 0xda, 0xdb). - Missing gen-3 Bamboos (0xdc, 0xdd, 0dxf).
0.1707 Dec 2015 06:05 minor feature: New devices: - Cintiq Companion 2 (DTH-1310). - ExpressKey Remote. New WacomClass: WCLASS_REMOTE.
0.1412 Jun 2015 03:15 minor feature: New devices: - Cintiq 13HD touch. Fixes to the udev rule set to tag uinput devices correctly too. Integrated tabled are not marked as ID_INPUT_TOUCHPAD anymore now.
0.1320 Apr 2015 09:45 minor feature: New devices:. - DTU-1141. - Huion H610 Pro. Several memory leak fixes. Added libwacom_match_get_name() to allow data-file matching on the name as well as the pid/vid.
0.1211 Mar 2015 19:05 minor feature: Added libwacom_stylus_has_wheel for relative wheel detection. Added libwacom_stylus_get_axes for a list of supported axes. New devices: Cintiq 27QHD, Cintiq 27QHD Touch. DTU-1031X. Intuos Pen Medium. Reworked udev rules. be more restrictive when to set ID_INPUT_TOUCHPAD. unset ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK on tablet devices. tag the Pad device as ID_INPUT_TABLET_PAD.
0.1106 Nov 2014 06:05 minor feature: Better detection of wireless tablets on kernels 3.18. New devices: Cintiq Companion.