CakePHP 3.8.1 💾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins e

minor feature: Improved error messages when ConsoleIntegrationTestTrait is missing replies for interactive questions. how Http Client Adapter CurlAdapter selects HTTP protocol versions. Added getVisible() to the annotations in EntityInterface. Table::loadInto() not loading translations. Switched to using SCAN instead of KEYS to clear redis caches. ADmad. Anne. Anne van de Venis. Marc Würth. Mark Story. Robert Pustułka. Walther Lalk. gregs.

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