libmp4tag 1.2.10 💾

An MP4 tagging library where all tags can be accessed and modified and any tags, unknown tags or custom tags are never lost when the audio file is updated. A list of known tags is only used when new tags are added.

minor bugfix: 1.2.10 beta 2023-11-28 * Bug Fixes: * Windows: mp4tagcli fixed to properly handle windows command line arguments. * Fix test scripts to work on windows. * Windows: mp4tag_towide and mp4tag_fromwide changed to public interfaces. * Fix extension check for cover images to handle upper case.

Zlib library c audio video tagging mp4

OpenSnitch 1.6.4 💾

OpenSnitch is a GNU/Linux application firewall. Key features Interactive outbound connections filtering. Block ads, trackers or malware domains system wide. Ability to configure system firewall from the GUI (nftables). Configure input policy, allow inbound services, etc. Manage multiple nodes from a centralized GUI. SIEM integration

minor bugfix:

GNU GPLv3 firewall c

Ansel 3c8f896 💾

Ansel is an open-source photo-editing software for digital artists, designed to help you achieve your own interpretation of raw digital photographs. Ansel is a better future for Darktable, designed from real-life use cases and solving actual problems.

minor feature: Bug fixes.

GNU GPLv3 digital-camera raster-based graphics-conversion cross-plattform

Samba 4.19.3 💾

Samba is a software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. It is freely available, unlike other SMB/CIFS implementations, and allows for interoperability between Linux/Unix servers and Windows-based clients.

minor feature: Sid_strings test broken by unix epoch gt; 1700000000. smbd crashes if asked to return full information on of a Stream handle with delete on disposition set. smbd: order of base_fsp and stream_fsp in Smb_fname_fsp_destructor(). Improve logging for failover scenarios. Files without quot;read attributes quot; NFS4 ACL permission are not Listed in directories. CVE-2018-14628 SECURITY Deleted Object tombstones visible in AD LDAP to normal users. Kerberos TGS-REQ with User2User does not work for normal. Accounts. vfs_gpfs stat calls fail due to file system permissions. Samba doesn apos;t build with Python 3.12.

GNU GPLv3 communications file-sharing cifs windows

LimeSurvey 6.3.7 build 231127 💾

LimeSurvey is a web application that interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, or Postgres to develop surveys, publish surveys, and collect responses to surveys. Once a survey has been created, data can be inserted into the survey either by a "pretty" public screen which presents each question one at a time, or by a quick and nasty data entry screen. It includes the capacity to generate individualized "tokens", so that invitations can be issued to participants. It also has the capacity to set conditions on whether questions will display (branching), numerous question types, and a basic statistics function.

minor feature: Missing cssframework default values for survey theme (Olle Härstedt). Setting Bruteforce timeout values to empty string causes the administrator to be locked out (Denis Chenu). Alphabetical order can be bad with utf8 character (Denis Chenu). security XSS in Survey menus (Menu icon type and Menu icon) (Gabriel Jenik). security CSRF in Reset Survey menus (Tests) (Gabriel Jenik). Potential loop with equation set question (Denis Chenu). Updated translation: Portuguese (Portugal) by twilllig. Updated translation: Portuguese (Portugal) by samarta. Updated translation: Greek by baltzis, lenasterg. Updated translation: German by c_schmitz. Updated translation: French (France) by DenisChenu.

GNU GPL survey php mysql mssql postgres

abcMIDI 2023.11.26 💾

The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.

minor feature: Improvements in ministat.

GNU GPL abc music conversion midi cross-platform

Gitea 1.21.1 💾

Gitea is a painless self-hosted Git service. It is similar to GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. Gitea is a fork of Gogs. See the Gitea Announcement blog post to read about the justification for a fork. Purpose The goal of this project is to provide the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. With Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across all platforms and architectures that Go supports. This support includes Linux, macOS, and Windows, on architectures like amd64, i386, ARM, PowerPC, and others.

minor feature: SECURITY. comment permissions. . delete-orphaned-repos. Make CORS work for oauth2 handlers. missing buttons. no ActionTaskOutput table waring. empty action run title. Use "is-loading" to avoid duplicate form submit for code comment. Matrix and MSTeams nil dereference. incorrect pgsql conn builder behavior. system config cache expiration timing. Restricted users only see repos in orgs which their team was assigned to. API. permissions for Token DELETE endpoint to match GET and POST. ENHANCEMENTS. Do not display search box when there's no packages yet. Add missing `packages.cleanup.success`. DOCS. Docs: Replace deprecated IS_TLS_ENABLED mailer setting in email setup. the description about the default setting for action in quick start document. Add guide page to actions when there's no workflows. MISC. Use full width for PR comparison.

MITL git go

Yoshimi 💾

A software synthesizer for Linux, originally forked from ZynAddSubFX (Copyright 2002-2009 Nasca Octavian Paul) in 2009 by Alan Calvert. Initially, Yoshimi delivered the same synthesizer capabilities. After early improvement of Jack and Alsa midi/audio performance, now many new features have been added, and we are concentrating on accessibility.

minor bugfix: rc1 2023-11-24 Will. bn 2287 AddSynth Tabs not updating on 'Paste' action - never did!. Small Control Data updates and clarifications. 2023-11-17 Will. bn 2286 Numerous PadSynth controls not updating on preset Paste. AddSynth slider not updating on preset Paste. speeling Eras in guides :p 2023-11-17 Will. bn 2285 Properly CLI AddSynth voice number affecting PadSynth controls Paste clipboard button disabled if no entry for that section Small style cleanups in copy/paste Updated Yoshimi Control Data/toplevel.html Updated HTML guide for preset 2023-11-15 Will. bn 2284 Changed Presets internal name "presets" to "params" Changed "PresetsUpdate" to "ParamsUpdate" Changed "changePresets" to "changeParams" Changed "presetsUpdated" to "paramsChanged" Changed source file Presets.h to ParamCheck.h Changed source file Presets.cpp to ParamCheck.cpp Some small GUI cleanups Completed changes. Presets is now ParamBase 2023-11-14 Will. bn 2283 copy/paste not recognising effect numbers. Title of copy/paste now indicates section Some GUI display cleanups 2023-11-13 Will. bn 2282 copy/paste GUI 'Type' field only correct on first call. Removed all of old presets code except PresetsUpdate( Some cleanups and extra comments in UnifiedPresets 2023-11-11 Will. bn 2281 Added 'design Notes' file to Yoshimi Control Data also a few more clarifications. 2023-11-10 Will. bn 2280 copy/paste assuming text returned in text message 0. Resolved ambiguities in Yoshimi Control Data Added copy/paste details 2023-11-09 Will. bn 2279 HTML "Yoshimi Control Data" now complete to replace.ods file. Removed ambiguity in CBtest default is to *not display text from miscMsg. Forgot to disable effects patch in Interchange :( 2023-11-07 Will. bn 2278 Wrong spelling in lists for amplitude LFO. Buf: Ucopy/Upaste type text not updating GUI unified presets done for LFOs GUI unified presets done for Envelopes GUI unified presets done for Filters GUI unified presets done for Effects Some UI cle

GNU GPL audio synthesizer

freedv 1.9.5 💾

FreeDV is unique as it uses 100% Open Source Software, including the speech codec. No secrets, nothing proprietary! FreeDV represents a path for 21st-century Amateur Radio where Hams are free to experiment and innovate rather than a future locked into a single manufacturer’s closed technology.

minor feature: This release contains the following content: Bugfixes: Fix bug preventing frequency updates from being properly suppressed when frequency control is in focus. (PR #585) Fix bug preventing 60 meter frequencies from using USB with DIGU/DIGL disabled. (PR #589) Additional fix for PR #561 to parse/format frequencies using current locale. (PR #595) Add entitlements to work around macOS Sonoma permissions bug. (PR #598) Fix bug preventing FreeDV Reporter window from closing after resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593) Fix bug preventing reload of manually entered frequency on start. (PR #608) Enhancements: FreeDV Reporter: Add support for filtering the exact frequency. (PR #596) Add confirmation dialog box before actually resetting configuration to defaults. (PR #593) Add ability to double-click FreeDV Reporter entries to change the radio's frequency. (PR #592) FreeDV Reporter: Add ability to force RX Only reporting in Tools- Options. (PR #599) Add new 160m/80m/40m calling frequencies for IARU R2. (PR #601) Add Help button to allow users to get help more easily. (PR #607) Build system: Upgrade wxWidgets to 3.2.4. (PR #607) Other: Report OS usage to FreeDV Reporter. (PR #606)

GNU LGPL audio

Mustangproject 2.9.0 💾

Mustangproject is a tool to write, validate and parse Factur-X/ZUGFeRD and (CII)XRechnung e-invoices. It is a (permissive) open source cross platform command line tool and a Java library. The command line tool e.g. allows to extract and combine PDF and XML from/to Factur-X as well as validate e-invoices, convert XML to HTML or migrate from ZUGFeRD v1 to v2. The library additionally allows to generate the XML to be embedded either by implementing interfaces or actively creating objects.

major bugfix: Missing closing tag in BankDetails when there's no BIC number #339 Have a way to merge to PDF file without knowing if it is A-1 or A-3 #341 Be able to validate XR 3.0 #347

APL invoice metadata accounting java-library java e-billing e-invoice

PrRescue 0.117 💾

PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64 supporting nilfs2 and btrfs. Its goal is to always include the newest kernel and Gentoo packages.

minor feature: Kernel has been updated to version 6.6.2. Gentoo packages have been upgraded to latest versions.

GNU GPL gentoo rescue boot

Wine 8.21 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: High-DPI scaling and initial Vulkan support in the Wayland driver. Beginnings of support for ARM64EC target. Updates to the locale database. Various. #9127 Multiple applications require system stream support in the MPEG-I splitter (Drome Racers, Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukukurikata), #22596 PhotoScape unable to change/save files, #34197 RootMagic 6 error on launch (Invalid operation GDI+ (Code 1)), #36739 PreSonus Studio One 2.6 user interface/controls text is invisible, #47609 Multiple apps crash on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.??0? codecvt@_UDU_Mbstatet@@@std@@QEAA@_K@Z (Godhood, WechatOCR), #52963 d3d10core:d3d10core amp; d3d11:d3d11 - test_resinfo_instruction() fails on Debian 11 + Intel GPU, #53287 MxManagementCenter crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.??0? codecvt@_SDU_Mbstatet@@@std@@QEAA@_K@Z when adding a camera, #54554 kernel32:file amp; ntdll:file get unexpected count values on Windows 11, #54839 3DMark 2000: missing benchmark information, #54962 GDI+ text rendering does not handle carriage returns, #55058 dbghelp:dbghelp - SymRefreshModuleList() sometimes returns 0 in 64-bit Wine, #55165 Age of Empires II Definitive Edition quits on startup, due to WinVerifyTrust() failing on game binaries. #55215 user32:text - test_DrawTextCalcRect() crashes on Windows, #55403 Office 2021 needs Windows.Management.Deployment.PackageManager, #55437 Death Stranding: quot;Start quot; and quot;Back quot; buttons are reversed, #55504.NET 7 not working, #55640 ModOrganizer 2.5.0 beta 5+ (Qt 6.5) requires a better uisettings3::GetColorValue implementation, #55660 HID with more than 8 axis overwrites inputs after it, #55709 Flutter apps that use the local_auth package need Windows.Security.Credentials.UI.UserConsentVerifier, #55770 Port Royale 2: flickering in the menus and during gameplay, #55788 Wayland driver: GNOME: no cursor over Wine windows when 2 monitors connected, #55795.NET 8 SDK Installer does not finish setup,

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

Calibre 7.1 💾

Calibre is an e-book library management application, viewer and editor. It's also commonly used for e-book file format conversion and syncing to reader devices. Calibre also simplifies downloading news from the web and converting them into e-book form, and can act as content server for online access to your book collection.

minor feature: Release: 7.1 23 Nov, 2023 New features Notes editor: When pasting HTML with images offer to download remote images in the pasted content. regression in 7.0 that broke restore of db from backups. Content server: newly added books on homepage not restricted to the books the logged in user is allowed to access. When starting in system tray do not flash the main window briefly Notes editor: spurious error message when saving a note that contains pasted HTML that refers to an image. a regression that caused the unknown/unset date to incorrectly be displayed/edited as a date in the year AD 101 in some timezones Comments editor: data file links not working. Linux installer: Check that the user has installed. If not quit early with an error message asking them to install it. LRF Output: a regression in 7.0 that broke conversion to LRF New news sources. The World Ahead by unkn0wn. Improved news sources. Substack.

GNU GPLv3 python c++ ebook-reader e-book conversion

ugrep 4.3.4 💾

Ultra fast grep with interactive query UI: search file systems, source code, text, binary files, archives (cpio/tar/pax/zip), compressed files (gz/Z/bz2/lzma/xz), documents, fuzzy search, and more. A faster, user-friendly replacement for GNU/BSD grep.

minor feature: Released 4.3.4 ug no longer quits with an error message when no default.ugrep config file was found. Allow config file importing in config files using config=FILE (does not permit recursive imports) see also #320. The output of + separators by no longer using them #317. -v with -ABC context #319. Configuration file option arguments that may got lost and causes option argument errors in some cases after parsing a config file, such as colors=.

BSDL utilities system-administrators developers