Zabbix 7.0.0

Zabbix is an enterprise-class distributed monitoring solution designed to monitor and track performance and availability of network servers, devices, and other IT resources. It supports distributed and Web-based monitoring, auto-discovery, real-time monitoring, SLA assurance, trending, and more.

phpMyAdmin 5.2.1

phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

rsyslog 8.9.0

Rsyslog is a log proccessing framework optimized for performance and throughput. It has a modular design, and offers great security features. It evolved from a regular syslogd into a log message distribution and transformation system for different targets. It's multi-threaded, works atop TCP, SSL, TLS, RELP, can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other databases, filter syslog messages even partially, provides a configurable output format, and has been tested with enterprise-class relay chains.

Evolve Free Promise library 3.6.5

EFL simplifies CFEngine trough editable data files in place of complex CFEngine policy rules. Records can be supplied as simple comma separated fields. Included promise bundles cover service controlling, variable tuning, file and template management, host availability checking, version control system updates, sysctl and package management, link checking, and command excution and output verification.

ZFS Manager 1.0

ZFS Manager is a terminal-menu based management tool for ZFS filesystems on Linux. It's implemented in Python, allows creating and modifying ZPOOLs, Datasets and Snapshots. It can also create or remove ZILs and cache drives, manage filesystem options (copression, network sharing), but plainly also create ZFS partitions.