mtag 2.2.4

mtag is the command-line tool for media files tagging. It can use the text file template to tag the multiply sets of media files. You can apply the same template for Ogg, MP3, and FLAC album versions.

Tags audio tagging console
License Public Domain
State development

Recent Releases

2.2.406 May 2019 14:10 minor bugfix: Makefile fixes for correct packaging.
2.2.305 May 2019 15:45 minor bugfix: Fixed the issue when the rules file contain records count not equal to the files count.
2.2.204 May 2019 18:13 major feature: German man page has been added by Michael Vetter
2.2.101 May 2019 15:52 major feature: Man pages installation fixes.
2.2.030 Apr 2019 18:47 major feature: Man pages has been added, makefile fixed, etc.
2.1.002 Aug 2016 21:52 major feature: Command line parameters order has been changed. New function - rename files according their tags.
2.0.001 Aug 2016 18:41 major feature: The Extract option to extract tags from the files to the "rules"-file that can be used with other files.
1.0.025 Jul 2016 11:38 major feature: The initial 1.0.0 version.