Vim 8.0.1699 šŸ’¾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.0.1699: leftover stuff for Python 1.4 Problem: Leftover stuff for Python 1.4. Solution: Remove outdated Python 1.4 stuff.

Other text-editor ide vi vim

Ghost 1.22.2 šŸ’¾

Ghost is a Node/io.js based blogging platform. It provides a fully customizable dashboard, and dual-panel live MarkDown editing. Ghost is meant to be mobile-friendly and beatiful out of the box.

minor feature: author page has only shown primary author posts. importer : can't resolve authors relation. plaintext field not being updated when modifying a post. j and k keys not working in editor after visiting Tags screen. missing default user image on setup screens. missing image and "last seen" date for suspended users.

MITL javascript nodejs iojs blog web-publishing markdown

HumHub 1.2.5 šŸ’¾

HumHub is a social networking portal script and framework. It's flexible and comes with an user-friendly interface. HumHub can be used as customized social network, social intranet teamwork or enterprise application. It provides notifications, activity streams, dashboards, spaces, user profiles, social tools (follow, like, connect), groups, directories, file sharing, and search across all content.

minor feature: Enh: Added BaseURL setting protocol scheme validation. ActiveQueryContent doesn't find public profile content when guest access is enabled. Enh: username alignment in comments. Enh: More readable WallEntryAddon links. Documentation grammar. Let's Encrypt ACME Error. Typo in password recovery. Profile posts of friends not appears on dashboard. Yii2 2.0.13 will break the admin interface. Enh: Allow auto detection of response dataType. Allow json success result on modalSubmit. Enh: Disabled automatic content following on likes by default. Enh: Improved IntegrityChecker memory usage. Chg: PendingRegistrationsController- createCVS removed. Stream image preview size not changeable. Increased maximum e-mail address length from 45 characters to 254. Group member search by firstname/lastname. Enh: Added Slovene language. Enh: Added Croatian language. User approval, lastname field is shown twice to admins. User model namespace in humhub/modules/user/components/UrlRule. Enh: Raised notification over view pagination size to 20. Enh: Added humhub/modules/space/models/Module::flushCache() and humhub/modules/space/behaviours/SpaceModelModules::flushCache() in order to flush the space module cache. Enh: Added further FunctionalTester utilities. Enh: Added Norwegian Nynorsk language. Change the Space URL raises 404.

Affero GPLv3 php yii mysql social-network groupware

di 4.46 šŸ’¾

di is a disk information utility that displays everything that df does and more. It features the ability to display your disk usage in whatever format you prefer. It also checks the user and group quotas, so that the user sees the space available for their use, not the system wide disk space. It is designed to be highly portable across many platforms and is great for heterogenous networks.

minor bugfix: 4.46 (2018-4-11) Tcl: Fix bad allocation. Tcl: Raise errors rather than exiting. Exit program when incorrect options are specified. Update mkconfig to version 1.31. Add missing mkconfig/

Zlib c monitoring disk space console cross-platform system-administrators

BallroomDJ 3.19.9 šŸ’¾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

minor bugfix: 3.19.9 (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed track sort (introduced in

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

mkconfig 1.31 šŸ’¾

mkconfig is a build configuration utility. It creates an output file intended to be included as a header file, run as a shell script, used as a configuration file, or any other use. mkconfig is written in portable shell script and designed to be extensible for any configuration use.

minor bugfix: 1.31 (2018-4-11) env-cc: update findincludepath to search more common paths. Remove Makefile and MANIFEST from standard distribution.

Zlib bourne shell development build-tool

Parole (XFCE4) 1.0.1 šŸ’¾

Parole is the video and media player for the XFCE4 desktop. It has a simple and unobtrusive interface, utilizes GStreamer for maximum audio/video format coverage, and requires few resources. It provides a couple of plugins however, such as notifications and systray integration or remote control support.

minor bugfix: Stable translations release. Translation Updates: Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian BokmƄl, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

GNU GPL x gtk video-player media gio gstreamer xfce

web2ldap 1.3.12 šŸ’¾

A full-featured web-based LDAPv3 client, which is agnostic to the actual LDAP tree structure. It does not require prior setup and configuration. It's intuitve schema browsing for references and dependencies makes it suitable for prototyping LDAP administration use-cases.

minor feature: Countless changes since 1.1.x during the last years.

Apache python ldap

heads 0.4 šŸ’¾

heads is a libre (free as in freedom) GNU/Linux distribution. It aims to be a distro that respects your privacy, freedom, and helps you to stay secure and anonymous. It runs on GNU/Linux with kernel patches -libre and -grsec, runs live with a persistence mode powered by Tomb and routes all its traffic through Tor.

major feature: Fix privesc bug with heads-update. The updates are now gpg verified and incoming is written in a root-only writable path. Remove the need of live-boot/live-config and build our own minimal initramfs instead. This also removes the "toram" feature. Instead, a kernel param that we call "nopermakey" is introduced to disable automatic compilation of permakey on boot. Cleaned up rootfs-overlay of obsolete files. Revise the package list and rebase on Devuan Beowulf. Update kernel to 4.9.74, Tor Browser to 7.5.2, musl to 1.1.19. Revise the kernel configuration and remove quite a few specific drivers, for example external soundcards. Enable cgroups in kernel. Implement general improvements to the build system, along with bumping live-sdk to latest upstream. Switch init to OpenRC. Implement a welcome dialog upon startx. Delete torbirdy from git and use the package provided in the apt repositories. Bring back Pulseaudio. Also ship with elogind and udisks2/udiskie. Include additional software. Xorg now autostarts unless "nox" is specified on the kernel cmdline. Replace the default GTK theme with Breeze. Enable AppArmor in-kernel. Do not install musl-libc anymore, as the rewritten sup can now be statically linked with glibc as well.

GNU GPLv3 linux privacy grsecurity cryptography tor

xmlwrapp 0.9.0 šŸ’¾

xmlwrapp is a modern style C++ library for working with XML data, built atop the venerable libxml2 C library.

minor feature: Crash when initializing the library from multiple threads concurrently. Wrong namespace being used for children of a newly inserted node. Don't implicitly switch document encoding to Latin-1 when calling get_encoding(), but continue to use UTF-8.

BSDL c++ library xml

TXR Language 191 šŸ’¾

TXR is a "data munging" language which combines a convenient text extraction notation that is equivalent in power to Parse Expression Grammars, with an innovative Lisp dialect which manages to integrate the differences between Lisp-1 and Lisp-2. It has many features: built-in lazy lists, strings and vectors that can be treated with list processing functions, currying operators, macros with destructuring lambda lists, macrolet, symbol macros, dynamically scoped variables, exception handling, object-oriented structures, delimited continuations, a foreign-function interface and much more. TXR is influenced by Common Lisp, Scheme, Awk, M4, POSIX Shell, Prolog, Ruby, Python, Arc, Clojure, S-Lang and others.

major feature: TXR now has a compiler and virtual machine for faster loading of code which takes less space, executes faster, generates less garbage and is resistant to reverse-engineering. Some other minor enhancements are included in this release and a higher-than-usual number of bugfixes.

BSDL-2 interpreter development lisp text-processing utilities programming-language

Neptune 5.1 šŸ’¾

Neptune is a KDE Plasma and Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for desktop and multimedia usage. It includes a more recent kernel and drivers, custom packages while relying on Debian for remaining updates, Chrome as default web browser, for media Amarok, Gwenview, VLC and KDEnlive, for security Truecrypt and Wireshark.

minor feature: nbsp;.. neptune-faenza-icons-minimal. Add krita icon Add sublime-text icon. Add bootloader / grub-customizer icon. Add high resolution calibre icon. Add mpd / cantata icon. Add mpv icon. Add obs studio icon. Use gparted icon for partitionmanager. Add deja-dup icon. Edit backintime to use backintime/dejadup icon. Add darktable icon. Add telegram icon. Add signal icon. Update vlc icon. Add latte-dock icon. pavucontrol icon. Use krita icon for calligrakrita. calamares-neptune. Try installing more localization support. nbsp; nbsp;- hyphenation. nbsp; nbsp;- spellchecking. nbsp; nbsp;- thesaurus. e16. allow installing enlightenment in parallel. added enlightenment (e22) package (version 0.22.1). plasma-discover. Add patches. discover-kns--logic-for-adding-screenshots.patch. discover-simplify-kns-transaction.patch. discover-add-qt-xml.patch. discover-no-need-to-pass-extra-args.patch. discover-have-backends-provide-update-size.patch. improve-refresh-behavior.patch. discover-pull-to-refresh-app-list.patch. discover-refresh-discoverpage-on-f5.patch. put-refresh-action-in-updates-page.patch. better-set-values-when-view-is-not-refreshing.patch. updating-updates-page.patch. _updateAction_qt571.patch. _stuff.patch. more-cleanup.patch. remove_unused__message_actions_model.patch. add_refresh_button.patch. update_german_translation.patch. remove-unused-refresh-toolbutton.patch. search_on_enter_only.patch. knetworkmounter. unmount not working. window height. KDE Frameworks 5.44. Thunderbird 52.7. KDE Connect 1.3.0. Samba 4.5.12. Removed non working snapshot-manager. Updated Debian Stable base to state from 2018-04-10.

Mixed linux distribution kde debian

htop 2.2.0 šŸ’¾

This is htop, an interactive process viewer for Unix systems. It is a text-mode application (for console or X terminals) and requires ncurses.

major bugfix: Solaris/Illumos/OpenIndiana support. -t/--tree flag for starting in tree-view mode. macOS: detects High Sierra version to avoid OS OpenBSD: read battery data. Various automake and build improvements. Check for pkg-config when building with --enable-delayacct. Avoid some bashisms in configure script. Use CFLAGS from ncurses*-config if present. Header generator supports non-UTF-8 environments. Linux: changed detection of kernel threads. Collapse current subtree pressing Backspace. : behavior of SYSCR column. : obtain exit code of lsof correctly. : crash with particular keycodes. : with small terminals. : terminal color : preserve LDFLAGS when building. : overflow for systems with = 100 signals.

GNU GPL system-administrators linux freebsd openbsd macos monitoring

Rspamd 1.7.3 šŸ’¾

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system featuring support for various internal and external filters such as regular expressions, suffix tries, RBLs, URL black lists, IP lists, SPF, DKIM, character maps, advanced statistics module (based on OSB-Bayes algorithm) and fuzzy hashes database that is generated based on honeypots traffic. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously without significant CPU load.

minor bugfix: Plug bad memory leak in protocol reply. Add avx2 codec for base64. Add method to receive all URL flags from Lua API. Allow to fold headers on stop characters. Allow to set lua_cpath from options. Allow to specify custom rejection message in milter. Deal with unnormalised Unicode obfuscation. Do not detect language twice for relative parts. Implement oversigning feature. Implement silent logging level to minimize noise in logs. Improve URL_IN_SUBJECT rule. Use hashing to reduce redis attack surface. Add oversigning for the most important headers. add 'rewrite subject' to History dropdown. Another fix in folding algorithm. Do not call multimap addr for parts of addr if filter is presented. Do not clean hostname on generic reset. Do not create pid file in no-fork mode. Fix fold_after case to preserve multiple spaces. Fix folding and folding tests. Fix hostname usage in milter mode. Fix lua RSA verify and its tests. Fix metadata exporter send_mail backend (#2124). Fix processing of ' v' in libucl. Fix shemaless URLs detection. Fix support of multiple headers in sign_header. Fix usage of util.parse_mail_address. Fix weights of dynamic squeezed rules. Leak from bucket before checking the burst. Stop using own localtime as DST could be messy in many cases. Treat unnormalised URLs as obscured. Restore leaky bucket model in ratelimit plugin. Add messages total to throughput summary. Add symbols order selector to history. Config: Load list on demand. Fix modalBody for maps that appear more than once. History: Fix Tooltips on paging, filtering and sorting. Remove a previously-attached event handler. Update D3 to v5.0.0 and jQuery to v3.3.1.

Apache email-filter antispam c lua

spectmorph 0.4.0 šŸ’¾

SpectMorph is a free software project which allows to analyze samples of musical instruments, and to combine them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a trumpet and a flute; or smooth transitions, for instance a sound that starts as a trumpet and then gradually changes to a flute.

major feature: The VST plugin is now also available for 64-bit Windows. The plugin UI was redesigned and now uses pugl instead of Qt5 for portability, and many small UI improvements were made. The "French Horn" instrument was added. The tools that can be used to build custom instruments were improved. A new non-linear midi velocity to volume mapping was implemented. LPC/LSF support was removed. Some preparations for supporting macOS in the futere were made.

GNU LGPLv3 sound-synthesis midi analysis audio lv2 vst beast