BallroomDJ 4 4.0.10

BallroomDJ 4 is a ballroom music player. It is designed to play music the entire evening without intervention. Manage your ballroom dance music and create song lists, automatic playlist and sequenced playlists. BallroomDJ 4 is the replacement for BallroomDJ.

Tags end-users linux macos windows player ballroom c gtk
License Zlib
State beta

Recent Releases

4.0.1001 Feb 2023 22:54 minor bugfix: 4.0.10 beta 2023-2-1 * Bug Fixes: * Configuration: Changed 'Player Queues' to 'Music Queues'. * Configure / User Interface: Added 'Scale' option for large screens. * Mac OS: Fix localization issue. * Management: Prevent multiple dialogs. * Player: Fix next song while in gap. * Player: Fix player control interaction with announcements. * Player User Interface: Prevent multiple dialogs. * Song List Editor: Fix Export M3U. * Song List Editor: Fix Import M3U (Windows). * Starter: Prevent multiple dialogs. * Starter: window position is saved globally, not per-profile. * Changes: * Minor user interface cleanup. * Internal: * Code cleanup (ui).
4.0.924 Jan 2023 16:56 minor feature: 4.0.9 beta 2023-1-24 * Bug Fixes: * music manager: fix a crash when the song list was cleared. * player ui: internal fixes, marquee menu disabled when marquee is off. * queue dance: fix bad template. * song editor: fix play button to play correct song. * standard rounds: fix bad template. * New Features: * player: export as mp3: export MP3 files with song start, song end, fade-in, fade-out, speed, and gap applied.
4.0.821 Jan 2023 17:18 minor bugfix: 4.0.8 beta 2023-1-18 * Bug Fixes: * bpm counter: exit on save. * music manager: fixed an internal issue causing a slow-down. * player: fix seek-in-song issues when there are speed adjustments. * player: multi-media stop key now properly pauses the music. * song editor: adjust song start and song end on speed adjustment. * song editor: fix save of speed adjustment. * song list editor: remove export as mp3. * Changes: * player: export as MP3 disabled until it is completed. * player: fade-in always uses the triangle curve. * Internal: * fade types: remove logarithmic, add exponential sine, quadratic. * fixed various memory leaks and memory issues. * code cleanup.
4.0.714 Jan 2023 20:34 minor feature: 4.0.7 beta 2023-1-14 * Bug Fixes: * A missing audioadjust.txt file will not prevent startup. * installation: BDJ4 updater fixed. * linux: Do not replace desktop shortcuts. * mac os: Fixed theme installation. * song editor: Fix incorrect playback when multi-selections are active. * song selection: Turn off movement keys when multiple items selected. * New Features: * player: add support for multi-media keys. * player: export as MP3. * song editor: add support for multi-media play key. * song list editor: added control-up and control-down to move selections. * song list editor: export as MP3. * song list editor: add support for multi-media play key. * song selection: add support for multi-media play key. * Internal: * a few more memory leaks fixed. * code cleanup. * debugging fixes. * linux: change location of screensaver settings. * make debug level more dynamic.
4.0.607 Jan 2023 17:02 minor bugfix: 4.0.6 beta 2023-1-7 * Bug Fixes: * configuration: Clean up edit dances display. * configuration: Fix a crash on exit. * conversion: Fix incorrect conversion of the database. * song selection: Fix handling of up/down arrow keys and page up/down keys. * song selection: Fix update of scrollbar using mouse wheel. * Changes: * edit song lists: re-arranged menu items. * player: re-arranged menu items. * user interface: Menu background is darker. * requests: Add a label indicating which queue is being managed when show extra queues is on. * New Features: * song editor: Control-N switches to the next entry. * song editor: Control-P switches to the previous entry. * song editor: Control-S will now perform a save.
4.0.505 Jan 2023 20:07 minor feature: 4.0.5 beta 2023-1-5 * New Features: * song list editor: Import from iTunes is now implemented. * database update: Update from iTunes is now implemented. * Internal: * fixed memory corruption and many memory leaks.
4.0.402 Jan 2023 00:11 minor bugfix: 4.0.4 beta 2023-1-1 * Bug Fixes: * filter dialog: add profile accent color display. * bpm counter: add profile accent color display. * song list editor: fix (broken in 4.0.3). * Internal: * code cleanup.
4.0.331 Dec 2022 20:14 minor bugfix: 4.0.3 beta 2022-12-31 * Bug Fixes: * linux: Resolve ICU library versioning issues. * macos: Resolve ICU library versioning issues. * nederlands: Fix missing queue D configuration. * player ui: Fixed crash after the history queue was selected. * starter/support: Fix crash when there is no internet connection. * starter/support: linux: fix send of core dump. * Changes: * song selection: Added short heading names for dance rating and dance level. * Internal: * fixed memory corruption and memory leak. * fixed extraneous messages on db entry update. * code cleanup.
4.0.227 Dec 2022 18:54 minor bugfix: 4.0.2 beta 2022-12-27 * Bug Fixes: * macos: Fix theme selection (introduced in 4.0.1). * alternate setup: fix. * installer: fix shortcut creation. * windows: music manager: create work-around for listing not showing all songs.
4.0.124 Dec 2022 22:13 minor bugfix: 4.0.1 beta 2022-12-24 * Bug Fixes: * configuration: player queues: fixed incorrect display of switches. * installer: minor issues fixed. * player: fixed incorrect per-queue configuration handling. * player ui: marks in song selection properly include all queues and history. * player ui: recover marquee will raise window to the top. * player ui: display 0:00 initially rather than 3:00. * song selection: fix playback of multiple selections in most cases. * starter: player/manage/configure will be raised if already open. * user interface: fix text entry text color.
4.0.021 Dec 2022 23:24 major feature: 4.0.0 beta 2022-12-20 Initial beta release.