calcurse 4.8.1

calcurse is a calendar and scheduling application for the command line. It helps keep track of events, appointments and everyday tasks. A configurable notification system reminds user of upcoming deadlines, the curses based interface can be customized to suit user needs and a very powerful set of command line options can be used to filter and format appointments, making it suitable for use in scripts.

Tags calendar curses appointments pim remind
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

4.8.103 Mar 2024 13:04 minor bugfix: New features: Support for reloading appointments via a key binding and via SIGUSR1 (thanks to Tim Hentenaar for submitting a patch). The compact mode and default panel options are no longer hidden. A powerful set of new command line options was introduced: The new main operations in non-interactive mode are --grep and --query. There are filter switches to restrict the set of items that are read from the appointments file. All old command line options are still supported for backwards compatibility. Support for shorthands such as "tomorrow" or "monday" as date specifiers. Support for dates beyond 2038 on platforms with 64-bit time_t. - Bug fixes: * Fixed characters in weekly view. * AsciiDoc checks are skipped if --disable-docs is used. * Fixed import for iCal files with empty description (fixed by Marian Buschsieweke). * Fixed handling of note files edited outside calcurse (fixed by Nicholas Johnson). * Fixed handling of recurrent open-ended appointments at 00:00. * Default description for items with empty descriptions (reported and partially implemented by Jonathan van der Steege). - New calcurse-caldav features: * The PasswordCommand option can now be used to manage passwords in an external program and is the new recommended way of storing passwords for calcurse-caldav (implemented by Ryan Lue).
4.0.022 Feb 2015 21:30 major feature: