Atom 1.42.0-beta0 💾

Atom is a programming editor. It has a web / JavaScript-based GUI, but runs as desktop application. Atom can be edited with itself. Lots of plugins and extensions, and language bindings are available. The default interface comes with a paned interface, a file system browser, fuzzy search, code folding, an understandable configuration dialog, snippet browser, multi-cursor and selection support.

minor feature: #19373 - Upgrade to Electron 4. #19754 - Improve syntax highlighting for numerous Ruby language constructs (atom/language-ruby#266, atom/language-ruby#267, atom/language-ruby#269). Atom/atom#19681 - Upgrade GitHub package on dev. Atom/atom#19373 - Upgrade to Electron 4. Atom/atom#19617 - Restore use of Ubuntu 14.04 for Linux CI builds. Atom/atom#19726 - Only cover scope boundaries in the parent layer if there is a scope boundary in the injected layer. Atom/atom#19735 - Use class colors for inherited classes in One syntax themes. Atom/atom#19738 - Avoid covering up scopes at boundaries of injection layers. Atom/atom#19740 - language-ruby@0.72.19. Atom/atom#19754 - language-ruby@0.72.20. Atom/atom#13925 - add support for jasmine.any. Atom/atom#19757 - notifications@0.71.0. Atom/atom#19763 - Remove unused TimeReporter class. Atom/atom#19809 - apm@2.4.3. Atom/notifications#180 - Clear log. Atom/language-ruby#266 - Allow numerals in all-caps constants. Atom/language-ruby#267 - Add scopes for a number of items. Atom/language-ruby#269 - Tokenize visibility modifier in Tree-sitter grammar. Atom/language-shellscript#149 - Support ANSII-C escaped strings in Bash.

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QuiteRSS 0.18.12

QuiteRSS is a desktop news feeds (RSS/Atom) reader with a Qt interface. It's both fast and convenient to use, embeds a WebKit view, allows searching, bookmarking and filtering feed items or users. QuiteRSS also includes ad blocking, proxy support, feed update timers, a tree-grouped feed list, sound and visual notifications, OPML imports, and is fully portable.

JARR 8.0

JARR (Just Another RSS Reader) is a web-based news aggregator and reader.

Yamado 0.5

Yamado is a minimal note & journal system with extensions for functioning as a homepage & blog. Forget about databases, additional frameworks and the rest. Primarily intended to be installed on a server, requiring only standard utilities like bash, sed and awk. It uses the file system as a database. All articles are submitted as a file and stored as a file. The file format is YAML + Markdown.

pyAggr3g470r 6.7

pyAggr3g470r is a web-based news aggregator. It can be deployed on Heroku or on a traditional server.

RSS Guard

RSS Guard is simple (yet powerful) feed reader. It is able to fetch the most known feed formats, including RSS/RDF and ATOM. RSS Guard is developed on top of the Qt library. RSS Guard supports multiple data backends, including MySQL and SQLite.