BallroomDJ 3.30.5 💾

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

minor bugfix: 3.30.5 (2020-10-24) New Features: Player: Quick Edit: Added 'Save Dance'. The 'clearlooks' theme is now scalable. Changes: Player: The 'Next Song' button is now active while a song is playing. It will skip immediately to the next song, without any gap and start playing it. If the current song is not playing, the 'next song' button will load the next song (as before). Menus: many checkboxes in menus will no longer close the menu. Click outside the menu to close it. Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed turning on the marquee from the options menu. (introduced in 3.30.1). Player: Prevent a crash. Audio Identification: Prevent a crash (provenance is unknown). Update Audio File Tags: Prevent a crash when the file does not exist. Make load of dances/genres/ratings/levels/status more robust in case of errors. Playlist Management: Update list of sequences and song lists dynamically. Playlist Management: Fix a possible crash. Update Database: Added a message to exit and restart BallroomDJ. Analog Clock: Fixed save of window position/size. Internal: Upgraded awthemes to version 9.4.2. Upgraded flexmenu to version 1.49. Code cleanup.

Zlib end-users linux macos windows tk tcl player ballroom

kissback 0.4 💾

Kissback is a backup software that allows to backup large directories containing large files to sftp servers. Standard file attributes, users, groups, and times are backuped and restored. Kissback tries to combine incremental backups with the simplicity of full backups. Kissback also makes sure that you are able to restore individual files manually without using the kissback software. Authentication is done using public key authentifcation.

minor feature: Support for local destination directories has been added. Kissmount fuse filesystem has been added for mounting backups readonly.

GNU GPLv3 backup

PrRescue 0.91 💾

PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64/i686 supporting nilfs2 and btrfs. Its goal is to always include the newest kernel and Gentoo packages.

minor feature: Kernel has been updated to version 5.9.1. Kissback has been updated to version 0.4 (local backup directory and fuse readonly mount support). Gentoo packages have been updated to latest stable versions.

GNU GPL gentoo rescue boot

µBlock Origin 1.30.7b2 💾

µBlock Origin is an efficient and general-purpose web filter plugin for browsers. It's primarily used for ad blocking of course. Runs in Firefox, Chrome, Opera Blink, Safari, Fennec, and other Chromium-based browsers. It automatically uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy and Malware Domain filter lists, but also supports hpHosts, MVPS HOSTS, Spam404 and many other curated block lists. µBlock is speedier and more memory conservative than other ad blockers, and is completely open source, does not undermine filtering like ADPs sponsored ads.

minor feature: Firefox: Click uBlock0_1.30.6.firefox.signed.xpi uBO works best on Firefox. . uBO works best on Firefox. Chromium: Install from the Chrome store (CWS): For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. . For Chromium version 54 and older, it is necessary to enable "Experimental JavaScript" at chrome://flags/#enable-javascript-harmony. Edge: Submission pending The Microsoft Store version of uBO is published by Nik Rolls . The Microsoft Store version of uBO is published by Nik Rolls. Opera: Review pending. Prevent set-constant from trapping non-configurable properties regression .

GNU GPLv3 javascript browser ad-blocker filter privacy

qradiolink 0.8.5-rc2 💾

QRadioLink is a Linux software defined radio transceiver application using VOIP for inter-communication, built on top of GNU radio, which allows experimenting with software defined radio hardware using different digital and analog radio signals and a friendly user interface. Its primary purpose is educational, but it can also be customized for low power data communications on various frequency bands. It can also be used as an amateur radio SDR transceiver for demonstrating radio communications to students. The application was originally inspired from the Codec2 GMSK modem project by Kristoff Bonne.

minor feature: Release 0.8.5-rc2 Upgraded to GNU radio 3.8 and Qt 5.14. some memory leaks and. Minor UI style changes.

GNU GPLv3 communication radio

phpMyHue 1.7.2 💾

Php web interface and api to manage Philips Hue lights in a local network.

minor feature: Add german translation

MITL php javascript end-users

OPNsense 20.7.4 💾

OPNsense is an open source, easy-to-use and easy-to-build FreeBSD based firewall and routing platform. OPNsense includes most of the features available in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. It brings the rich feature set of commercial offerings with the benefits of open and verifiable sources. OPNsense started as a fork of pfSense® and m0n0wall in 2014, with its first official release in January 2015. The project has evolved very quickly while still retaining familiar aspects of both m0n0wall and pfSense. A strong focus on security and code quality drives the development of the project. OPNsense offers weekly security updates with small increments to react on new emerging threats within in a fashionable time. A fixed release cycle of 2 major releases each year offers businesses the opportunity to plan upgrades ahead. For each major release a roadmap is put in place to guide development and set out clear goals.

minor bugfix: Here are the full patch notes: o system: switch web GUI address selection to avoid server.bind in IPv6 first case o system: fix defunct "use default" button on web GUI listen interfaces o system: signal "auth user changed" when a user is modified via web GUI o system: replace gateway widget and add proper API endpoint for it o system: fix reading displayName attribute on LDAP search (contributed by ServiusHack) o interfaces: change maximum MTU value to 65535 in accordance with RFC 791 o interfaces: update wireless device detection prefixes o interfaces: lexical sort interface keys for assignments o firewall: add support for network exclusions in network alias type o firewall: add NAT information to pfInfo page (contributed by kulikov-a) o firewall: associated NAT rules missed state keyword o firewall: allow "or" conditions in live log o firewall: use pfctl for alias IP check (contributed by kulikov-a) o dnsmasq: regenerate resolv.conf on save o dnsmasq: log queries option o intrusion detection: ignore pkill exit status when performing update o ipsec: add description to reconfigure action (contributed by Frank Wall) o unbound: rebuild unbound blacklist download o unbound: restructure reconfigure so that we always flush config o backend: add new "config changed" event using syshook structure (sponsored by Modirum) o mvc: add a few missing control widgets from log pages o ui: upgrade moment.js to 2.27.0 o plugins: os-freeradius 1.9.8 1 o plugins: os-git-backup 1.0 2 (sponsored by Modirum) o plugins: os-haproxy 2.25 3 o plugins: os-stunnel 1.0.2 adds service protocol selector (contributed by fhloston) o src: extended netmap update and driver fixes o src: netmap tun and lagg support (contributed by Sunny Valley Networks) o src: update Realtek re driver to upstream version 1.96.04 (contributed by Laurent Dinclaux) o ports: curl 7.73.0 3 o ports: libxml2 fixes for CVE-2019-20388, CVE-2020-7595 and CVE-2020-24977 o ports: nss 3.58 4 o ports: openssl 1.1.1h 5 o ports:

BSDL-2 network firewalls security

Jailer 10.2.1 💾

Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsing Tool. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. Removes data w/o violating integrity. Generates topologically sorted SQL-DML, hierarchically structured XML. and DbUnit datasets.

minor feature: The response time in case of errors has been improved by immediately terminating all running SQL statements.

Apache front-end quality-assurance utilities java sql cross-plattform developers end-users

libESMTP 1.0.6+ 💾

libESMTP is an SMTP client library intended for software developers. It manages submission of electronic mail via a preconfigured Mail Transport Agent (MTA) such as Exim or Postfix. libESMTP offloads the developer of the need to handle the complexity of negotiating the SMTP protocol by providing a simple API. Additionally libESMTP transparently handles many SMTP extensions including authentication. This is the original libESMTP software previously hosted on and managed by the original author.

documentation: libESMTP is officially hosted on GitHub, this replaces the now defunct and sites. The official repository also contains versions back to the initial release in 2001, see for more information. The author would like to consolidate versions hosted elsewhere, subject to review, and requests that these are submitted as pull requests against the official repository.

GNU LGPL c smtp esmtp email-client email internet library developers

Pybind11 2.6.0 💾

pybind11 is a lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa, mainly to create Python bindings of existing C++ code. Its goals and syntax are similar to the excellent Boost.Python library by David Abrahams: to minimize boilerplate code in traditional extension modules by inferring type information using compile-time introspection.

minor feature: Keyword-only arguments supported in Python 2 or 3 with py::kw_only(). #2100. Positional-only arguments supported in Python 2 or 3 with py::pos_only(). #2459. py::is_final() class modifier to block subclassing (CPython only). #2151. Added py::prepend(), allowing a function to be placed at the beginning of the overload chain. #1131. Access to the type object now provided with py::type::of() and py::type::of(h). #2364. Perfect forwarding support for methods. #2048. Added py::error_already_set::discard_as_unraisable(). #2372. py::hash is now public. #2217. py::class_ is now supported. Note that writing to one data member of the union and reading another (type punning) is UB in C++. Thus pybind11-bound enums should never be used for such conversions. #2320. Classes now check local scope when registering members, allowing a subclass to have a member with the same name as a parent (such as an enum). #2335. Error now thrown when __init__ is forgotten on subclasses. #2152. Throw error if conversion to a pybind11 type if the Python object isn't a valid instance of that type, such as py::bytes(o) when py::object o isn't a bytes instance. #2349. Throw if conversion to str fails. #2477. py::module was renamed py::module_ to avoid with C++20 when used unqualified, but an alias py::module is provided for backward compatibility. #2489. Public constructors for py::module_ have been deprecated; please use pybind11::module_::create_extension_module if you were using the public constructor (fairly rare after PYBIND11_MODULE was introduced). #2552. PYBIND11_OVERLOAD macros and get_overload function replaced by correctly-named PYBIND11_OVERRIDE and get_override, ing inconsistencies in the presence of a closing ; in these macros. get_type_overload is deprecated. #2325. The Python package was reworked to be more powerful and useful. #2433 build-setuptools is easier thanks to a new pybind11.setup_helpers module, which provides utilities to use setuptools with pybind11. It c

Public Domain c++ python library embedded developers

GitLab 13.5.0 💾

GitLab is a development collaboration tool and git DVCS frontend. It includes repository management features, code reviews, an issue tracker, activity feeds and wikis. GitLab provides fine-grained access control, user management, 5 permission levels and branch constraints, and can utilize LDAP/AD intranet authorization. Powered by Ruby on Rails it comes as open source package, and as commercial supported enterprise version.

major feature: (2020-10-22). ### Security (1 change). Update GitLab Runner Helm Chart to 0.21.1. ### Removed (3 changes, 2 of them are from the community). Drop Iglu registry URL column. !42939. Remove coverage_report_view feature flag. !43711. Remove release_evidence_collection feature flag. !44234. ### (118 changes, 9 of them are from the community). Include builds from child pipelines in latest sucessful build for ref/sha. !29710. branches_to_be_notified API param for hangouts chat service. !35599. Add empty dependencies value to ECS Deploy job. !36862. with optional merge requests approval in CE. !42119 (Pavel Kuznetsov). type of SentryErrorType global ID. !42185. Remove linux arch only rule for coverage fuzzing. !42316. Do not show retried builds in the MR code coverage. !42402. Does not refresh project/snippet statistics on a read-only instance. !42417. Rendering trailing slash in reference links (). !42484. Remove retry icon on failed job if merge pipeline. !42495. Designs: return an error if uploading designs with duplicate names. !42514 (Sushil Khanchi). Unit Test Report: icon for errored status. !42540. Copy designs to when an with designs is moved. !42548. triggering multiple children pipeline with the same artifact. !42595. caret sizes in navigation. !42605. Revert required encryption on CI runner tokens. !42623. Markdown "Preview" tab on New/Edit Release and New Snippet pages. !42640. a causing 'Missing author note' to be added to notes for mapped users when importing project using GitLab Import. !42648. Hides batch suggestions button if there is only 1 suggestion. !42681. GraphQL token authentication when installed under a relative URL. !42706. Update pipeline failed notification e-mail warning. !42736. clickable width of release asset links. !42757. size of edit button on releases page. !42779. Move before_script into script for CQ template. !42782. Resolve Error when quickly reordering designs. !42818. Eliminate extra spacing

MITL ruby ruby-on-rails git dvcs wiki bugtracker version-control

Ant Media Server 2.2.0 💾

Ant Media Server is capable of ultra-low latency streaming with WebRTC technology which provides the typical value of 0.5 seconds. Any kind of live stream could be delivered to a broad range of client via scalable cluster infrastructure on the cloud. Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs are available. Adaptive bitrate feature makes streams play with every network speed. Customers may simulcast their video content simultaneously to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

minor feature: H265 Transcoding from RTMP to WebRTC #2058. WebM Recording #2144. Force WebRTC Player to play at specified resolution #2155. Create a websocket message that returns the available streams in the conference room #2227. Create a websocket message that notifies client that if bandwidth is less than the video/audio bitrate #2103. Check broadcast start and end time before accepting the WebRTC Stream #2181. Update video.js to the latest version for HLS and MP4 playback #2231. Create a REST method that can send message to the viewers through Data channel #2026. Provide the ability to choose audio input in WebRTC publishing #2164. Implement switch in front and back camera in JS SDK for mobile platforms #2022. Fetching streams in the origin cluster #1406. Support Unified Plan or PlanB in WebRTC #2226. New REST method to get VoD Id by Stream Id #2244. Upgrade Tensorflow Library to 1.15.0 #2025. Adding Facebook RTMP Endpoint is not working #1981. NAL Units in libx264 freeze and quick play #2037. Show total available memory in the web panel #2136. The sound stops after 20 seconds on the edge server #2198. MP4 Files cannot be downloaded because of the wrong absolute path #2070. Unexpected number of HLS viewers increase #2015. Decrease number of threads in WebRTC signaling #2265. for EncoderBlocked Warning #2273. Micro freeze in some RTMP streams #2095. Stream fetcher does not start again after restart period #2241. Edit stream source does not work if it's not fetching #2251. MP4 files uploaded in S3 have public_read permission. Completing MP4 record while server is stopping #2030. phtread_create exception in some instances #2254. Add second to the date-time value in mp4 recording #2232. external SSL certificate #2301. Add listenerHookURL in updateSettings #2230. SFU Mode sometimes does not work in H264 VP8 Enabled #2175.

Apache media server rtmp webrtc rtsp streaming hls broadcasting

firejail 0.9.64 💾

Firejail is a security sandbox tool, which utilizes Linux 3.x namespaces to setup restricted environments for untrusted applications. It works for console and graphical applications, servers, or even login sessions; by assigning them and their subprocesses a private view of globally shared kernel resources. Firejail isolates mount points, adds chrooting, filesystem writability or overlays, sandbox filesystem sharing, networking stack and firewall isolation, constrains interprocess communication, and separates processes. It comes with default profiles for Firefox or Evince, includes Seccomp and Linux caps support.

minor feature: Replaced --nowrap option with --wrap in firemon. The blocking action of seccomp filters has been changed from. Killing the process to returning EPERM to the caller. To get the Previous behaviour, use --seccomp-error-action=kill or Syscall:kill syntax when constructing filters, or override in /etc/firejail/firejail.config file. Fine-grained D-Bus sandboxing with xdg-dbus-proxy. Xdg-dbus-proxy must be installed, if not D-Bus access will be allowed. With this version nodbus is deprecated, in favor of dbus-user none and. Dbus-system none and will be removed in a future version. DHCP client support. Firecfg only dektop-files if started with sudo. SELinux labeling support. Custom 32-bit seccomp filter support. Restrict RUNUSER in several profiles. Blacklist shells such as bash in several profiles. Whitelist globbing. Mkdir and mkfile support for /run/user directory. Support ignore for include. --include on the command line. Splitting up media players whitelists in New condition: HAS_NOSOUND. New profiles: gfeeds, firefox-x11, tvbrowser, rtv, clipgrab, muraster. New profiles: gnome-passwordsafe, bibtex, gummi, latex, mupdf-x11-curl. New profiles: pdflatex, tex, wpp, wpspdf, wps, et, multimc, mupdf-x11. New profiles: gnome-hexgl, com.github.johnfactotum.Foliate, mupdf-gl, mutool. New profiles: desktopeditors, impressive, planmaker18, planmaker18free. New profiles: presentations18, presentations18free, textmaker18, teams. New profiles: textmaker18free, xournal, gnome-screenshot, ripperX. New profiles: sound-juicer, com.github.dahenson.agenda, gnome-pomodoro. New profiles: gnome-todo, x2goclient, iagno, kmplayer, penguin-command. New profiles: frogatto, gnome-mines, gnome-nibbles, lightsoff, warmux. New profiles:, ferdi, abiword, four-in-a-row. New profiles: gnome-mahjongg, gnome-robots, gnome-sudoku, gnome-taquin. New profiles: gnome-tetravex, blobwars, gravity-beams-and-evaporating-stars. New profiles

GNU GPL c linux security process-isolation namespaces sandbox

Vim 8.2.1873 💾

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is often called a "programmer's editor," and so useful for programming that many consider it an entire IDE. It's not just for programmers, though. Vim is perfect for all kinds of text editing, from composing email to editing configuration files.

minor feature: patch 8.2.1873: Vim9: missing white space when using lt;f-args gt; Problem: Vim9: missing white space when using lt;f-args gt;. Solution: Add spaces. (Christian J. Robinson).

Other text-editor ide vi vim

VirtualBox 6.1.16 💾

VirtualBox is a full x86 hardware virtualizer, suitable for server, desktop and embedded usage. It's extremely feature-rich, emulates lots of individual and alternative hardware and devices, supports different virtual machine disk formats, it's cross-platform and supports ancient and current Windows versions, DOS systems, BSD, Solaris and OS/2 as guest operating system.

minor feature: VMM: random memory corruption and XMM register state corruption inside the VM when Hyper-V is used VMM: VMSVGA 3D support with Linux guests when Hyper-V is used. GUI: some Qt related crashes on macOS Big Sur. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration: network integration not working behind some proxies. USB: Mask out remote wake capability to avoid unresponsive devices. Audio: with audio playback after host goes to sleep. Serial: Keep transferring data if the status line monitoring fails. Serial: blocking a re-connect when TCP mode is used. HPET: inability of guests to use the last timer. VBoxManage: detection of system locale when running 'VBoxManage unattended install' without --locale. macOS host: Installer on Big Sur is now reminding user that system has to be rebooted to load the installed KEXTs. Linux host and guest: Support kernel version 5.9. Linux guest: Workaround to improve resizing of 32-bit VMs with VMSVGA graphics controller, and do not try to use RandR version 1.3 due to causing the X server to hang. Linux guest: VBoxService crashing in the CPU hot-plug service under certain circumstances during a CPU hot-unplug event. Linux guest: Guest additions build for RHEL 8.3 beta.

GNU GPL c c++ virtual-machine operating-system virtualization emulation