libUseful 3.21

libUseful is a general 'C' library providing useful functions related to: resizable strings, lists and maps, unix and tcp sockets, SSL/TLS, cryptographic hashes, parsing of json, yaml and other markup languages, terminal output including ANSI/vt100 escape sequences, OAuth 2.0, etc, etc.

map-tools.js 2.0.1

map-tools.js is a feature-rich Google Maps Javascript wrapper that simplifies things like: Marker filtering, asynchronous loading, working with TopoJSON or GeoJSON, animation and more. It adds a more convenient and easy-to-use API.

Google Maps Direction Service for nearby places from a location 0.0.4

Google maps provides services using which one can know what are the nearby places and some other information like distance and time to travel to those nearby places from a particular location and these API's are used in many websites .But to create an entire view and functionality one needs to write code for the same .Since this functionality is increasingly used writing code for this functionality would be like spending time on something which was already developed but not availabe . Angular D