zam-plugins 3.13 💾

A collection of Audio plugins

minor feature: Narrowing of double to float math . Dpf: Bump submodule to latest to finite math ABI change in glibc. . Docker-script: Set HAVE_CAIRO and HAVE_JACK appropriately remove l . . ZamTube: Add scalepoints enumeration for tonestack styles. . Changelog: Reorder entries -. Travis: deploy release token. . Dpf: Update submodule for glibc compat. . Version 3.13.

GNU GPLv3 audio music filter

Persy Transactional Storage 0.10.0 💾

Persy is a transactional storage with support for consistency, segmentation and two phase commit. All data, referencing structures and logs are kept in a single file.

minor feature: New Features: - Improved Transaction APIs - Improved performances - Improved disk re-use Release post:

MPL-1 database storage transaction

µBlock Origin 1.28.5b2 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Firefox: Pending review uBO works best on Firefox. . uBO works best on Firefox. Chromium: Not submitted for review yet For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. . For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. Edge: Install from Microsoft Store: The Microsoft Store version of uBO is published by Nik Rolls . The Microsoft Store version of uBO is published by Nik Rolls. Opera: Not submitted for review yet. Add mirror for urlhaus blocklist. Remove from list of CDNs for urlhaus blocklist. spurious rejection of some AdGuard redirect filters. the reporting of invalid static extended filters in the logger. improper rejecting fitlers with all, document options.

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

Greenish - Data Monitoring Tool 1.3.0 💾

Greenish is a monitoring tool, that can be used to monitor the presence of data-sets. Greenish understands periods, for example for an hourly job, Greenish can check for data for all the past N hour data-sets. Greenish jobs are configured in a YAML-like configuration file, here is an annotated example. Greenish provides default values for most of the settings, the defaults can be found here. Greenish does not have a standard monitoring scripting language/plugin. Monitoring tasks can be in any executable form, details are in Monitoring Jobs.

minor feature:

MITL monitoring-tool data etl-pipeline etl-jobs etl

Dice Notation Tools for Java 2.0.2 💾

Tools and parsers for handling Dice/RPG notation using Java

minor feature:

Apache board-game role-playing java

schily 2020-07-18 💾

The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, bosh, btcflash, cal, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), cstyle, devdump, dmake based on SunPro Make, fifo, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, make, man2html, mt, obosh, od, p, POSIX patch, pbosh, printf, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, scut, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh/bosh (Bourne Shell), spaste, star, star_sym, strar, suntar, svr4.make, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

major feature: Bourne Shell: A new hardlink /opt/schily/xpg/bin/bosh is installed to allow to call a strict POSIX compliant shell without a need to call "set -o posix". Makefile system: some forgotten places now use "echo ...; cmd" to permit inlining the echo command without the need to call a shell. smake: smake -help now mentions the new option -a. star: star no longer dumps core when extracting an archive with extremely long pathnames from a UTF-8 based environment. star: The FIFO now may become larger than 2 GBytes. fifo: The FIFO now may become larger than 2 GBytes. cdda2wav: calling the unsupported "cdda2wav -D /dev/cda" no longer dumps core on newer FreeBSD versions. SCCS: all comands and subcommands now have a separate man page. SCCS: The locking now works for longer lasting compound commands. SCCS: Deadlock situations are now detected before attempting to start them. SCCS: The "sccs" frontend program now implements new options -O for enforce the old behavior and -N for enforce new behavior. SCCS: There is now a methd to create a changeset history file from a historic single file SCCS repository. This is an important step before "sccs commit" and similar features can be implemented.

CDDL software development build tools utilities

Fetch files over HTTP/HTPS 1.0 💾

uget is an almost completely useless little program to fetch files over HTTP and HTTPS. It works very much like curl(1) or wget(1), but only HTTP/1.1 supported, with a tiny subset of functions in comparison.

major feature: Initial release.


Carla 2.2.0-RC1 💾

Carla is an audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats. It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI CC (and send output back as MIDI too) and full OSC control. Carla currently supports LADSPA (including LRDF), DSSI, LV2, VST2/3 and AU plugin formats, plus SF2 and SFZ file support. It uses JACK as the default and preferred audio driver but also supports native drivers like ALSA, DirectSound or CoreAudio. There are 4 types of engine processing: Single-client: (JACK driver only) Same as Multi-client, except that all JACK ports belong to a single master client. This is needed when a setup doesn't support multi-client JACK apps, such as LADISH. Multi-client: (JACK driver only) Every single plugin is exposed as a new JACK client. Audio and MIDI ports are registered as needed. Rack: Plugins are processed in order, from top to bottom. Plugins with non-stereo audio channels are not supported, but a forced-stereo option is available for Mono ones. Patchbay: Modular patchbay mode, just like in JACK Multi-client and many other modular applications. Every plugin gets its own canvas group and ports allowing you to interconnect plugin audio and MIDI.

minor feature: Add new CARLA_CUSTOM_SAFE_ASSERT . Protect backend from a few late calls after engine request. . Change an error message. . Protect jack metadata usage with a mutex; other position. Protect *all metadata access, even in bridge mode. . Some attention to inline display. . up icons. . Pass DLS/GIG files into fluidsynth if version is recent enough. . Use newlocale methods in CarlaScopedLocale to be thread-safe. . Ignore errors from non-native vst3 files. . Force discovery to be in "C" (english) so we can parse errors. . for vst2 plugins that crash on init. . Try to load vst2 plugin again if first time plugin blows up. . Tweak previous commit to work under plugin bridges too. . build in some systems. . Tweak code for canvas group positions. . Add action to copy canvas as image to clipboard. . bridged discovery build. . Check for updated program names during audioMasterUpdateDisplay. . build. . strict build. . Update JUCE. . Add new files from juce. . VST2: creation of a rack when one of the parameters is a NaN. . Add missing QPainterPath include. . wrong assertion with size 1 MIDI messages in carla-patchbay. . Fully Scalable UI Part 1. . wrong custom dial arcs value and add from #1126. . Fully Scalable UI Part 2. . Change the way plugins are deleted, ensure they are not being used. . patchcanvas: ports text width calculation. . patchcanvas: some groupos with inline display becoming too small. . Improve performance of inline display rendering. . build, partially. . Backwards compatible std::shared_ptr. . typo. . bridge build. . Avoid comparing shared_ptr directly to nullptr. . a couple of with carla-plugin. . carla-control adding more than 1 plugin. . carla-control not handling CLI arg for custom address. . New internal CLI arg "--osc-gui=". . Add script used to test carla-plugin as standalone. . Add script to test carla-osc usage locally. . up new scripts to work system-wide, and install them by default. . Make ScalableButton

GNU LGPLv3 c++ midi mixers sound-synthesis audio

CakePHP 4.1.1 💾

CakePHP is a web development framework, somewhat similar to Rails. It provides scaffolding tools, an ActiveRecord/DataMapper implementation, doesn't require much setup or configuration. It comes with helpers for text translations, caching, validation, authorization backends, CSRF and XSS protection, and templating. It follows the Web-"MVC" scheme, centralized route dispatching, less efficient class-by-class autoloading, etc. Thorough API documentation and a rich set of user-contributed plugins exist.

minor feature: Support for Common Table Expressions (CTE) in the ORM. Support for window functions in the ORM. Query::orderAsc() and Query::orderDesc() now accept Closure's as their field enabling you to use build complex order expressions with the provided QueryExpression object. de() and Deger::printVar() now emit HTML in web contexts, and ANSI styled output in CLI contexts. Output of cyclic structures and repeated objects is much simpler. Cyclic objects are only dumped once and use reference ids to point back to the full value. CsrfProtectionMiddleware can now create cookies with the samesite attribute set. Log messages can now contain foo style placeholders. These placeholders will be replaced by values from the context parameter if available. ADmad. andrii-pukhalevych. Cauan Cabral. chinpei215. Corey Taylor. Diego Sardina. diegosardina. Edgaras Janušauskas. Frank de Graaf. Jad Bitar. John Zwarthoed. Marc Würth. Mario Rothauer. Mark Scherer. Mark Story. Matthias Wirtz. McsKienNP. mcsknp. mtak3. ndm2. nojimag. Oliver Nowak. othercorey. saeideng. victoreassi. Vincent PLANCHER. Walther Lalk.

MITL php framework web-mvc cakephp rails

Odo Language 0.3-beta 💾

A typed language with modern flexible syntax. In the process of becoming usable. It takes features I like from other languages: - Type inference - Main C control flow statements - Python-like foreach and forange - functions, modules, classes and more.

major feature:

GNU LGPLv3 language interpreter c

Timer4Tea 1.1 💾

A tea timer for your system tray.

minor feature: Configurable size for tray icon; Ready note can be configured to include the program icon and its size; Also the priority level of libnotify is now used ("normal").

BSDL-2 tcl tk x11 bsd linux end-users

Wine 5.13 💾

Wine is an implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. It does not require Microsoft Windows, but can use native Windows DLLs if they are available. It provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.

minor feature: Re-mapping of INI files to the registry. System call thunks in NTDLL. Reimplementation of floating point numbers printing. Beginnings of a restructuration of the console support. Various.

GNU LGPL c x86 windows win32 emulator compatibility library desktop operating-system

matplotlib 3.3.0 💾

Python matplotlib is a for 2D plotting publication-ready figures in various formats, or rendering them interactively cross-platform. It can be scripted or used in Pythons interactive shell, within web applications, or through bindings with multiple GUI toolkits. It simplifies plot generation, histograms, power spectra, bar charts, error charts, scatter plots. Typical uses only require a few lines of code, while complex rendering is kept feasible. Its pyplot interface provides a MATLAB-style API.

minor feature: Provisional API for composing semantic axes layouts from text or nested lists. New Axes.sharex, Axes.sharey methods. Turbo colormap. colors.BoundaryNorm supports extend keyword argument. Text color for legend labels. Pcolor and Pcolormesh now accept shading='nearest' and 'auto'. Allow tick formatters to be set with str or function inputs. New Axes.axline method. Dates use a modern epoch. Improved font weight detection. Axes3D no longer distorts the 3D plot to match the 2D aspect ratio. More consistent toolbar behavior across backends. Toolbar icons are now styled for dark themes. Cursor text now uses a number of significant digits matching pointing precision. Functions to compute a Path's size. savefig() gained a backend keyword argument. Saving SVG now supports adding metadata. Saving PDF metadata via PGF now consistent with PDF backend. NbAgg and WebAgg no longer use jQuery jQuery UI.

Python python plotting graphs science mathematics matlab matplot

Firefly III 5.3.3 💾

"Firefly III" is a self-hosted financial manager. It can help you keep track of expenses, income, budgets and everything in between.

minor feature: Spelling error in API array. in bills chart. With floating number. Link in readme. With floating number.

Affero GPLv3 finance personal financial budget budgeting money manager management currency sums financials php laravel

Electron 11.0.0-nightly.20200716 💾

The Electron framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is based on Node.js and Chromium and is used by the Atom editor and many other apps.

minor feature: support 10-x-y in the release notes generator. . : trigger about panel for about role on on win. . Docs: remove app feedback program doc. . Docs: Explain console-message parameters. . : read GTK dark theme setting on Linux. . Chore: remove unused isolated-world-args. . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200522. . Refactor: use typeutils for nativeImage serialization. . Chore: tsify more of lib. . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200525. . Test: more logging in node inspector test. . Test: use WebContents event to test beforeunload. . ci: deflake WOA tests. . Test: return after inspector connection is. . : trigger activate event when app is activated via app switcher (# . . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200526. . Chore: bump chromium to 580fe983e138952553cd6af11ee8b (master). . Feat: add desktopCapturer.getMediaSourceIdForWebContents() to get str . . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200527. . : pass correct buffer length. . : handle asynchronous URL loading in bw proxy. . : weakly reference MenuModel from MenuController. . : only bezel frameless windows. . Test: refactor how spec files are collected. . : volume key globalShortcut registration. . Revert ": trigger activate event when app is activated via app swi . . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200528. . : ensure nativeImage serialization main- renderer. . : use system installed objcopy to copy desymbols. . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200529. . Docs: remove . Chore: tsify sandboxed init. . : MakeAbsoluteFilePath is a blocking call. . Feat: add V8CacheOptions webpreference. . Build: for "enable_desktop_capturer = false". . : do not use CONTEXT_MENU flag for tray menu. . Bump v11.0.0-nightly.20200601. . Chore: bump chromium to d66c2e32380bf5d1eb5e1fe37faef (master). . Build: make electron renderer init scripts profilable. . : expose electron/common and electron/renderer modules in sandboxe . . : add patch to prevent crash during frame swap with ctx isolation . . Test: wait for beforeunload h

MITL node js