phpMyAdmin 5.2.1

phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

MariaDB 10.6.4 💾

MariaDB is a database server that offers drop-in replacement functionality for MySQL. It is built by some of the original authors of MySQL, with assistance from the broader community. In addition to the core functionality of MySQL, it offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage engines, server optimizations, and patches.

minor feature: InnoDB no longer acquires advisory file locks by default ( MDEV-24393 ) Encryption: Automatically disable key rotation checks for file_key_management plugin ( MDEV-14180 ). Some from MySQL 5.7.35 ( MDEV-26205 ). scrubbing on AIX ( MDEV-26110 ). buf_pool.flush_list corrupted by buffer pool resizing or ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED ( MDEV-26200 ). A query that uses ORDER BY.. LIMIT clause and "Range checked for. Each record optimization" could produce incorrect results under some Circumstances ( MDEV-25858 ) Queries that have more than 32 equality conditions. Comparing columns of different tables ("tableX.colX=tableY.colY) could cause a stack overrun in the query optimizer ( MDEV-17783, MDEV-23937 ) Condition pushdown into derived table" optimization cannot be. Applied if the expression being pushed refers to a derived table column which is computed from expression that has a stored function call, @session variable Reference, or other similar construct. The for MDEV-25969 makes it so that only the problematic part of the Condition is not pushed. The rest of the condition is now pushed. ( MDEV-25969 ) A query with window function on the left side of the subquery could. Cause a crash. ( MDEV-25630 ) the in MySQL : DML or locking SELECT statements. That use outer joins could produce this warning in the error log: ERROR InnoDB: Unlock row could not find a 3 mode lock on the record. ( MDEV-26106 ) As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.6 for Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy. Debian 11 Bullseye repositories added. Galera updated to 26.4.9. for the following security vulnerabilities : CVE-2021-2372. CVE-2021-2389. CVE-2021-2372. CVE-2021-2389. Release Notes - MariaDB 10.6 Series . MariaDB 10.6.3 Release Notes .

GNU GPL database database-server database-engine mysql mariadb

Postfix Admin 3.0.2

Postfix Admin is a PHP/web interface for managing mailboxes, virtual domains and aliases, fetchmail, and away or auto-reply messages. It requires MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL, and optionally integrates with Squirrelmail / Roundcube.

Frappe 4.5.8

Frappe is a holistic Python web application framework, orignally inspired by Protégé and now basis for ERPNext. It heavily uses JavaScript for dynamic views, and is based on MariaDB specifically. It provides configuration-centric models and forms, role-based permissions, document management / mapping and linking, task management, nested set models, and a REST API.

WPИ-XM 0.8.0

WPN-XM is a PHP development and webserver distribution for Windows. It comes with the latest PHP 5.6, Nginx as server and MariaDB out of the box, but provides various extensions bundles, and comes with a full admistrative control center.