vDos 2015.11.01

vDos is a DOSBox fork which omits some graphics and gaming emulation in favor of supporting old DOS text-mode and business applications. It adds a live filesystem bridge, file and record locking, Windows printing, scalable screen fonts, and other features. It's rather convenient to set up, runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows systems.

Tags c c++ emulator dos msdos int21h dosbox
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2015.11.0125 Feb 2016 04:59 minor feature: 4DOS help text updated. Bit 18 (AC) of CPU flags masked out (486SX+ only detection). Added Int 15-C9h: BIOS: Get CPU type and mask revision. Int 2Fh-1A00h returns AL=FFh; fakes ANSI.SYS installed. Added country code detection. DOS API FindFirst (4Eh) returned code 02h (Windows FindFirst error code) if a file was not found, instead of 12h (DOS). Right Alt key is reported as Left Ctrl + Right Menu by Windows. The fix for this prevented the Left Ctrl key status to be updated. Satisfied search for command.com etc. if search attribute 7. vDos didn't explicitly set the CPU flags register when a program exits.
2014.10.1718 Oct 2014 06:45 major feature: XMS: included the first 64KB of extended memory (HMA). Corrected scan codes for Right Alt extended keyboard keys. Simplified and stripped down the video/VGA drawing routines, they are also a bit faster now. Further optimization of CPU memory access functions, vDos is in overall a 25 faster (a 10 due to compiling for speed). CPU: added support for memory paging in protected mode (mainly to facilitate FoxProX). PIT controller stripped down to only channel/counter 0. Smoother switching between text and graphics mode, no ghosting of the previous mode contents. The title of the framed vDos window is set to the shortcut name it was started from. Added synchronization between an application accepting keyboard input and video refreshing. Simplified mouse driver routines and dropped the vDos text mouse pointer. Added the CHCP (change code page) command. Set internal mediatype of Z: to hard disk. Int 21-67, set handle count: when called more than once the PSP file table could get messed up. Int 21-4409h (device) and 440Ah (handle) report drive being remote. Int 2F: Added function B800h (Network - installation check) and B809h (Network - get version). Int 2F: If XMS is converted to EMS, inquiring XMS is adjusted accordingly. Dropped throwing an exception when loading an executable with a SP value less than 4.