jupp 28

jupp is a text editor. It is highly configurable and comes, besides the standard WordStar-compatible key bindings known from the DR DOS Editor, Turbo C, and Borland C++, with the configurations known from JOE’s Own Editor, namely joe, jmacs, jpico, jstar, and rjoe. It is a portable, compact full-screen editor with comprehensive online help, full key binding configurability, user-defined macros, extensibility, hooks on file open and save, a hex editor, multiple character sets, visual spaces, syntax highlighting, and much more.

Tags editor c ncurses
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2823 Oct 2014 21:01 minor bugfix: Mention in comments that when enabling the -backpath option, its argument must not be quoted, nor followed by a comment. Some mostly harmless code cleanup; fix speeds array access/sizing. Fix size_t mixup. Introduce KF (jupprc): compile and download NXC program to NXT brick. Better const-cleanliness of code. Quell New File message for scratch buffers. Fix URI in ChangeLog file. Actually build with LFS on GNU/Linux.
2705 Jul 2014 10:35 minor bugfix: Completely rewritten wctype and wctrans code to go with the completely rewritten wcwidth code from earlier. Accompanying update from Unicode 3.0.0 (and even there I m sceptic) to Unicode 7.0.0 . Minor fixes to C language syntax highlighting; use it for NXC too. Fix compilation on SuSE Linux 1.0 (portability). Stop trying to match ed(1) diffs for highlighting (false positives). Fix a prototype mistake and a missing joe macro. Add cp437 encoding.