SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.10

SimpleScreenRecorder is a screen recorder for Linux. Despite the name, this program is actually quite complex. It's 'simple' in the sense that it's easier to use than ffmpeg/avconv or VLC.

Tags video capture screen-capture c++ qt
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

0.3.1012 Mar 2018 03:15 minor feature: Added "extern char environ;" because this is required on some syste . Use platform-independent CMAKE_DL_LIBS instead of the platform-depend . . Made the default of ENABLE_X86_ASM be dependent on CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCE . . . . . . . . some Clang warnings. . Clean up CMakeLists. . Add an option to disable ALSA support. . Make OpenGL recording optional. . some build system problems (moc + conditional compilation now wor . . Disable sound notifications when compiling without ALSA. . Improve compatibility with older cmake versions. . Improve German translation. . Minor cmake improvement. . Replace QRubberBand with custom recording frame. . Select Qt5 by default in simple-build-and-install (if it is installed). . Make it easier to override auto-detected options in simple-build-and- . . Improve simple-build-and-install. . Clean up build instructions and dependencies in README file. . Improve simple-build-and-install. . Update README. . mistake in simple-build-and-install. . Add version tests to Qt detection in simple-build-and-install. . Update translations. . Update changelog. . New version.
0.3.911 Dec 2017 03:15 minor feature: Updated Hungarian translation . first cmake attempt. . cleanups. . cmake: adding pthreads to link step. . list of files to be installed. . adding glinject library. . cmake: typo. cmake: adding X11 to required libraries (build ). . cmake: finding avformat library. . typo. cmake: finding avcodec library. . cmake: finding avutil library. . typo. cmake: finding Xlibrary. . cmake: adding missing file. . typo. make: finding swscale library. . cmake: mocing first files. . make: finding pulse audio library. . cmake: adding more files to moc. . including/linking Alsa. . cmake: cleanups with XExtensions. . cmake: adding mssse3 flag to certain files. . cmake: translating files. . adding 32bit version of GLInject. . cmake: adding install target. . cmake: ing icons installation. . cmake: ing libssr-glinject name. . cmake: ing installation paths for man. . cleanups. . Added one more translation. . . . Add RGB24 support (without optimization since it is rarely used). . Merge branch 'master' of . . . polish translation progress. . adding more polish translations. . restoring original TS version. . Merge branch 'tr' - progress for polish translations. . . . CMake refactoring. . moving options to main CMakeLists.txt + adding qt5 option. . cmake: support for qt4 (default). . cmake: introducing WITH_GLINJECT and WITH_SIMPLESCREENRECORDER options. . cmake: preparations for ing WITH_JACK option. . . . CMake: finishing jack support. . cmake cleanups. . cmake: for conditional build of pulse audio. . cmake: build x86 specific files only when necessary. . cmake: moving ENABLE_32BIT_GLInject option to top CMakeLists.txt. . rename tray normal status to ssr-indicator. . scalable
0.3.813 Nov 2016 01:42 minor feature: Revert sample rate to 44.1 kHz for FLV container, since it does not support 48 kHz.