RTextDoc 2.4

RTextDoc is a structured text editor for typesetting. It supports AsciiDoc, DocBook and LaTeX for authoring notes, books, web pages, man pages, or websites and blogs. It provides instant grammar and spell checking, integrated dictionaries, WYSIWYG BibTeX equations, HTML from and to LaTeX conversion. It also includes a PDF output viewer, and can be used portably without installation.

Oddjob 1.6.0

Oddjob is a flexible scheduler and manager for jobs/tasks across a distributed server network. Any machine can put off jobs to other servers, may set dependencies or trigger alerts. It's suitable to automate batch or shell scripts, trigger email processing, SQL queries, or file processing jobs.

Game Minesweeper 1.0

Simple minesweeper implemented in Java. Allows canceling the last move, and provides hints/giveaways.

Google2SRT 0.7

Google2SRT extracts subtitles from YouTube and Google Video to the .srt (SubRip) format as understood by media players. It also works on automatic speech recognition generated subtitles, and select an available caption language.

JSkat 0.14.2

JSkat is a card game. It's implemented in Java, works with the International Skat Server to allow playing against real players or Skat AI engines.

picha 0.1.0

Picha is a simple tool to download images from photo blogs. It currently supports extraction from Tumblr.

DBeauty 2.2.1

DBeauty is a database browser which visualizes relational structures and table/row interrelations. It can connect to an JDBC-supported SQL database, browser its content, navigate bidirectionally through tables, understands foreign key relations or user-defined connections, can generate SQL/DML, and execute arbitrary SQL queries.

FileBot 4.5

FileBot can automatically rename tv show / movie files, and download subtitles. It requires little work, as media files can just be drag'n'dropped in for operation. It's cross-platform and comes with a command-line version.

DirSync Pro 1.49

DirSync Pro is an easy to configure file and directory synchronization tool. Apart from copying files, it can calculate differences, show modified file sizes and timestamps, provides configurable logging, and can be instructed to watch an unlimited number of directories to keep synced.

CSSBox 4.7

CSSBox is an HTML and CSS browser rendering engine implemented in Java. It's primarily a browser engine, but also provides an API for complete DOM and computeted rendering information for further inspection and adaptions. It understands HTML and XHTML variations, CSS2 and some CSS3 directives. It's easy to integrate in Java and Swing applications, and also can render to bitmap or vector graphics.