Artistic Style 3.5.1

A Free, Fast, and Small Automatic Formatter for C, C++, C++/CLI, Objective-C, C#, and Java Source Code.

Tags formatting indentation
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.5.130 Jun 2024 13:51 minor feature: * Fix crash concerning macro continuation * Fix EOL handling for Windows builds * Fix GSC comment recognition * Fix MSVC compiler warnings
3.506 Jun 2024 13:51 minor feature: * Add option --pad-negation * Apply align-pointer=type only if type is present * Avoid deletion of empty lines after continuation * Fix alignment of logical AND operators * Fix recognition of Java/C# multi line strings
3.4.1620 May 2024 17:55 minor bugfix: * Fix padding of scientific notation literals * Fix of reference args alignment
3.4.1509 May 2024 18:16 minor bugfix: * Fix parsing of floating point literals * Fix "--break-block" handling of class and function blocks * Fix "--align-pointer=type" option for all types in lambda parameter lists * Fix padding of lambda capture with align-pointer option * Exclude files ending with backup suffix from input file names list
3.4.1423 Apr 2024 20:05 minor bugfix: * Fix split references with "-k1" option * Fix "--align-pointer=type" option for fundamental types in lambda parameter lists * Fix "--indent-after-parens" indent count
3.4.1312 Mar 2024 05:56 minor bugfix: * fix comment indent after string macro with R suffix * do not break single line block after enum in mozilla mode * adjust cmake policy for new versions only * update man page path * add support for scikit-build-core
3.4.1206 Feb 2024 07:50 minor bugfix: * added "--pad-brackets-in" and "--pad-brackets-out" options * fixed indentation of initializer lists * fixed crash with "--add-braces=nested" applied to if-else blocks
3.4.1111 Jan 2024 09:42 minor bugfix: * added new option "--add-braces=nested" to add braces in nested single line statements * fix indent after double template brackets * "--squeeze-lines=1" is no longer default with Linux builds * add experimental GHC mode * fix indent after raw string
3.4.1021 Oct 2023 16:56 minor bugfix: * fixed missing indent in function parameter list
3.4.918 Oct 2023 13:51 minor bugfix: * applied one wording for Objective-C in the docs * fixed more CS regressions * fixed inserting space with combined "--pad-oper" and "--align-pointer" options
3.4.823 Sep 2023 15:38 minor bugfix: * fixed various C++ and C Sharop formatting issues * added new option --pad-empty-paren to pad empty pairs of parentheses
3.4.629 Aug 2023 05:27 minor bugfix: * added VS2022 project files * fixed CS regressions * added CS coalesce assignment operator * fixed padding of following a comma * fixed indent of function declarations following access modifiers * fixed indent of C# allocation blocks * fixed indentation of comments after CS interpolation quotes
3.417 Jun 2023 15:15 minor bugfix: * fixed formatting of CS interpolation literals * fixed false lambda recognition * fixed indentation of member declarations * fixed indentation of struct assignments * added new option "--indent-lambda" to to enable new lambda recognition
3.3.125 May 2023 15:19 minor bugfix: fixed compilation on some Linux systems
3.319 May 2023 07:52 minor bugfix: fixed indent of brace initializer with new
3.3-beta310 May 2023 09:48 minor bugfix: - added new --pad-brackets and --unpad-brackets options - fixed padding of pointers separated by comma - improved meson build compatibility
3.3-beta227 Apr 2023 06:06 minor bugfix: added new option "--squeeze-ws" to remove superfluous whitespace added new option "--squeeze-lines" to remove superfluous empty lines
3.3-beta116 Apr 2023 14:50 minor bugfix: fixed indent of C++11 initializer lists fixed indent of lambda bodies in fct calls refactored namespace std usage
3.2.101 Apr 2023 15:45 minor bugfix: fixed indent of struct initializer lists avoid regression of align-method-colon fix pad-method-colon options in ObjectiveC mode fixed break-blocks format after struct
3.2 beta 305 Mar 2023 16:50 minor bugfix: fixed project file search on Linux fix parsing of C# interpolation strings added man page to file install list fixed help messages of pad-param-type options added shell completion scripts added --mode=objc option
3.2 beta 223 Feb 2023 20:48 minor bugfix: fixed documentation of --delete-empty-lines short option fixed project file search fixed project file search with wildcard input paths better description for stat errors
3.224 Jan 2023 21:30 minor bugfix: * Add new option "style=webkit" for the WebKit brace style. * Improve recognition of pointer variable types. * Change CMake files to the quot;modern quot; format. * Fix formatting of raw string literals with the opening #39;( #39; at the end of line (#519). * Fix indentation of comments in a preprocessor define indented with tabs (#506). * Fix vector limit segfault with g++-8, recursive, and -D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS (#503). * created man page * removed deprecated options * added quot;--mode=js quot; option * removed upper limit of max-continuation-indent * #535 fix raw string parsing * #543 fix recognition of rvalue operator as reference * #527 fix reverting effect of AttachReturnType option * #544 fixed padding of dereference operator * #538 added spaceship operator * #550 fixed case indent after enum return value * #546 fixed space deletion when aligning ref value name * #545 fix reverting effect of maxCodeLength and AttachReturnType options * applied IT localization patch * improved DE localization