Ctalk 0.55 💾

Ctalk is an object oriented extension to C which adds features like objects, classes, and methods. There are primitive objects for integers, floats, but also for data/time handling, complex collection types for lists, arrays and dictionaries, or system events like SignalEvents and user InputEvents, and graphics objects like Panes, X11Bitmaps, X11Cursors, and X11Fonts.

minor feature: Fixed dimensions in ANSIProgressBarPane. Added more portable version if inst_group.sh in build subdirectory. Updated ctalklib.in and caps.sh to make readline.h and Xlib.h inclusion more reliable. In Array : atPut, check for an old member with the same index and delete the item first if it exists. Added the Symbol : removeValue method.

GNU GPLv3 ctalk c object preprocessor x11 linux gcc solaris macos