Eiciel port for MATE Desktop 1.20.0

MATE eiciel is a Graphical editor for access control lists (ACLs) and extended attributes (xattr), either as an extension within Caja, or as a standalone utility. It's based on Eiciel by Roger Ferrer (http://rofi.roger-ferrer.org/eiciel/).

Tags mate desktop caja acl xattr
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

1.20.009 Aug 2018 04:05 minor feature: Move AppStream metadata file to /usr/share/metainfo . Update es.po. . Update es.po. . Update README.md. . Use sys/xattr.h instead of deprecated attr/xattr.h. . Require c++11 compiler. . invalid markup in appdata file. . Add keywords to appdata file and desktop file and rename appdata file. . Remove old appdata file. . Update appdata file. . Update deprecated API. . Use silent rules with autotools and require automake 1.11 because of . . Remove deprecated header. . Bump to versin 1.20.0. . Remove redundant compiler flags. . A few spanish translation. . One more in spanish translation.
1.18.122 Nov 2017 10:25 minor feature: Created TODO . Update README.md. . Update AUTHORS. . Update README.md. . Update AUTHORS. . Update the AppStream file and the corresponding.desktop file to up-t . . Trivial TODO typo. . . . Added autogen.sh, bump version to 1.18.1 en configure.ac.
1.18.024 Sep 2017 22:27 major feature: * Code requires a c++11 capable compiler. * configure.ac: Bump version to 1.18.0. * doc/C/Makefile.am: move to /usr/share/help. * po/es.po: small fixes to spanish translation. * src/eiciel_caja_page.cpp: Port to MATE Desktop. * src/eiciel_caja_page.hpp: Port to MATE Desktop. * src/Makefile.am: Added -std=c++11 to.