OSPRay 3.1.0 💾

Intel OSPRay is an open source, scalable, and portable ray tracing engine for high-performance, high-fidelity visualization on Intel Architecture CPUs. OSPRay is part of the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit and is released under the permissive Apache 2.0 license. The purpose of OSPRay is to provide an open, powerful, and easy-to-use rendering library that allows one to easily build applications that use ray tracing based rendering for interactive applications (including both surface- and volume-based visualizations). OSPRay is completely CPU-based, and runs on anything from laptops, to workstations, to compute nodes in HPC systems. OSPRay internally builds on top of Intel Embree and ISPC (Intel SPMD Program Compiler), and fully exploits modern instruction sets like Intel SSE4, AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 to achieve high rendering performance, thus a CPU with support for at least SSE4.1 is required to run OSPRay.

major bugfix: Principled and Luminous materials support emissive textures. Add native support for disc and oriented disc geometry. Add support for mirror repeat and clamp to edge texture wrap modes. GPU device now also supports motion blur. Improve noise in reflections of ThinGlass. Improve adaptive accumulation: working with GPU, correlations. indirectly seen albedo and normal buffer. artifacts when using specular texture for Principled. for PixelFilter. - Parameter was ignored (always using the default Gaussian). - Avoid a shift/misalignment within the pixel for first sample. empty image on Windows when `focusDistance=0`. missing SDK headers for `ISPCDevice*`. The new minimum versions of dependencies: - Embree v4.3.1. - Open VKL v2.0.1. - Open Image Denoise v2.2 (better quality with fine details, support AArch64 CPU on Linux). - ISPCRT v1.23.0 (uses environment variable `ISPCRT_GPU_DRIVER` to select GPU to run on when multiple (i)GPUs are present). - rkcommon v1.13.0.

Apache renderer

vera 0.01 💾

vera is an alternative init daemon supervisor (PID 1) that uses containers. Containers allow reliable, foolproof shutdown and termination of started services. vera was developed on Slackware 15.0. It is capable of booting and shutting down a stock installation of Slackware 15.

minor feature: Initial github release

GNU GPLv3 init admin cgroups2

gaiasky 3.5.9-2 💾

Gaia Sky is a real-time 3D Universe application that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. It is developed within the framework of ESA's Gaia mission to chart more than 1 billion stars. A part of Gaia Sky is described in the paper Gaia Sky: Navigating the Gaia Catalog.

minor bugfix: Full changelog : Individual object visibility API calls, and generic model alpha interpolation. Build System: Only add natives for the specific target platform in built packages. .

MPL astronomy vr

libunwind 1.8.1 💾

libunwind is a portable and efficient C API for determining the current call chain of ELF program threads of execution and for resuming execution at any point in that call chain. The API supports both local (same process) and remote (other process) operation. The API ise useful in a number of applications, including but not limited to the following. Program introspection: Either for error messages showing a back trace of the call chain leading to a problem or for performance monitoring and analysis. Debugging: Whether the debugging and analysis of the call chain of a remote program or the post-mortem analysis of a coredump. Language runtime exception handling libunwind: optionally provides an alternative implementation of the Itanium exception handling ABI used by many popular toolchains. Alternative setjmp()/longjmp(): libunwind optionally provides an alternative implementation of the setjmp()/longjmp() functionality of the C standard library.

minor feature: lt;p gt;Small release of libunwind 1.8. lt;/p gt;. lt;p gt;One of the functional changes is that the testsuite is now installed with a lt;code gt;make install lt;/code gt;, which may affect downstream packagers. By default these executables are installed in lt;code gt; libexecdir /libunwind lt;/code gt; where lt;code gt; libexecdir lt;/code gt; defaults to lt;code gt; pre /libexec lt;/code gt;, but all this can be set explicitly though arguments to lt;code gt;configure lt;/code gt;. lt;/p gt;. lt;h2 gt;What's Changed lt;/h2 gt;. lt;ul gt;. lt;li gt; lt;a class="-link js--link" data-error-text="Failed to load title" data-id="2097459071" data-permission-text="Title is private" data-url="https://github.com/libunwind/libunwind//713" data-hovercard-type="" data-hovercard-url="/libunwind/libunwind//713/hovercard" href="https://github.com/libunwind/libunwind//713" gt;#713 lt;/a gt; by lt;a class="user-mention notranslate" data-hovercard-type="user" data-hovercard-url="/users/cshung/hovercard" data-octo-click="hovercard-link-click" data-octo-dimensions="link_type:self" href="https://github.com/cshung" gt;@cshung lt;/a gt; in lt;a class="-link js--link" data-error-text="Failed to load title" data-id="2112597060" data-permission-text="Title is private" data-url="https://github.com/libunwind/libunwind//717" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/libunwind/libunwind/pull/717/hovercard" href="https://github.com/libunwind/libunwind/pull/717" gt;#717 lt;/a gt; lt;/li gt;. lt;li gt;Add do-release script by lt;a class="user-mention notranslate" data-hovercard-type="user" data-hovercard-url="/users/bregma/hovercard" data-octo-click="hovercard-link-click" data-octo-dimensions="link_type:self" href="https://github.com/bregma" gt;@bregma lt;/a gt; in lt;a class="-link js--link" data-error-text="Failed to load title" data-id="2145091373" data-permission-text="Title is private" data-url="https://github.com/libunwind/libunwind//725" data-hovercard-type="pull_reque

MITL debugging toolchain development library c assembly

OBS Studio 30.1 Beta 3 💾

OBS Studio (also Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, for short) is a free and open-source app for screencasting and live streaming. Written in C/C++ and built with Qt, OBS Studio provides real-time capture, scene composition, recording, encoding, and broadcasting via Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), HLS, SRT, RIST or WebRTC. It can stream videos to any RTMP-supporting destination, including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook.[11] For video encoding, OBS Studio can use the x264 transcoder,[12] Intel Quick Sync Video, Nvidia NVENC and the AMD Video Coding Engine to encode video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC or H.265/HEVC formats.[13] It can encode multiple tracks of audio in the AAC format. More experienced users can choose any codecs and containers available in libavcodec and libavformat, or output the stream to a custom FFmpeg URL.[14] OBS Studio also supports plug-ins to extend its functionality.[15]

minor feature: lt;p gt;If you would like to support the OBS Project, please consider contributing to our lt;a href="https://patreon.com/obsproject" rel="nofollow" gt;Patreon lt;/a gt; or lt;a href="https://opencollective.com/obsproject" rel="nofollow" gt;Open Collective lt;/a gt;! lt;/p gt;. lt;div class="markdown-alert markdown-alert-important" gt; lt;p class="markdown-alert-title" gt; lt;svg class="octicon octicon-report mr-2" viewBox="0 0 16 16" version="1.1" width="16" height="16" aria-hidden="true" gt; lt;path d="M0 1.75C0.784.784 0 1.75 0h12.5C15.216 0 16.784 16 1.75v9.5A1.75 1.75 0 0 1 14.25 13H8.06l-2.573 2.573A1.458 1.458 0 0 1 3 14.543V13H1.75A1.75 1.75 0 0 1 0 11.25Zm1.75-.25a.25.25 0 0 0-.25.25v9.5c0. 0 0 1.75.75v2.19l2.72-2.72a.749.749 0 0 1.53-.22h6.5a.25.25 0 0 0.25-.25v-9.5a.25.25 0 0 0-.25-.25Zm7 2.25v2.5a.75.75 0 0 1-1.5 0v-2.5a.75.75 0 0 1 1.5 0ZM9 9a1 1 0 1 1-2 0 1 1 0 0 1 2 0Z" gt; lt;/path gt; lt;/svg gt;Important lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;This beta is lt;strong gt;NOT lt;/strong gt; the Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting Beta. This beta does not include those features. lt;br gt;. For more information on Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting, please see their announcement: lt;br gt; lt;a href="https://blog.twitch.tv/en/2024/01/08/introducing-the-enhanced-broadcasting-beta/" rel="nofollow" gt;https://blog.twitch.tv/en/2024/01/08/introducing-the-enhanced-broadcasting-beta/ lt;/a gt; lt;/p gt;. lt;/div gt;. lt;div class="markdown-alert markdown-alert-note" gt; lt;p class="markdown-alert-title" gt; lt;svg class="octicon octicon-info mr-2" viewBox="0 0 16 16" version="1.1" width="16" height="16" aria-hidden="true" gt; lt;path d="M0 8a8 8 0 1 1 16 0A8 8 0 0 1 0 8Zm8-6.5a6.5 6.5 0 1 0 0 13 6.5 6.5 0 0 0 0-13ZM6.5 7.75A.75.75 0 0 1 7.25 7h1a.75.75 0 0 1.75.75v2.75h.25a.75.75 0 0 1 0 1.5h-2a.75.75 0 0 1 0-1.5h.25v-2h-.25a.75.75 0 0 1-.75-.75ZM8 6a1 1 0 1 1 0-2 1 1 0 0 1 0 2Z" gt; lt;/path gt; lt;/svg gt;Note lt;/p gt; lt;p gt;NVIDIA users may need to update their

GNU GPLv3 audio video screencasting livestreaming c c

FlexGet 3.11.19 💾

FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, series, movies, etc. It can use different kinds of sources like RSS-feeds, html pages, csv files, search engines and there are even plugins for sites that do not provide any kind of useful feeds.

minor bugfix: all commits.

MITL download internet torrents bittorrent python

Rspamd 3.8.3 💾

Rspamd is an advanced spam filtering system featuring support for various internal and external filters such as regular expressions, suffix tries, RBLs, URL black lists, IP lists, SPF, DKIM, character maps, advanced statistics module (based on OSB-Bayes algorithm) and fuzzy hashes database that is generated based on honeypots traffic. Rspamd is designed to process hundreds of messages per second simultaneously without significant CPU load.

minor bugfix: - Fix regression in redis_history

Apache email-filter antispam c lua

Coin 4.0.2 💾

If you are not familiar with Open Inventor, it is a scene graph based, retained mode, rendering and model manipulation, C++ class library, originally designed by SGI. It quickly became the de facto standard graphics library for 3D visualization and visual simulation software in the scientific and engineering community after its release. It also became the basis for the VRML1 file format standard. Several books exists on the subject of Open Inventor, most notably The Inventor Mentor, and The Inventor Toolmaker, both highly recommended for those who want to learn how to use Open Inventor. Coin is based on the API of this library, but was developed from scratch independently before SGI Open Inventor became open source. It does not share any code with SGI Open Inventor, other than through random coincidences guided by the Open Inventor API design. Coin reached the goal of Open Inventor 2.1 compatibility in the autumn of the year 2000, and has since then been extended with a huge set of additional features, ranging from 3D sound support to GLSL shader support, additional file formats like VRML97, and a large number of internal changes for keeping up with the newer, more optimized OpenGL rendering techniques that were not available in the earlier days. Another term you might find when reading about Coin is "Coin3D", which is the term we use on the larger group of libraries that all fall under the same license as Coin. Coin is the core of Coin3D.

minor feature: * bugfixes: - ABI compatibility to version 4.0.0 was inadvertently changed and restored - fixed typos found by Codespell

BSDL-2 opengl rendering scenegraph 3d-graphics open-inventor cpp c

d3-dual-range-slider 0.0.2 💾

SVG component for dual-range-slider built with D3.js.

minor feature:

MITL d3 slider range picker

d3-table-cards 1.1.2 💾

Table/Cards views using D3.js for animated transitions on sorting and changing view.

minor feature:

MITL d3 tble cards

colorpicker 3.4.3 💾

jQuery UI widget for color picking with web colors, theme colors, and history (similar to the one in Microsoft Office 2010).

minor feature:

MITL colorpicker color palette picker

akaunting 3.1.6 💾

Akaunting is an online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn't be simpler. Free Bookkeeping Software for SMEs From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting, Akaunting has all the tools you need to manage your money online, for free. Bank Accounts: Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and current balances. Multi Company: Manage the finances of multiple companies from one admin panel. Assign users to different companies. Powerful Reporting: Get detailed financial reports to help you better visualize all the information you need to improve your business. Client Portal: Share the transactions and invoices with your clients and accept bulk payments, online. Recur Everything: Automatically create invoices, revenues, bills, and payments for ongoing jobs. With just a click. Customer Summary: See the customer profile, address, list of transactions, and paid, open, and overdue totals at a glance. Akaunting is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind, RESTful API etc. Thanks to its modular structure, Akaunting provides an awesome App Store for users and developers.

major bugfix: Changed New Crowdin translations (#3119) Added import skip unknown sheets (#3132) Button loading animation added (#3137) Fixed Transactions with contact email id do not link to corresponding Customer / vendor. (#3056) Error saving Bill with attachment (#3098) Recurring Invoice does not attach PDF to generated email (#3109) Fixed export sheets array key issue (#3118) Invoice items price gets multiplied when currency accuracy is changed (#3120) Custom invoice colour without hash sign is not interpreted on invoice (#3121) Fix import has row model relation issue (#3122) 31st Dec not reflected in cash flow plot (#3123) Widget alignment issue (#3124) Return transaction number in API results and make it filterable by number (#3127) Pagination click problem solved (#3128) Import page alignment issue solved (#3129) Fixed report custom date filter issue (#3130) Akaunting 3.1.5 , after database population step, script doesn't switch to admin tab (#3131) Recurring model document scopes updated (#3134) Fixed NL translation placeholders (#3135) Fixed queue import user issue (#3136) Fixed import category has row (#3138)

Mixed accounting finance money bookkeeping server laravel php

structured-filter 2.0.5 💾

jQuery UI widget for structured queries like "Contacts where Firstname starts with A and Birthday before 1/1/2000 and State in (CA, NY, FL)"...

minor feature:

MITL query filter search