Checkstyle 8.41.1

Checkstyle assists with source coding standard checking for Java. It supports the Sun or Google code conventions, but is flexible and configurable. It can be run as console tool, or integrated as ANT task.

Tags java coding-style syntax-checker command-line
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

8.41.129 Mar 2021 18:05 minor feature: Reevaluate tokens in google config for OperatorWrapCheck. FinalClass should exempt private-only constructor classes that also. Have nested subclasses. Problem to match content of textblock by xpath to suppress violation. Checkstyle 8.41 introduces regression on indentation rules when the. Line starts with new after try . TrailingComment report violation on comment at the begining of line. False negative with validateThrows in JavadocMethod. Generated xpath suppressions should escape xml symbols. SingleLineJavadoc update for new requirements what tags are allowed in singleline javadoc. Escaped char pattern in AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharactersCheck. Update MissingOverrideCheckTest to use unique Input file in each test method. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_INTERFACE. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.INTERFACE_DEF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.OBJBLOCK. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.FOR_EACH_CLAUSE. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_PUBLIC. Create example of AST for TokenTypes.COMMA. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_WHILE. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.STATIC_INIT. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.VARIABLE_DEF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.MINUS. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.BLOCK_COMMENT_BEGIN. Update SingleLineJavadocCheckTest to use unique Input file in each test method. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.SLIST. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.SEMI. Create example of AST for TokenTypes.DOT. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.STATIC_IMPORT. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.TEXT_BLOCK_CONTENT. Resolve Pitest - AbstractJavadocCheck. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.RECORD_DEF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.LITERAL_IF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.RECORD_COMPONENT_DEF. Update example of AST for TokenTypes.TYPE_PARAMETER. Update doc for EmptyForIteratorPad. Update JavadocMethodCheckTest to use unique Inp
8.4101 Mar 2021 18:25 minor feature: Checkstyle should support quot;classpath: quot; protocol. ImportOrder and CustomImportOrder report only first quot;Extra separation quot; violation, inconsistent order. Record implementing interfaces, indentation faulty. JavadocTagContinuationIndentation: no violation with block tag starting the line. Correct NoEnumTrailingCheck and UnnessaryEnumSemicolonCheck to handle empty enums. Regression in IndentationCheck 8.40 regarding the white spaces needed in a second line of a try/resource declaration. Checkstyle fails on empty enum with only comma in it. SuppressWarningsHolder fails on @SuppressWarnings in annotation array initialization. Record definition elements quot;record component list quot; and. quot;implements clause quot; out of order in AST. Create parser util class that will host util methods for parser that creates AST. Update doc for ParameterAssignment. Resolve Pitest - RegexpHeader. Resolve Pitest - HeaderCheck (1). test inputs should be compilable with javac11. Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (6). Solve Spotviolations reported for Java 11. doc: checkstyle jar version in templates. Extend job to check in other repos. Disable markdownlint rule MD041. Add one more to do pattern and violations. update doc for AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters. Update doc for UniqueProperties. Update doc for NeedBraces. update CircleCi to try one more time execution of mvn dependency:go-offline. update doc for CustomImportOrder. Update doc for RequireThis. Add job to scan sources for references. update doc for RegexpMultiline. Update doc for HiddenField. IllegalType: update examples to show how to target Check to fields only. Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (7). Build also xwiki-rendering and xwiki-platform in the no regression travis job. Minimize the stack size used for unit tests. diff report generation should have default projects file. doc: remove outdated limitation from google style doc. Improve metadata code and coverage. Update doc for DeclarationOrder. documenta
8.4001 Feb 2021 23:25 minor feature: Create new check RecordComponentName. DesignForExtension: Special comment. AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters should support ' s' escape symbol. Metadata generation fails on line wrapped type description. Exception message for invalid token is unclear. Indentation check gives false positive: 'array initialization rcurly' has incorrect indentation. UnusedImports doesn't recognize imports shadowed by inner interfaces. Unresolvable 'new' Indentation Rule conflict introduced in 8.38. ForceStrictCondition should not affect individual array elements. AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharactersCheck: False positive on text blocks with a line separation. doc: udpate BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter to show example of negative lookahead. TOKEN_TEXT_PATTERN in JavadocMetadataScraper. Update doc for VariableDeclarationUsageDistance. update doc for ImportOrder. Github action CodeQL should use maven cache. update _TEMPLATE/ to make demand to show current beharior by CLI. Update doc for FileTabCharacter. Update doc for AvoidNestedBlocks. Add optional label/title to diff report message. Github actions should react with thump up (+1) emoj on message if triggered. minor: anchors for generated pages. nondex tool found in token ordering at Indentation. Create MatchXpath instance to forbig usage of 'expected' element in Test annotation of junit. Use diff.groovy in openjdk14-with-checks-nonjavadoc-error semaphore job. To top button - different behavior and text on different pages. no-error-pgjdbc is failing on master build. Checkstyle: Javadoc not required on private method.
8.3901 Jan 2021 21:45 minor feature: New module: MatchXpath. OperatorWrapCheck no violation if single line comment after operator. Xpath suppression matching prone to stack overflow. Checkstyle fails on escape ' s' character. Incorrect warning for array initializer indentation inside annotations when using google_checks.xml. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - TrailingComment. IndentationCheck throws NPE on switch expresion with `- gt;` on new line. Lack of space: that@SuppressWarnings. Mark sonar violation 'Regular expressions should not overflow the stack' as false positive over AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharactersCheck. Github actions should reuse maven cache. update trigering of web site generation in github actions by 'website'. pitest: increase mutation coverage for javadoc profile to 100 . Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (4). Do clean in all Travis maven commands. Update wording of verify-no-exception-configs validation to mention what is expected. Update doc for NestedIfDepth. Semaphore CI failing on josm project build as local artifact is not found. Add default config example for ConstantName. Add default config example for MethodName. IllegalType: inability to set default value for property memberModifiers.
8.3801 Dec 2020 11:05 minor feature: new check: JavadocMissingLeadingAsteriskCheck. InnerAssignment: false positives on for and do-while loops. RequireThis: Incorrectly triggers for record fields in compact constructor. IndentationCheck: problem with content of anonymous class. EmptyLineSeparator flags commas for multiple single type variables on line. FinalLocalVariable throws a NPE on Switch expression in assignment. Use azure CI for some validation tasks. Travis is failing with error to install mdl package. Isuse #7045: azure to use matrix. Create jdk15 Input files compilation job in Travis. Test more project on Docker limits is reached in wercker. Update doc for FinalClass. google_checks.xml: Public class and interface javadoc is not checked. Exclude Stream, Optional, and additional collection types from ClassFanOutComplexityCheck. Default values in meta files for wrapped list of values are incorrect. Update doc for MultipleVariableDeclarations. doc: Update doc LeftCurly to have more examples. doc: add default example for NonEmptyAtclauseDescription. Update doc for EmptyBlock. doc: Update AtclauseOrderCheck for default config example. doc: add example for default config for AnnotationUseStyle. Update doc for WriteTag. MethodParamPad: add examples. Relaxing the stated limitation about UTF-8 in documentation. Nondeterministic order of error messages in Translation check. Disable quot;checkstyle-cli-run-openjdk14 quot; job in change all quot;at-clause quot; terms to quot;block tag quot; from source code and documentation. Run regression testing in CI over openjdk14 or newer codebase. Remove Buddy CI config. doc: add security policy page. Keep user comment in env variable of git workflow.
8.3701 Nov 2020 12:05 minor feature: New check: LambdaBodyLength. ClassFanOutComplexity: false positive on var. Value 'empty' in metadata files for 'tokens' property cause problems in plugins. FinalLocalVariable: NPE in records. Indentation: if with no curlies is not checked. LocalFinalVariableName false-positive. NonEmptyAtclauseDescription does not work for @return. NoWhitespaceBeforeCheck: String index out of range (with Java 15 Text Block) when tabs are used. Local records fail to parse when annotated. Indentation: google-java-format and Checkstyle disagree about switch block indentation. doc: Add Mega-Linter to active tools list. Anchor links for active and inactive tools on front page are broken. update Cirrus CI to not print download progress in logs. Add default config example for ClassTypeParameterName. Create Github action to generate web site. Resolve Pitest - RegexpCheck (2). Update doc for EqualsAvoidNull. All Regexp Checks that has few instances should have id property. add spring-cloud-gcp project to CIs no errror regresson testing. Add SpongePowered/Configurate Checkstyle run to CI to improve coverage of Java14 syntax. update doc for AvoidStaticImport. Update doc for EmptyStatement. Update doc for FallThrough. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-imports profile to 100 . in appveyor ci. Set up Cirrus CI. Add markdown lint validation files to CI.
8.36.228 Sep 2020 18:25 minor feature: Indentation: lambda don't respect lineWrappingIndentation when forceStrictCondition is false. Java interface constants treated as non-public by ConstantName check. JavadocTypeCheck: false positive with JavaDoc @param tags for Records. Java 14 + Java 15). Load Semaphore CI with more work. add spring-cloud-gcp project to CIs no errror regresson testing. Add a job to automatically rebase PRs. Update eclipse compiler to R17. bump Saxon-HE from 9.9.1-7 to 10.2. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-imports profile to 100 . Diff Report should be generated against main checkstyle's master branch. doc: add checkstyle github action to related tools. Comments in indentation is failing ci/phase-verification/unit-tests. All Regexp Checks that has few instances should have id property. Sonar : A quot;NullPointerException quot; could be thrown;. quot;getParent() quot; can return null.
8.36.113 Sep 2020 22:25 minor feature: DesignForExtension check crashes CheckStyle if an undocumented non-final method is present in a record (Java 14 + Java 15). FinalClass check crashes CheckStyle if there are multiple constructors in a record (Java 14 + Java 15). IndentationCheck: false positive with nested records' methods. Java 14 + Java 15). Support for all Token Types as a Property Type for Module Metadata. MissingSwitchDefault to exclude Java 14 switch expressions. Set tokenTypesSet as validationType for non base token properties. Google style has improper enforcement of horizontal whitespace. Update doc for NestedForDepth. Improve code coverage for metadata generator classes. Update doc for IllegalThrows. Update doc for ExplicitInitialization. Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (1). doc: Add stickler-ci to the active tool list.
8.3629 Aug 2020 23:05 minor feature: Create new check IllegalIdentifierName. Create New Check RecordComponentNumberCheck. JavadocParagraph should complain about missing blank line before at-clauses. New check RecordTypeParameterNameCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: JavaNCSSCheck. Support for Java 14 switch/yield expression. java 13 text blocks syntax is not supported. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: MethodParamPadCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: AbbreviationAsWordInNameCheck. Implement full records support. new Check: PatternVariableName. Java 14 Text Blocks Checks Support validation: SuppressWarningsHolder. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrderCheck. Java 14 SwitchExpression Check Support validation: Indentation. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: SuppressWarningsCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: AtclauseOrderCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: AnnotationLocationCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: AnnotationOnSameLineCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: WriteTagCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: UnnecessarySemicolonAfterTypeMemberDeclarationCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: UnnecessarySemicolonAfterOuterTypeDeclarationCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: InnerTypeLastCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: IllegalTypeCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: OneTopLevelClassCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: TypeNameCheck. Compact Constructor AST is missing annotations. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: HiddenFieldCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: ClassDataAbstractionCouplingCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: CommentsIndentationCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: JavadocMethodCheck. Java14 Full Records Support Check Validation: JavadocTypeCheck. Java14 Full Records Support
8.3527 Jul 2020 15:05 minor feature: Java14 enhanced instanceof check validation: IllegalTypeCheck. Java14 enhanced instanceof check validation: HiddenFieldCheck. Java14 enhanced instanceof check validation: EqualsAvoidNullCheck. Java14 enhanced instanceof check validation: AbbreviationAsWordInNameCheck. Allow unsupported syntax, like record classes. Add support for enhanced instanceof. InnerTypeLast should handle ctors and static init blocks. super::clone breaks SuperCloneCheck. RedundantModifierCheck throws NullPointerException. Format xml sources. Check that all xml sources are well formed. Change diff report generation pipeline logic to trigger to single comment. To Top Button on website. Add TokenUtil.isTypeDeclaration method. Enhance diff generation pipeline to create report for different configs for branches. Add comment to notify user about failure in diff report generation pipeline. Enhance diff generation pipeline to create report for new check. Add trigger to diff generation pipeline for comment editing. Remove pull request trigger from diff report generation action. Change comment action for report generation pipeline. Generation and publishing regression diff report base on config in PR description. Javadoc Modification for Metadata Generation Support. Extend Checkstyle GUI tool to work with Xpath. Ability to keep mobile mode when mobie phone is vertical position. Change name of checkstyle types to match real java types. Revert quot;doc: add example of how to run GUI from snapshot jar quot. Increase font size for website. doc: change quot;nmancus1 quot; to quot;Nick Mancuso quot; in release notes. Resolve Sonar violation 'This branch's code block is the same as the block for the branch on line'.
8.3429 Jun 2020 13:05 minor feature: INTERFACE_DEF token support in RightCurlyCheck. MissingJavadocMethod flagging private methods even target scope is public methods only. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - Indentation. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - JavadocMethod. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - EmptyLineSeparator. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - VariableDeclarationUsageDistance. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - TodoComment. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MissingJavadocType. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - UnnecessaryParentheses. Add input file for Java14 records #8290. doc: add example of how to run GUI from snapshot jar. Java Grammar: need to introduce quot;id quot; rule to solve keyword as identifier problem. Extend Checkstyle GUI tool to work with Xpath. Use JDK11 for wercker. Update template to new format. Pitest : Indentation. Update java.g to allow new tokens to be added. Remove rss and sourceforge banners from website. Make test inputs compatible with Java 10+. Use archunit library to control source code.
8.3301 Jun 2020 20:05 minor feature: Drop CDATA support in javadoc grammar. new Check: NoCodeInFile. Allow to configure if ArrayTrailingComma should ignore single-line arrays. Space betwee type annoation and or... not verifiable for Google Style. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - CustomImportOrder. Java9: try-with-resources should accept fields. JavadocTagContinuationIndentation doesn't report some lines. Remove from PackageDeclaration validation for empty files. JavadocMethod: false positive with validateThrows if catched inside the method. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - CommentsIndentation. Sonar API Token has no access rights. Spotshould validate tests. Suppress Spotviolation for internal JaCoCo field. code cleanup: minimize future xdoc changes. Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (5). folder after release notes generation. resolve FileTabCharacter violations in test resources. Add default config example for AbstractClassName. update doc for ClassDataAbstractionCoupling. Improve clean up directory. Sonar violations: Refactor the body of this try/catch to have only one invocation throwing an exception. Checkstyle verification in printed as WARNING during build. spelling: broken links in sun_checks.xml. Making regex to validate missed space in comments in non main files. Broken link - AvoidDoubleBraceInitialization. Update CIs to validate empty outpu of 'git status' after execution. Resolve Pitest - JavadocMethodCheck (8). Use JOSM in our CI. Resolve Pitest - UnusedImportsCheck. Resolve Pitest - CustomImportOrderCheck (3). Resolve Pitest - ImportOrderCheck (2). Update doc for NoFinalizer. update test inputs to avoid long lines that violate 100 limit. doc: update link to moved javadoc-tool page. Resolve PMD warning deprecated attribute 'ClassOrInterfaceDeclaration/@Image'. Jacoco coverage report should have grammar classes. Update Xpath unit tests to have at least two test methods. Page that explains system properties is not accesible from main page. Unclear
8.3227 Apr 2020 21:05 minor feature: Checker should use UTF-8 encoding by default. Update type definitions for OneTopLevelClass. Add LABELED_STAT token support to NoWhitespaceBefore. Google Style Should Enforce Spaces after Commas. AbbreviationAsWordInName: static final option. New JavadocMissingWhitespaceAfterAsteriskCheck. Remove cli options -C and -W. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters. SuppressWarningsHolder should not report violations. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - PackageDeclaration. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - JavadocType. Xpath results are not sorted in document order. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrder. CustomImportOrderCheck.customImportOrderRules does not support the default value. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - InterfaceIsType. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MethodCount. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AnnotationUseStyle. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - JavadocContentLocation. update documentation for windows users. update doc for AnnotationOnSameLine. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - InterfaceMemberImpliedModifier. Improve clean up directory. Update doc for MissingJavadocMethod. Add default and missed property config example for AbbreviationAsWordInName. remove from configs hardcode caused by MCHECKSTYLE-332. Enforce -e for all maven commands. Update doc for ParenPad. Update doc for InnerTypeLast. Update Xpath unit tests to have at least two test methods. update doc for RegexpOnFilename. use RegexpSingleline Check to validate amount of tests in Xpath tests. Explain reason why Regexp can not be supported by Xpath. upadate doc of AvoidDoubleBraceInitialization to make example compilable. spelling: typo in JavadocMethodCheck. doc: add leading asterisks for javadoc. Update doc for JavadocTagContinuationIndentation. Resolve Pitest - JavadocMethodCheck (1). Update doc for SeparatorWrap. Update documentation of filters to reference targets of
8.3130 Mar 2020 16:25 minor feature: Remove all deprecated setClassLoader methods from Checker and TreeWalker. New check: UnnecessarySemicolonAfterOuterTypeDeclaration. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AnnotationOnSameLine. Indentation violation for lambda depends on tab symbols in code. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - LambdaParameterName. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MissingJavadocPackage. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - IllegalCatch. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - InvalidJavadocPosition. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - NeedBraces. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - UncommentedMain. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - ImportOrder. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - JavadocStyle. NPE in MissingDeprecatedCheck. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AvoidStarImport. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - FinalClass. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MissingSwitchDefault. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MissingCtor. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AvoidStaticImport. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - NoLineWrap. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - PackageAnnotation. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - AnnotationLocation. LineLength measures Java characters, not Unicode characters. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - OuterTypeFilename. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - SuppressWarningsHolder. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - MissingOverride. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - ArrayTrailingComma. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - NoFinalizer. Exception when using SuppressWarningsHolder with @SuppressWarnings as an annotation property (e.g. in Lombok). Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - OneTopLevelClass. JavadocStyleCheck incorrectly allows quot;style quot; tag. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - NoClone. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST - EmptyCatchBlock. Update doc for NoLineWrap. Resolve Pitest - IllegalImportCheck (2). update doc for A
8.3001 Mar 2020 07:45 minor feature: New check: AvoidDoubleBraceInitialization. False-positive RightCurly in google_checks since 8.20. GenericWhitespace complains about normal spacing with generic constructor. NewlineAtEndOfFile=lf does not create error when file uses crlf. Update doc for StringLiteralEquality. Update doc for MissingSwitchDefault. Update doc for WhitespaceAfter. doc: indentation of config example. doc: add example of non-instance member for MemberNameCheck. Code samples for Naming Checks. doc: deprecated - gt; Deprecated. Add warning message at style coverage pages that referenced config is not released. Change line number comparisons to use common isOnSameLine method. Xpath implementation: relationship between getLocalPart and getStringValue. Put in doc reason why ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF and LAMBDA tokens are not supported in RightCurlyCheck. doc: typo training - gt; trailing. Mark DetailAST::getNumberOfChildren as deprecated. PMD warnings about duplicate rules. automation of github actions for update with minor improvments.
8.2927 Jan 2020 15:05 minor feature: New Check: AvoidNoArgumentSuperConstructorCall. New Check NoEnumTrailingComma. ENUM_DEF token support in RightCurlyCheck. FallThrough module does not support the spelling quot;fall-through quot; by default. Java 8 Grammar: annotations on varargs parameters. Sonar violation: Disable XML external entity (XXE) processing. Disable instantiation of modules with private ctor. Sonar violation: quot;ThreadLocal quot; variables should be cleaned up when no longer used. Indentation incorrect level for chained method with bracket on new line. InvalidJavadocPosition: false positive when comment is between javadoc and package. Add method hasChildren to DetailAST. doc: extend Indentation Check explanation of line wrap. Sonar violation: Cognitive Complexity of methods should not be too high (above 20). Enforce jdk8 verification during build. Resolve all violations from SonarQube at Remove Google plus links from website. Checks summary page is not in sync with javadoc summary. doc: sync summaries of all checks. Shippable CI is slow. Add a test to make sure that all new checks have XpathRegressionTest. Avoid using Locale.setDefault in tests. Google maven mirror do not have artifact for long time. SonarCloud upcoming change: quot;sonar.organization quot; property soon mandatory. output of failed build item.
8.2830 Dec 2019 06:45 minor feature: JavadocMethodCheck: remove obsolete import token. Remove properties related to class loading from JavadocMethod. New Check NoArrayTrailingComma. ANNOTATION_DEF token support in RightCurlyCheck. Add suppression filters to google and sun configs. CustomImportOrder: introduce a new message for the violation within import group. CustomImportOrder: no expected violations for empty line within import group. RightCurlyCheck: False Positive with SAME or ALONE_OR_SINGLELINE. CustomImportOrder: should check empty line separator between import statements but not the ones before import statement. EmptyLineSeparator: does not demand empty line if comment is present. Generation of xpath suppression file does not file. JavadocMethod: missed throws tag for throw in method body. CustomImportOrder: unexpected violation for extra empty line between package and import. RequireThis false positive on method reference. MissingJavadocPackage - file header interferes with javadoc detection. After migration to junit5 build output become to have output. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST (part3). Hardcode google tokens in config. doc: treeWithJavadoc command line option. doc: add info about -b cli option to documentation. Upgrade to junit 5. Re-enable Tidy plugin. type of Checker property cacheFile. doc: change quot;property quot; to quot;type quot; in property_types.xml. left from mobile design. linkcheck does not see dtd files. Integrate dependabot service. javadoc links to non-public members. Appveyor is not failing even build is failed. Add sprint-integrations to no-error test of werker. Teamcity inspections. Revert quot;config: disable functionality of CI skip, to unblock all CIs quot. Remove build for old non-LTS releases. Set up JDK-13 build and drop jdk-12. JDK 13 Travis Failure. Problem to open archive web ages starting from 8.21.
8.2701 Dec 2019 17:05 minor feature: new check: JavadocContentLocationCheck. RequireThisCheck: no violation produced when field is concatenated with String. Unused param not reported when missing description. Checkstyle website does not resize to mobile browser screens. website header rendering. Align XDocs and Javadocs for javadoc package. Dates of release if not properly rendering in Firefox. javadoc build problem on openjdk11. Resolve PMD deprecation warnings on InvalidSlf4jMessageFormat. Tests fail on OpenJDK 12 due to 'Failed to find the. quot;modifiers quot; field in method setInternalState.'.
8.2628 Oct 2019 21:05 minor feature: Remove AbstractTypeAwareCheck and combine the missing pieces into JavadocMethod. remove functionality of Checker.setClassLoader and TreeWalker.setClassLoader. WriteTag: Add localization for javadoc.write.tag message. upgrade to pmd 6.18.0. Tests fail on OpenJDK 12 due to 'Failed to find the. quot;modifiers quot; field in method setInternalState.'. Purpose of UnnecessarySemicolonAfterTypeMemberDeclaration is unclear in documentation. doc: config sample for SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter. config: Travis items to do more jdk11 and jdk12 builds. Align XDocs and Javadocs for modifiers package. Align XDocs and Javadocs for header package. Align XDocs and Javadocs for regexp package. Align XDocs and Javadocs for metrics package. Align XDocs and Javadocs for imports package. create examples for UnnecessaryParentheses usage. JitCI build. Review disabled validations of eclipse compiler. config: previous commits check to avoid confusion with master and rewrite main ci for easier maintenance. Use ja-JP for Japanese locale, zh-CN for Chinese locale in Pitest: add new mutator REMOVE_CONDITIONALS. Remove usage of DetailAST.branchContains. pitest coverage for RightCurly. spotis not executed in build process of openjdk12.
8.2501 Oct 2019 00:05 minor feature: DefaultLogger: remove deprecated constructors. ConfigurationLoader: remove deprecated constructors. XMLLogger: remove deprecated constructor. Remove quot;update quot; methods from DetailAST as developers shouldn't be modifying the tree from inside a check. FileContents: remove deprecated constructor and deprecated methods. JavadocMethodCheck: remove deprecated properties ignoreMethodNamesRegex, minLineCount, allowMissingJavadoc, allowMissingPropertyJavadoc. Remove AbstractTypeParameterNameCheck since it is Deprecated. RegexpMultiline not detecting matches across multiple lines. update CLI to allow show tree branch that match xpath. please support preceding, preceding-sibling, following and following-sibling in XPath expressions. DesignForExtension: method javadoc recognized as block comments. quot;NoExceptiontest - Checkstyle, sevntu-checkstyle quot; should test chekcstyle's code from PR. CI should fail if PR is based on an old master. update CIs scripts to skip execution only after checking all commits changes. appveyor.bat is changed right after clone of repo of github. CustomImportOrder: documentation should have description that only one separtor line is allowed. Align XDocs and Javadocs for sizes package. Tests do not work properly on Windows with LF line endings. Revert quot;: use checkstyle fork of xwiki with to pass CI build quot. Revert quot;: use forked simple-binary-encoding with to pass CI build quot. MainTest#testExistingTargetFileButWithoutReadAccess fails on Win10 machine.
8.2402 Sep 2019 10:25 minor feature: Change LineLength Check parent from TreeWalker to Checker. MissingDeprecated: refactor to use javadoc AST. Add ID format property to SuppressWithPlainTextCommentFilter. New check: JavadocBlockTagLocation. new check: UnnecessarySemicolonAfterTypeMemberDeclaration. Add ID format property to SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter. Add ID format property to SuppressionCommentFilter. Command line option -o does not produce output with -g option. NeedBraces: lambda with no braces not reported when contents span multiple lines. Use violation term as much as possible. Remove usage of DetailAST.branchContains. create tests in to cover execution over some Input for sun and google configs. stop using puppet/disteli CI. Align XDocs and Javadocs for miscellaneous package. Expand XPath IT Regression Testing. doc: compilation error. Japanese locale contains mistranslation. Make test on file that have no read access but has write access. Align XDocs and Javadocs. Upgrade PMD to 6.17.0. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-main profile to 100 . doc: sample code of AvoidInlineConditionals to be compilable. Java Checkstyle CLI while generating xpath suppressions provides extraneous stdout output. Update link to latest version of CLI jar. spell checker is failing due to failure to get words file. eclipse violation over javadoc of javadoc error in Xdocs: sort values for String Set properties. CLI: Add short versions for 'executeIgnoredModules' and 'tabWidth'. CI: hide maven download text to prevent log overflow. Align XDocs and Javadocs for filters package.
8.2329 Jul 2019 00:25 minor feature: new filter SuppressionSingleFilter. OneStatementPerLine: add treatTryResourcesAsStatement property. MagicNumber: new proprty ignoreAnnotationElementDefaults to ignore magic numbers in annotation default values. new check: InvalidJavadocPosition. InnerAssignment reports violation when amp; amp; condition is in WHILE expression. SuppressWithPlainTextCommentFilter ignores messageFormat when matching on ID. Javadoc mishandling NEWLINE when next to ATTRIBUTE. SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter does not match messages. SuppressionCommentFilter ignores messageFormat when matching on ID. InvalidJavadocPositionCheck: false negative on javadocs with local variables. doc: Serialisation - gt; serialization. Replace sevntu-checkstyle-maven-plugin with explicit dependency to sevntu-checks. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-coding profile to 100 . Skip dry run build item for maven release commit. format xdoc/javadoc files to follow rule of LineLength (max ia 100). pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-filters profile to 100 . Don't use absolute checkstyle links in xdocs. Create appveyor.bat for CI commands. Align XDocs and Javadocs for filters package. doc: Add missing slash for constant name check doc. Make inner class SuppressWithPlainTextCommentFilter.Suppression private. Enforce FileTabCharacter and RegexpSingleline for trailing whitespace over resources. Remove TreeWalker#validateDefaultTokens. Make inner class SuppressionCommentFilter.Tag private. Make inner class SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter.Tag private. Add xpath tests for new Checks of 8.22.
8.2224 Jun 2019 11:25 minor feature: new check: MissingJavadocPackageCheck. new check: UnnecessarySemicolonInTryWithResources. new check: UnnecessarySemicolonInEnumeration. new check: OrderedProperties. NeedBraces: False Positives for LITERAL_CASE and LITERAL_DEFAULT. AnnotationUseStyle does not detect all violations in EXPANDED style. AnnotationUseStyle: compact_no_array does not violate extended and multi param annotations. Loading config.xml from classpath doesn't work properly. Suppression documentation links to old DTDs. Align XDocs and Javadocs for filters package. Resolve violations from IDEA 20191.3. Align XDocs and Javadocs. Remove usage of DetailAST.branchContains. Limit xdoc Properties subsection to one table. split it module test support between different configurations.
8.2127 May 2019 10:05 minor feature: NewlineAtEndOfFile default should be OS agnostic. Remove PARAMETER_DEF from AnnotationLocation. API: make api not depend on antlr by splitting DetailAST between implementation and interface. new check: MissingJavadocMethod from JavadocMethod. LocalVariableName: allowOneCharVarInForLoop should allow one char variable in loop. Do not handle local variables for VARIABLE_DEF in AnnotationLocation. OneStatementPerLine: false-positive on try-with-resource when objects just referenced. NewlineAtEndOfFile with LF_CR_CRLF does not work properly. EmptyCatchBlock check does not work properly with non-system line endings in files. Code samples for Naming Checks. Align XDocs and Javadocs for whitespace package. spelling: identificator- gt;identifier. spelling: inpection. refactoring of DetailASTTest.testTreeStructure. sonar warnings. move OSX executions from travis.yml to doc: my name in release notes. template should clarify failure to follow template will lead to being, Align XDocs and Javadocs for design package. investigate increase of '-all' jar. Cached Google Style is slightly outdated and not like original.
8.2029 Apr 2019 03:18 minor feature: New MissingJavadocCheck(s). IllegalType: illegal types in overridden methods should not be reported. EmptyLineSeparator check does not validate newlines before comments. Exception in JavadocMethod to get access to class in jdk9. RightCurly false-positives for multi-block continuation. TranslationCheck reports duplicate lines in xml report. AnnotationUseStyle: false positive on annotation with default nested. annotation inside. RightCurly with option alone false negative for class, method and constructor. Align XDocs and Javadocs for coding package. set up JDK12 buid. minor: GeneratedJava14LexerTest depends on encoding, not on OS, so. the assumption to represent this. MultipleVariableDeclarations missing from sun style. doc: expand documentation for scope property type. pitest: increase mutation coverage for api profile to 100 . Remove usage of antlr specific methods from our checks. idea: ThisEscapedInConstructor idea violation for. AbstractClassCouplingCheck.FileContext class. Test inputs should be completely standalone. pitest coverage for RightCurly.
8.1901 Apr 2019 15:25 minor feature: Xpath: change implementation of the @text attribute. Remove `cache` field from TreeWalker in Checkstyle 8.0. Remove DTDs from and from Remove hashCode and equals methods from FilterSet. Add tabWidth to Checker and FileSets. AnnotationLocation: add support for PACKAGE_DEF, ENUM_CONSTANT_DEF. JavadocUtil doesn't recognize Javadocs in certain places. False positive in AnnotationUseStyle for version 8.17. Overly complex default regex in SuppressWarnings format. Remove AvoidInlineConditionals from sun_checks.xml. Javadoc for package-info file is not validated. Wrong documentation for InnerAssignment. doc: added documentation for global tabWidth. Align XDocs and Javadocs for coding package. Exclude from Google and Sun configurations. PMD violation UseProperClassLoader. Enable PMD rule UseUnderscoresInNumericLiterals. Verify all modules are listed in contribution no exception configurations. Enable PMD rule LinguisticNaming. Java Grammar: Hard to understand message. Site files are not schema-valid. minor: reset the test stream for each test. Upgrade to PMD 6.12.0. Align XDocs and Javadocs for annotations package. Disable XML External Entity load in in tests. Align XDocs and Javadocs for blocks package. Wrong JavaDoc example for NestedForDepthCheck. PMD violation CommentDefaultAccessModifier. Enforce FileTabCharacter and RegexpSingleline for trailing whitespace over resources. Setup checkstyle validation to forbid type StringBuffer. Cut down on Checkstyle's dependencies on Guava, phase II. resolve warning in build output from PMD. Expand checkstyle_resources_checks.xml to IT resources. links in header comment block of sun_checks.xml are outdated. Align XDocs and Javadocs. MissingOverride javaFiveCompatibility true in checkstyle_checks.xml. Typo in Lcurly docs. Unclear rational in ExplicitInitialization. Wrong public identifier in doctype of example empty suppressions file. Typo in docs o
8.1826 Feb 2019 08:25 minor feature: Disable loading external DTDs by default, create system property to activate it. IllegalType: rename quot;format quot; property to. quot;illegalAbstractClassNameFormat quot. AnnotationLocation: Remove unused tokens. Command Line arguments should be allow to exclude a file. ArrayTypeStyle: add support for brackets in method definition after parameters. new filter SuppressionXpathSingleFilter. AnnotationLocation: named parameters must be considered parameters. JavadocStyleCheck crashes for some Javadoc comments with HTML comments. Incorrect warning for empty lambda bodies with google_checks.xml. FinalLocalVariable: IllegalStateException. Slowdown with UnusedImportsCheck. review TreeWalker.setupChild method for exceptional cases. Remove powermock. refactoring in configs. update to picocli 3.9.1 result in UT MainTest.testNonExistentOutputFormat failure. Negate SuppressElement.accept. Code samples for Naming Checks. Rename Filters which aren't module filters to FilterElement. doc: add File Filter section in extending.xml. Cache: file skipped on 2nd run when exception happened on it in first run. Move UTF-8 limitation info in documentation. use ForbidAnnotationElementValueCheck from sevntu.checkstyle. minor: solved pitest with ImportOrderCheck. Pitest: add new mutator REMOVE_CONDITIONALS. Add build instructions to README. Indentation: indentation level is being corrupted in class fields. doc: grammar errors.
8.1728 Jan 2019 06:45 minor feature: Java Grammar: use TYPE_EXTENSION_AND instead of BAND in typecast expression. RightCurly: remove obsolete shouldStartLine property. FinalLocalVariable: NPE with PARAMETER_DEF on methods of inner classes. EqualsAvoidNull: improper frame tracking. Translation doesn't obey no halt on exception and doesn't show path to bad file. CI: spellchecker script is not ready for running manually by contributors. Pitest: add new mutator REMOVE_CONDITIONALS. Jenkins: switch the build machine (slave) from to AWS spot instance. EmptyLineSeparatorCheck: surviving mutant from REMOVE_CONDITIONALS. Update eclipse compiler to R10. Checkstyle's self config fails on non-US locale because of english suppression.
8.1631 Dec 2018 03:18 minor feature: ClassMemberImpliedModifier: New Check to demand all modifiers to be explicit in class members. ImportOrder reports incorrect errors for redundant imports. JavadocMethod: False positive from comment inside method. Pitest: add new mutator REMOVE_CONDITIONALS. pitest: increase mutation coverage for javadoc profile to 100 . set up JDK11 build. Align XDocs and Javadocs. pitest: increase mutation coverage for indentation profile to 100 . Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST (part 1, hard cases). pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-coding profile to 100 . Pitest: add new mutator FALSE_RETURNS. Pitest: add new mutator CONSTRUCTOR_CALLS. Pitest: add new mutator TRUE_RETURNS. pitest: increase mutation coverage for blocks profile to 100 . Strive for 100 mutation coverage. exception in build log from spot. Move test inputs with deprecated packages to resources-noncompilable. Pitest script order locally. create Travis ready to use shell script to check that pistes profiles cover all classes. XmlLoader: remove incomplete namespaces support. Upgrade Powermock2 to RC4. Resolve Teamcity violations of inspection engine 2018.3. Split and Organize Checkstyle IT inputs.
8.1502 Dec 2018 03:25 minor feature: Remove Lambda from RightCurlyCheck. JavadocType: Add quot;allowedAnnotations quot. IllegalType should check extends amp; implements and class/interface type parameters. TreeWalkerAuditEvent doesn't create events on the absolute file path. IllegalType should ignore parameters of methods with modifiers not in. memberModifiers'. AbbreviationAsWordInName: false positive on capital letters on the end of the word. Performance with file.lastModified(). warning during build of site with equalsverifier-3.0.2. upgrade to latest picocli version to extra space in help output. Please add link to in update to saxon 9.9. Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST (part 2). update sources to avoid usage of URLs. using picocli as command line parser. Add equalsverifier project to wrecker ci. ImportOrder: example of Intellij Idea default import order is not working.
8.1422 Oct 2018 03:18 minor feature: IllegalType: does not check types in generics. Code samples for Naming Checks. Update FullIdent to store DetailAST instead of line/column.
8.1305 Oct 2018 12:05 minor feature: ClassFanOutComplexity: count complexity base annotations/extends/implements/methods params. Code samples for Naming Checks. exception in build log from spot. Line numbers should start at 1. Align XDocs and Javadocs. CircleCI is failing due to missed checkout content. Upgrade to PMD 6.6.0. Unstable build due to not accesible decoration-1.0.0.xsd.
8.1212 Aug 2018 03:45 minor feature: LeftCurly : add support for LITERAL_CASE and LITERAL_DEFAULT. ImportOrder: allow static imports be separated by local groups when. they are at the top/bottom. ImportOrder: new property groupsStatic to allow define groups for. static imports. InterfaceMemberImpliedModifier: New Check to demand all modifiers to. be explicit in interfaces members. Remove lambda support from ParameterName. EmptyLineSeparator raises violations when static import right after. plain import. Spell check failing to get words file. doc: bounty note. spelling: add xcode. Travis CI: MAC build is broken. Change grammars package name to grammar. Checkstyle's html report related links are not working. Resolve violations from IDEA 2018.1.6. SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter: update document and examples on when. it is appropriate to use. XpathSuppression generation should support module id. Add XDoc SubSection Anchor. Add to CI import order validation on certain projects. doc: reference in SuppressionXpathFilter doc about ability to. generate suppressions by CLI. XpathFileGeneratorAstFilter: EVENTS and QUERIES as single map. redo XML_Structure documentation section. Mark all checks with appropriate annotation so that they could be. used in the MT mode. update documentation of SuppressionFilter with links to latest DTDs. Checkstyle Ant prints null for checkstyle version. Update documentation for same of RighCurly. Internal XPath Regression fails on RequireThisCheck. Setup Jenkins CI for building Pull Requests. doc: download URLs.
8.1101 Jul 2018 08:05 minor feature: Add HTML5 tags support to Javadoc antlr4 grammar and related classes. Generate a suppressions.xml file for SuppressionXpathFilter from the errors list by CLI command. new Check - LambdaParameterName. ImportOrder: False positive for multiline imports. Remove usages of ANTLRInputStream. Update Teamcity to use IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1.4. Setup Jenkins CI for building Pull Requests. RightCurly: false negative in ALONE and anonymous classes. xpath generator documentation does not show nuances. Enforce more checks over checkstyle resources. Resolve errors and warnings from Eclipse oxygen 4.7.3. Remove old ant phases and configs. No explanation of what is metadata tag on checkstyle config. to doc: update xdoc for ParameterName to clarify how to check catch parameters. CircleCI compains 'extraneous key java is not permitted'. update DTD public names. activate new sponsoring web services. Rename all utility classes to xxxxUtil..
8.10.128 May 2018 06:45 minor feature: Update AbstractChecks to log DetailAST (part 1, easy cases). Align XDocs and Javadocs. Move pitest execution to CircleCI. Format all files to be 100 symbols in length. Travis unexpected problem with xml validation. Appveyor fails to reuse maven cache during build. Compile all jdk9 files in Travis. Please add new Eclipse Plugin to active tools list on your website. Activate checks related to Buddy ci failure on quot;Fetching changes started quot. Use to find vulnerabilities in dependecies. Remove xml declaration tag from all dtd files. Find way to launch IntellijIdea inspections from command line. Cut down on Checkstyle's dependencies on Guava, phase II. Docker-based CI from Codeship Pro. Use new CI -
8.1001 May 2018 21:45 minor feature: ImportControl: add ability to control imports in certain classes. Add the new option for Checkstyle CLI to generate the basic suppression xpath. Store IDENT token type in the xpath tree. Xpath Mapper : UnsupportedOperationException when several queries are combined. HeaderCheck: fails with empty lines. CheckUtils.parseDouble: wrong result for negative values. FinalClassCheck: 'extractQualifiedName' omits 2nd ident of package name. Indentation: false positive for one-line lambda. Format xdoc files to follow rule of LineLength (max ia 100). Remove remnants of cobertura usage. Create xdoc page to explain the new Xpath-based suppression model. Migrate to CircleCI 2.0. Consider introducing spelling regression checker. Remove all authors javadoc tags from sources. PMD 6: migrate configuration to pmd 6.X version. Jsoref spell checker: skipp all files/folders that are referenced in.gitignore. Spellchecker: don't complain about case. Replace File Input,Output Stream with Input,Output Stream. Config: moved disallows to be first in import control. UpperEll rule description gives bogus reason: Capital(!) L looks like 1. Refactor PackageObjectFactoryTest.testCreateModuleWithNonExistName. Jsoref spellchecker: group word families togeth. Jsoref spell checker: remove resource from validation. Update javadoc for MismatchStrategy. Spelling: anon - API: sevntu-checkstyle/sevntu.checkstyle#657. Migrate to circleci 2.0. Spelling: commenting. Spelling: unclear. Spelling: performance. Spelling: indentation.
8.905 Apr 2018 10:45 minor feature: ImportControl: reverse order of allow/disallow rule matching. Indentation: wrapped method name. Indentaton: super() is ignored. IllegalType: support arrays as types. spelling: a lot of spelling. PMD 6: migrate configuration to pmd 6.X version. wercker is failing with uncler message after release on non-rebased branches. Add openjdk8/9 to Travis/AppVeyor. Remove usage of package. generated jacoco.exec file needs to be moved out of base directory. doc: improper dtd comment examples. PMD6 violations (bestpractices). spelling: Correct some words in the German translation. Drop find. Replace java.awt.event.InputEvent#getModifiers() with getModifiersEx(). doc: improper private method documentation. Use Jacoco instead of Cobertura for coverage check. doc: clearly explain commit message requirements. Jacoco workaround for MainTest. Split pitest-checkstyle-common. Resolve all violations from SonarQube at 100 Coverage for 100 coverage for 100 coverage for New project badges at 100 coverage for Switch to Powermock 2.0. indentation in all sources of xdoc. doc: typos and grammar on website main page. PackageNamesLoaderTest refactoring. Remove usage of javax.xml.bind.XmlElement (deprecated in JDK9). Refactoring of JavadocUtils static init. Switch to powermock-api-mockito2. IllegalStateException message text was changed in JDK9. upgrade to spot.1.1 cause problems with execution on maven 3.3.9. doc: InterfaceIsType description, SwingConstants is an interface, not a class. Explicitly throw an exception from ClassResolver. Strive for 100 mutation coverage. minimize pitest-checkstyle-utils profile execution. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-coding profile to 100 . doc: extend examples for FinalLocalVariable. Remove dependency o
8.830 Jan 2018 05:45 minor feature: Split TreeWalker to TreeWalker and JavaParser. DesignForExtension: method javadoc is recognized if no modifier in on method. XmlLogger sanitizes exception tags when it shouldn't be. spelling: German translation of 'tag'. violations in local IntelliJ 2017.3. Resolve warning during build about prerequisites tag. JavadocMethod: quot;Expected an @return tag. quot; sounds not right. Appveyor CI build failure: Unable to get setup from spelling: improve french translation. spelling: typo in tests. spelling: typo. format xdoc files to follow rule of LineLength (max ia 100). Incorrect documentation for SuppressionXpathFilter. Reorganize token methods of all Checks. TokenTypes documentation contains double encoded symbols. Incorrect documentation for SingleSpaceSeparator. XDoc Config: create unit test to verify property types and default values for Strings..
8.704 Jan 2018 16:05 minor feature: Removed guava from api code. SuppressWithPlainTextCommentFilter: should not fail when violation is reported on directory..
8.631 Dec 2017 15:25 minor feature: AbstractLoader: move out of api, rename, and remove abstract modifier. new Checker filter SuppressWithPlainTextCommentFilter as akin to Treewalker's SuppressionCommentFilter. Add @exception JavaDoc block tag to NonEmptyAtclauseDescriptionCheck. Support suppression-xpath element in SuppressionLoader. add ANNOTATION_DEF to RequireThisCheck. SuppressionFilter: add suppression by message. TranslationCheck: should fire file started/finished when invoking errors. RequireThisCheck and for loop variable handling. changed RequireThis kept track of the frame being examined. ImportOrder with option=bottom should not allow non-static import after static import. ReturnCount: unclear message when only max property is specified. Incorrect indentation check for method preceded by annotation, with method parameter on separate line. RequireThisCheck and enum constants handling. RequireThisCheck and catch variable handling. AnnotationUtility.getAnnotation fails when there is an comment in the annotation. False RedundantModifier violation for final method of enum inside final class. on matching xpath when no xpath given. Checkstyle ignores javadoc that placed over Annotation type elements. JavadocMethod: No error for a misplaced javadoc tag. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-misc profile to 100 . Some contents in for imports check are not well translated. TranslationCheckTest.testLogOutput is failed. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-imports profile to 100 . Indentaion problem in pjdbc project. Use versions-maven-plugin to report versions to update. minimize pitest-checkstyle-utils profile execution. api: abstract classes that extending concrete class. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-whitespace profile to 100 . pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-metrics profile to 100 . pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-coding profile to 100 . internal code: terminolozy problems in Mod
8.527 Nov 2017 13:05 minor feature: Try to load class from all of packages as classpath scanning doesn't work in Eclipse runtime environment. RegexpOnFilenameCheck: NullPointerException when relative path is used to run checkstyle CLI. JavadocPackage: NullPointerException when relative path is used to run checkstyle CLI. Checker.destroy doesn't erase fileSets but erases everything else. TranslationCheck prints violations from previous AbstractFileSetCheck run. violations from new sevntu check - CheckstyleTestMakeupCheck. doc: typo and extension for 'what is javadoc'. Checkstyle UTs shouldn't create custom configuration methods. adjacent static import groups ones became impossible in 8.3. cobertura coverage check failing on jdk 152. Remove usage of DetailAST.branchContains. Reorganize token methods of all Checks. ImportControl: unable to disallow static import. doc: Removed maxLineLength property from javadoc, the property itself had been removed earlier. wercker build is unstable for htmlunit project due to SNAPSHOT dependency. plural agreement grammar in documentation for DesignForExtension. Mark all checks with appropriate interface so that they could be used in the MT mode..
8.430 Oct 2017 15:05 minor feature: Disallowing user to use incomplete fully qualified Check names in config file. JavadocTokenTypes should keep values of tokens, restore tokens as they were at 8.1 version. Remove extra numeric offset in JavadocTokenTypes. Checkstyle produces invalid XML file. violations from new sevntu check - CheckstyleTestMakeupCheck. Unused messages in Two unit tests for SuppressionCommentFilterTest do not fail if CheckstyleException is not thrown. ClassFanOutComplexity for a multi-dimensional array is calculating with an error. Remove usage of DetailAST.branchContains. Checkstyle tests should be named after the class they test and extra validations/helpers should be in a special package. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-whitespace profile to 100 . left curly nlow documentation error?. create Use private final loggers instead of private static final in Checkstyle codebase. Move DetailNodeTreeStringPrinter#createFakeBlockComment to CommonUtils. Prohibit the usage of hardcoded encoding in Checkstyle source code. appveyor: provide ability to skip CI executions base on commit files. Reorganize token methods of all Checks. Remove deprecated class BaseCheckTestSupport. validation by xsd during build is missed for xml files that use packages_1_0.dtd. Sonar validation failing with StackOverflowError..
8.308 Oct 2017 16:25 minor feature: Uppercase letters to be allowed in package names in javadoc. Making required arguments mandatory for javadoc tags in grammar. NoWhitespaceAfter: do not allow whitespace after '@' sign. WhitespaceAround: Add support for varargs. Boolean flag in Javadoc Checks that shows a current Javadoc comment has unHTML tags. Add columnCharIndex field to LocalizedMessage. IllegalType does not seem to handle multidimensional array types. No violation before or after changes for static import list. whitespace after Array type when using a type annotation. Google Style: Incorrect ParenPad warning. NoWhitespaceBefore and empty for loop conditions. Remove thread-unsafe context from the AbstractCheck class. order of message parameters in DE translation file. with UnusedImports and javadoc usage. see tag with leading asterisk before arguments lead to parse failure. FallThrough check doesn't handle synchronized blocks. NoWhitespaceAfterCheck for some array initialization crashes Checkstyle. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-misc profile to 100 . Pull #5113: enabled eclipse compiler to flag unused exceptions. conifg: bump maven-surefire-plugin to 2.20.1. Support suppression-xpath element in SuppressionLoader. Checkstyle tests should be named after the class they test and extra validations/helpers should be in a special package. Expand eclipse compiler to check test code. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-coding profile to 100 . Add file-stateful and stateless / global stateful check markers. Remove thread-unsafe context from the AbstractFileSetCheck class. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checks-metrics profile to 100 . IllegalType: update documentation to make it clear that LITERAL_NEW is not a target of this Check. XpathQueryGenerator should consider tabWith parameter. Increase coverage of JavadocParser and JavadocLexer. doc: extend javadoc for JavadocTokenTypes.RULE_TYPES_OFFSET. Declaration
8.201 Sep 2017 10:45 minor feature: JavadocParser: inconsistent AST tree with and without SINGLETON_ELEMENT. move AbstractTypeAwareCheck and ClassResolver to javadoc package. remove deprecated property maxLineLength from LeftCurlyCheck. remove FileContentsHolder module as FileContents object is available for filters on TreeWalker in TreeWalkerAudit Event. Replace terms in AST Tokens by terms from HTML specification. new Check: single line annotation location. Add HTML5 tags support to Javadoc antlr4 grammar and related classes. UnnecessaryParentheses: Reject parentheses around single parameters in lambdas. Add token type to LocalizedMessage. Add (WS NEWLINE) in proper places for javadoc tags. XMLLogger methods should be thread-safe. Javadoc comments containing unescaped Java code with generic types leads to enormous parsing times. PackageObjectFactory can't instantiate AuditListeners. Remove thread-unsafe context from the AbstractJavadocCheck class. SeverityLevelCounter should be thread-safe. JavadocPackageCheck should be thread-safe. Violations should print ID and observe them as unique. SuppressWarnings triggers RedundantModifier check on enum constructor. SummaryJavadoc: overlapping messages. Remove checkstyle_packages.xml from checkstyle. SummaryJavadoc: doesn't completely ignore inheritDoc tag. TodoCommentCheck overflows the stack for files with many comments. RegexpHeader not detecting ' n n' by regex properly. ModifiedControlVariableCheck crashes for some nested loops with multiple assignments. MethodCountCheck: class counts include anonymous methods. RequireThisCheck: NPE on method from base class with validateOnlyOverlapping off. TreeWalkerFilter needs to be added to ModuleReflectionUtils. RequireThisCheck: Use and declare a local variable with same name as class variable cause a NPE. Indentation: multiple try with resource not checked. FinalLocalVariable: false-negative with anonymous class. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-utils profile to 100 . pitest: increase mu
8.126 Jul 2017 13:45 minor feature: Make SuppressionCommentFilter and SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter children of TreeWalker. Remove AbstractComplexityCheck, AbstractIllegalCheck, AbstractIllegalMethodCheck, AbstractNestedDepthCheck. ImportControl: Remove deprecated 'url' property. Remove deprecated AbstractDeclarationCollector, AbstractFormatCheck, AbstractOptionCheck. FileText should not extends AbstractList. Move DetailAST log away from AbstractViolationReporter. Api: LocalizedMessages class should be removed. SummaryJavadoc: no violation on absent summary and on javadoc where '.' is used not as end of sentense. MethodCountCheck with wrong tokens crashes Checkstyle. UnusedImportsCheck does not detect parameter types in javadoc block tags. UnusedImports processJavadoc fails with javadoc tags that span lines. Some messages are still hardcoded in english. EmptyBlock: NPE on annotation declaration. Idea: tenth part of idea violations. Idea: sixth part of idea violations. Idea: seventh part of idea violations. Idea: fifth part of idea violations. Idea: eleventh part of idea violations. Split BaseCheckTestSupport into AbstractPathTestSupport, AbstractModuleTestSupport, and AbstractTreeTestSupport. Pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-check-header profile to 100 . Activate IntellijIdea inspection InterfaceMayBeAnnotatedFunctional. Idea: ninth part of idea violations. Spelling: German translation. Increase coverage of JavadocParser and JavadocLexer. Idea: third part of violations. Idea: fourth part of idea violations. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in 'regexp' package. Spelling: typo in docs. Add vavr library to our regression testing. Pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-filters profile to 100 . Pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-api profile to 100 . Idea: second part of violations. Enable IntellijIdea inspection: 'throw' inside 'finally' block. Idea: eights part of idea violations. MT mode: Intelllij inspection violations. Split
8.003 Jul 2017 02:25 minor feature: Api changes: make getAcceptableTokens/getRequiredTokens/getDefaultTokens methods as abstract in Deprecate Checker.setClassloader, replace with Checker.setClassLoader. Remove deprecated Check class. CheckstyleAntTask: substitude setConfig(File) with setConfig(String). Remove deprecated getFilename menthod from FileContents. Rename STMT in BlockOption class to STATEMENT. Remove unnecessary text from Javadoc tokens. Cache conflict between Maven/Ant and Eclipse/CLI run. MethodCountCheck: add ANNOTATION_DEF to toknes to avoid NPE. Some messages are still hardcoded in english. MethodCountCheck: wrong counting with nested interface definition. Indentation: custom annotation not checked. Javadoc is not parsed correctly in files with only CR newlines. CLI Javadoc tree printing does not check placement of Javadoc. Javadoc parser: custom tags content should not be parsed as HTML. Pmd: all the remained. Localized UTs are not stable on Travis. Add since version to Checkstyle documentation. PMD violations for test code in Checkstyle. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in 'indentation' package. Use Spottool in our build process. Pmd: enable validation on IT java sources. Upgrade maven-pmd-plugin to version 3.8. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in imports package. Refactor Javadoc AST Tests. Pmd: JUnitAssertionsShouldIncludeMessage violations in test classes. Pmd: TestClassWithoutTestCases violations in test classes. Pmd: UselessOverridingMethod violations in test classes. Pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-utils profile to 100 . Refactoring: remove 'final' modifier from all arguments of method/c-tor at ImportControlCheck and around. Pmd: AppendCharacterWithChar violations in test classes. Pmd: InsufficientStringBufferDeclaration violations in test classes. Pmd: UncommentedEmptyMethodBody violations in test classes. Pmd: LoggerIsNotStaticFinal violations in test classes. Pmd: NcssMethodCount violations in
7.8.219 Jun 2017 03:18 minor feature: Simple name conflict of Checks from thirdparty checks will cause exception in run time. 3rd party root modules not finding by simple name. ASTs should be appended with comment nodes only when javadoc checks are present. ASTs shouldn't be walked if there are no corresponding types of checks. SummaryJavadoc: no violation on javadoc where '.' is used not as end of sentense. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in imports package. Unstable TreeWalkerTest during coverage execution. spelling: spelling of name McConnell. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-utils profile to 100 . Design a new format of suppression dtd schema to support XPath queries. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in modifier package. pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-checkstyle-common profile to 100 . pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-check-header profile to 100 ..
7.8.105 Jun 2017 05:25 minor feature: Problem with usage of third-party Check libraries and checkstyle 7.8. Pitest: increase mutation coverage for pitest-check-annotation profile to 100 . Pitest: create profile for non-checks code.
7.829 May 2017 11:05 minor feature: ImportControl: new strategyOnMismatch property to xml file structure. NoWhitespaceAfter: add support for method reference operator (new Acceptable token). LocalFinalVariableName: not validating try-with-resource variables (new Acceptable token). IllegalImport: new property illegalClasses to let blacklist certain classes import. ExplicitInitialization: new property 'onlyObjectReferences'. Javadoc parser: Package names should permit digits in their name. Expand exception violation when haltOnException is off. CacheFile: violation on external resource will invalidate entire cache even if no changes are made. RequireThis: False positive for lambda parameters. bump version for sevnu-checkstyle. publish all dtd schemas to sourceforge site automatically. Use reflection to load Checks base on checkstyle_packages.xml. upgrade maven-pmd-plugin to version 3.8. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in coding package. ImportControl: blacklist mode. Localized UTs are not stable on Travis. moved more variables inside if blocks to reduce execution. spelling: Improve grammar of usage.distance.extend. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in annotation package. Revert quot;Revert quot;config: bump maven-surefire-xxxxxx to 2.20 quot; due to unstable locale UTs #4316 quot. moved variables inside if blocks to reduce execution time. doc: add link to contributing instructions to Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in design package. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test. Wercker CI is unstable while cloning repositories. Revert quot;config: bump maven-surefire-xxxxxx to 2.20 quot; due to unstable locale UTs #4316. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for PackageName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for MemberName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for MethodName. move all dtd schemas to sourceforge site..
7.701 May 2017 18:45 minor feature: Ant: accept path in addition to fileset option. SeparatorWrap: add support for method reference operator. NoWhitespaceBefore: add support for method reference operator. RightCurlyCheck: add support for lambda. ParenPad: thinks precedence parens are a METHOD_CALL instead of an EXPR, new token TokenTypes.DOT should be supported. DefaultComesLast: new option skipIfLastAndSharedWithCase to raise violation if default doesn't share case. ClassDataAbstractionCoupling and ClassFanOutComplexity: property to exclude packages. ClassDataAbstractionCoupling : Add a excludeClassesRegexps property. NPathComplexity ignores multi-part boolean expressions. ArrayTrailingComma: Extra coma is required in multiline array value. EmptyBlock should process LITERAL_DEFAULT. Take quot;break quot; into consideration in FinalLocalVariable. RequireThis treats local variables as properties. Exception message not informative enough for users on incorrect parent. EmptyBlock: can't get violation from case token. RightCurly: False negative on multiblock tokens with ALONE_OR_SINGLELINE option. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for InterfaceTypeParameterName. ReturnCount: enforce max=1 over checkstyle code. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test in the blocks package. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for ClassTypeParameterName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for CatchParameterName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for ConstantName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for checks in coding package. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for SingleSpaceSeparator. new TeamCity violations. spelling: unify THIRDPARTY_PACKAGE into THIRD_PARTY_PACKAGE. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for NoLineWrap. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for OuterTypeNumber. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for ParentPad. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for StaticVariableName. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs
7.6.127 Mar 2017 18:05 minor feature: SummaryJavadoc: need special processing of inheritDoc tag. Indentation check fails for Line Wrapped Anonymous Inner Class with LCurly on newline. Regression false-positive FinalLocalVariable. ImportControlLoader does not InputStream and leaks filehandles when xml is malformed. RightCurly: ALONE option doen't work for a singleline IF. Test failed due to locale message settings. (with non-English locale settings). Control Characters are not skipped with google_checks config. WhitespaceAfterCheck: problem with multiline typecast. try to avoid non jdk runtime exceptions in code. README: broken link. Wrong German translation of declaration.order.access in Perform refactoring of AnnotationLocationCheck to increase code readability. google_checks: update to most recent version of style guide ( Feb 28, 2017 ). spelling: spelling and punctuation in comments (RightCurly). google_checks: update to most recent version of style guide (3 November 2016). NPath for empty block is 1. Add new setting in Beginning Development for IDEA docs. doc: typos in Travis PR validation messages. UTs should not use ROOT locale when they test violation/error message. wercker ci should have most of testing launches on real code to shorten time of Travis execution. Split and Organize Checkstyle inputs by Test for SeparatorWrap. doc: update documentation for usage of quot;period quot; property at SummaryJavadoc. spelling: corrected sentence. EmptyLineSeparator check not enforcing empty line after class def, enum def or interface def tokens. spelling: change 'suite' to 'suit'. WritingChecks: add documentation on java grammar. expand documentation on METHOD_REF token. circleci: provide ability to skip CI executions base on commit files. RequireThisCheck is not fully covered with UTs. spelling: typo in documentation. Code coverage is not working for certain classes in checkstyle. Travis faliure: quot;sonatype-nexus-staging not found quot; during release..
7.627 Feb 2017 18:45 minor feature: add allowEmptyCatches parameter to WhitespaceAroundCheck. NoWhitespaceBefore: Add support for varargs. Google style: allow single character variables. NPathComplexityCheck: set of tokens should not be customizable by user. DesignForExtension: order of annotations change violation. AbbreviationAsWordInName: confusing violation message. AbstractTypeAwareCheck when dealing with nested interfaces. IllegalTokenText in google_checks should not has BACKSPACE character. IndentationCheck: catch child indentation not checked. Indentation: Annotation with RParen on new line when followed by other annotations causes invalid expectation. Code coverage is not working for certain classes in checkstyle. ImportControl: improve xdoc documentation. reevaluate tokens in IllegalTokenText. reevaluate 'default' and 'case' in google config for EmptyBlock. reevaluate tokens in checkstyle config for NeedBraces. Config: forbid assert token by Illegal token Check. reevaluate tokens in google config for OperatorWrapCheck. contains funny (wrongly machine-translated) messages. config: Remove redundant and incorrect rules from import control configuration. travis should skip execution if configs of other CIs are changed. doc: Add notes on import control config for inner classes. Rename method in CheckUtil. wercker ci should have most of testing launches on real code to shorten time of Travis execution. Typo in website documentation for JavadocMethod. doc: Known API was added to reference #3810..
7.5.106 Feb 2017 02:25 minor feature: PackageObjectFactory hides real exception. RightCurly: handling of try-with-resources on several lines with CS 7.5. Add the Hibernate Search project to the Checkstyle CI..
7.531 Jan 2017 01:25 minor feature: ParameterName: deprecate 'scope' and 'excludeScope' properties, introduce new property 'accessModifiers'. Ant: Cannot override default Checker. ImportControl should have property which allows to validate specified file path. NullPointerException in AbstractHeaderCheck when cache file specified and no header file. RequireThisCheck doesn't see outer classes for anonymous classes. NPE on type parameter annotations for this. UnusedImports behaviour is different from documentation. Javadoc: Column number of DetailNode is always 0 for first line. FallThrough check doesn't correctly handle try-with-resources. RedundantModifier: no violation on final enum field methods. NPE in RightCurly with LITERAL_DO on do-while without curly braces. reevaluate tokens in google config for NeedBracesCheck. refactoring: RightCurlyCheck code expression. Verify tokens in google config. Verify tokens in checkstyle config. Strive for 100 mutation coverage. doc: typo in config_imports.xml. Investigate pitest tool. add pgjdbc project at NoErrorTest group of tests. use shippable CI in testing. doc: the escaping of AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharactersCheck's javadocs. use new checks and new properties from sevntu.checkstyle project. CI special phase to enforce 644 permissions on all files. create xdoc for FileContentsHolder. doc: incorrect documentation for SuppressWithNearbyCommentFilter. doc: how to generate sources after import project to IntelijIdea..
7.401 Jan 2017 05:05 minor feature: Support LITERAL_SYNCHRONIZED token for NoWhitespaceAfter Rule. google_checks.xml : NO space is allowed method method name and its arguments. Support more tokens in WhitespaceAfter check. Checker: option to allow printing exception as violation and continue execution. ImportControl: allow to load files from resources. NullPointerException when using NeedBraces with tokens LITERAL_CASE, LITERAL_DEFAULT. CustomImportOrder should check that import groups are separated by one line only. RightCurly was misconfigured in google_checks.xml for do-while blocks. keep a map of Check name and it package in source to avoid brute force load by PackageObjectFactory from all packages. Duplicated Checks in google_checks.xml config should have quot;id quot. skip unnecessary exception 'Severity not set, ignoring exception'. EmptyLineSeparator causing violation in ``. FinalLocalVariable should not to check multi-catch variables. ImportOrder: Check that import groups aren't separated internally. update documentation about getAcceptableTokens for javadoc Checks. update documentation for VariableDeclarationUsageDistance with allowedDistance = 0. Module term and usage is confusing in test area. Using the SPDX identifier for the license name. XDoc: extend validation to Checker and TreeWalker. travis: use standalone shell files. CustomImportControl bad document examples that could lead to false positive on 'special group'. Add new Sevntu checks and create UT for missing checks. repo files should not have execute permissions. use shippable CI in testing. 100 UT coverage for Set Load external DTD feature to be enabled. Modules and XDocs: change setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation (more 2). ImportControl: Deprecate 'url' property in favor of the 'file' property. Unexpected loss of coverage for Update refactoring to ImportControlCheck. ThreadLocal usage in single thre
7.326 Nov 2016 17:05 minor feature: Javadoc grammar: Delete child nodes in Javadoc TEXT node. Update Google style coverage to state of 12 July 2016. Modules and XDocs: changed setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation. CLI: Cannot override default Checker. ParameterNameCheck: new scope and excludeScope properties. google_checks.xml CustomImportOrder problem. GUI: Add support of DetailNode objects in CodeSelector. GUI: Inconsistency in AST structure for block-comments. Checker Cache not saving files that have suppressed violations. ImportOrder: checkstyle_checks.xml does not have separate quot;java quot; group. doc: broken link to file filters page. use ForbidAnnotationElementValueCheck from sevntu.checkstyle. Turn on Config Cache File Locally for Developers. document isCommentNodesRequired method in xdoc. Checkstyle tests should not require internet. doc: note was placed to TranslationCheck that it has problems with Checker cache..
7.231 Oct 2016 11:45 minor feature: DesignForExtension: consider overridable methods and javadoc. ImportControl: allow regex in subpackage elements. Allow WhitespaceAround for ARRAY_INIT token. Inconsistency in AST tructure for block-comments. Checker Cache invalidated falsely on load in second run due to external resources. Wrong warning from AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters. Add METHOD_REF to the list of valid tokens for OperatorCheck. DetailAST should invalidate childCount cache. DetailAST should invalidate its methods cache (aka lazy-load). Rename PkgControl to ImportControl. split Guard class into two. openjdk8/9 test code should be parseable by checkstyle. use shippable CI in testing..
7.1.202 Oct 2016 02:45 minor feature: Wrong order of quot;default quot; method modifier. EqualsHashCode: hashCode without equals is not a violation. Revert quot;Pull #3162: Update version of commons-collections to 3.2.2 to security vulnerability CVE-2015-6420 quot. Cut down on Checkstyle's dependencies on Guava. doc: the wording in javadoc for TrailingCommentCheck. doc: added missing slash to backport documentation url. doc: added links to cs backport jre6. Replace line-based suppressions with inline ones for Checkstyle's suppressions.xml. Update Checkstyle GUI in order to display Javadoc tokens. ForbidCertainImports config. use CyclomaticComplexity.switchBlockAsSingleDecisionPoint in checkstyle_checks.xml. SuppressCommentFilter not working with ClassDataAbstractionCoupling when specified on class. Resolve IntelijIdea inspection violations for java8. Replace Guava's Joiner with Java 8 native approach. grammar in templates. spelling: PR instructions, YOU -- gt; YOUR..
7.1.106 Sep 2016 14:05 minor feature: EqualsHashCode: hashCode without equals is not a violation. RedundantModifier : missed violations at interface and abstract class methods signatures with final parameters. Remove usage of System.out.println in IT resources. Flaws in German translation. Add NonDex tool to pom.xml and.travis.yml..
7.101 Aug 2016 12:05 minor feature: new CLI option: exclude directories. ImportOrder: make static imports ordering as in Eclipse. Indentation: incorrect expectation for wrapped arguments of chained calls. RedundantModifier: miss violation on extra final in try-with-resources. RequireThisCheck: false positive on static field. FinalLocalVariable: false positive when variable is assigned inside and outside switch-block. RequireThisCheck: NPE when surrounded by braces. IndentationCheckTest makes assumption about the order of HashMap. Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. Update releasenotes generation. Update releasenotes generation. Update doc: JavaDoc comments. Online docs: AST example for LITERAL_DO is missing the DO_WHILE node..
7.027 Jun 2016 23:05 minor feature: update checkstyle to jdk8 as runtime jdk. Modules and XDocs: changed setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation. VisibilityModifier: allow public final fields. Ability to differentiate annotation placement in for each loop from variable declaration. Java 8 Grammar: Parsing of explicit receiver parameters. Java 8 Grammar: annotation on throws types. Java 8 Grammar: annotation on generic type. CommentsIndentation : Check incorrect work with subsequent comments. CommentsIndentation : allow upper comments for following block at multi-block structures. CommentsIndentation : false-positive in empty array declarations. CommentsIndentation: false-positive when a singleline comment follows a block comment. RightCurly rule should properly enforce same rule for LITERAL_DO. Proper support for generics in visibility modifier check. Indentation: incorrect validation for imports and package. Indentation: remove requirement right curlies to be first on line. doc: checkstyle download url. Reduce the number of tasks performed by Travis CI. Cut down on Checkstyle's dependencies on Guava. doc: update for AnnotationLocation examples to be more exact. 6 tests in Checkstyle master branch fail at clean Ubuntu 14.04 Docker container (Java 8, Maven 3). Avoid catching of InvalidPathException and AccessDeniedException in PropertyCacheFile#persist. Review all French translations. Improve French translation for annotations warnings. Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. corrected alphabetical order of the checks. CommitValidationTest.testCommitMessageHasSingleLine to support github default format. XDoc Config: create unit test to verify property types and default values..
6.1930 May 2016 09:45 minor feature: aligned setters with String collection fields and broke old compatibility. new Check: SingleSpaceSeparator. ReturnCount: special option for methods with void return type. new CLI argument: provide abililty to show delevel of logs from checkstyle code. cache usage in presence of filters. CLI Javadoc tree printer doesn't show errors. Block Comments: CR lines not handled the same as LF lines. IllegalTokenTextCheck and IllegalTokenCheck does not work with COMMENT_CONTENT token. Indentation: throwsIndent should configure indentation of `throws` on next line. UnusedImports: value javadoc tag does not reference imports. FileContents confused about number of lines in comment separated by ' r'. Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. XDoc Config: create unit test to verify property types and default values. Some PullRequests validation for commit mesage miss some cases. AnnotationLocation: unclear behavior when annotation is among modifiers. Documentation for ANT property config is incorrect. Sevntu CS not running on all CS code. Update version of commons-collections to 3.2.2(from 3.2.1) to security vulnerability CVE-2015-6420. doc: Indentation property description become worded in the same way..
6.1803 May 2016 05:45 minor feature: Make CLI option to print full parsing tree (java + comments + javadoc comments). Add the ability to validate language codes by TranslationCheck. EmptyLineSeparator to check empty lines inside methods. NullPointerException in FinalLocalVariableCheck with Lambdas. Serious performance problem in All Javadoc Check that are based on ANTLR parser. CommentsIndentation Check - False Positive at End-of-Method. Indentation: line wrap hanlding. Indentation module regression in 6.16 and 6.17. NPE in AnnotationLocationCheck.hasAnnotations. Execution of checkstyle audit failed caused by inherited javadoc tag. AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters: Tail comment check failed if there's tabs before tail comment. FinalLocalVariable: false positive when variable is assigned multiple times. Support for LAMDA token in WhitespaceAround check. maven-site-plugin:3.5 has problem to build our website. RegexpOnFilename example from documentation does not work on checkstyle source. Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. IndentationCheckTest: 'exp' in input files are out of sync with test. Some redundant messages. doc: added Codacy to the list of active tools. all for Java found by Codacy static analysis tool. Use Distelli CI for testing of Javadoc Checks. doc: DesignForExtension documentation is extended to warn user about possible misusage of this Check. Fund raising pages for checkstyle. Use DatatypeConverter#printHexBinary to convert byte array to hex String in PropertyCacheFile. SSLHandshakeException exception during linkcheck-maven-plugin. Speed up google_check validation test. Strive for 100 line coverage for java grammar..
6.1726 Mar 2016 03:05 minor feature: Add 'baseName' option and remove 'basenameSeparator' option of TranslationCheck. Make CLI option to be able to print Javadoc tree as plain text. java9: try structure is not parsable when only name is used. All messages translated to Chinese. RequireThis: new option validateOnlyOverlapping. Bad german translation of summary.first.sentence. Ignored file extensions will output unterminated lt;file gt; tags in XML. NPE when running CS with cache with Maven plugin using NewlineAtEndOfFile. Exception when using method reference in lamba quot;Class lt;? gt; ::new quot. ClassNotFoundException when using inherited exception. doc: extending Rationale of NewlineAtEndOfFile with example. Fund raising pages for checkstyle. java8: Create compilable test inputs with all possible cases for method references. upgrade equalsverifier to version 2.0. remove dependency to commons-lang3 library. reenable two sevntu checks. Use Collections.addAll() instead of adding elements individually. Make coverage 100 for all classes at package Localed UTs are failing at CheckstyleAntTaskTest.testXmlOutput. Strive for 100 line coverage for java grammar..
6.16.104 Mar 2016 03:17 minor feature: TokenTypes compatibility problems between 6.15 and 6.16. Allow JUnit ClassRule to be public. FinalParameters should not warn for non-final parameters of native methods. Revert quot;: removed unused FLOAT_SUFfrom java.g quot. all rows in coerage table google_style.html shoudl have anchor. Strive for 100 line coverage for java grammar..
6.1629 Feb 2016 13:25 minor feature: Move Treewalker cache to Checker. Make CLI option to be able to print Javadoc tree as plain text. copy Check class to AbstractCheck class to let deprecate Check class. Print parse tree from CLI to terminal. Skip type annotations from validation of ModifierOrderCheck. Probable typo in Indentation check reports some incorrect indentation levels on errors. 6.15 complains about missing @return tag in a overridden method. Nesting Checks in each other in config does not produce any error. Forbid multiple violation for the same line in IndentaitonCheck. LeftCurly not working correctly with lambdas. Duplicate error message for static final field in DeclarationOrder check. Translation Check: wrong support for resources with language, country, variant. Checkstyle internal exceptions lack contextual information. Changed semantics of PropertyExpander. Indentation properties not applied properly to lambdas. VisibilityModifier.allowPublicImmutableFields should allow public immutable fields in enums. FinalClass is over aggressive when extending happen inside class. WhitespaceAround should have an option allow double-brace initialization. Exception when using method reference in lamba quot;Class lt;? gt; ::new quot. Wasted disk access. JavadocType doesn't report unused param tag. DeclarationOrder check enforces order that is not possible. Tabs are wrongly handled in Indentation check when line is wrapped. custom javadoc inline tags cause parse error. JavadocStyleCheck: String index out of range: -1. Strive for 100 line coverage for java grammar. Refactor Comments AST Test. doc: example to checkstyle's Ant configuration was added to anttask.html. Travis: add xwiki project to regeression testing. PMD: resolve problems from DefaultPackage rule. doc: Improve javadoc of parameters of AnnotationLocationCheck. java8 compilation broblems in Inputs. Create web-page with instructions: how to create Javadoc Check. PMD ExceptionA
6.1501 Feb 2016 10:45 minor feature: new Check: RegexpOnFilename. SuppressionFilter: new option 'optional' to allow skip SuppressionFilter if config file does not exist. Add possibility to specify a unique ID to all Regexp checks. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Indentation check. AbstractJavadocCheck should process only doc comments placed before class, interface, constructor, method, or field declarations. SummaryJavadoc: false quot;end with a period quot; reports when inheritDoc is used. JavadocMethod: allowedAnnotations hides bad javadocs. FinalLocalVariable doesn't report variable when condition separates 2 assignments. Config of Google Style does not include InterfaceTypeParameterName check. Indentation on annotation parameters is wrong. OneStatementPerLine check and lambda expression. Gui should have a splitter bettween tree and code and prefered columns size. RequireThis reports false-positive when an instance method is overloaded with a static one. Add checkstyle messages to xdocs. Setup 'Circle CI' to run checkstyle-tester project on JDK sources. Enforce Checks of sevntu.checkstyle (released version) over Checkstyle source code. Use Codeship CI for testing. Refactor gui package. doc: Add sbt-checkstyle-plugin to list of active tools..
6.14.101 Jan 2016 22:05 minor feature: JavaNCSSCheck: unknown format type: numero inteiro. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in getCheckShortName method of AuditEventDefaultFormatter. spelling: typo in AuditEventFormatter class name..
6.1303 Dec 2015 06:25 minor feature: Remove access to undocumented check properties. ParameterName: new option to skip methods with Override annotation. False negative in RequireThis check. Checkstyle throws NumberFormatException on Japanese locale when sizes and metrics Checks are used. EmptyLineSeparator check does not validate newlines before class and after last method. FallThroughCheck handles finally incorrectly. EqualsAvoidNull check should #x441;heck String concatenations. minor: remove maven-failsafe-plugin from linkcheck excludes, since link was. minor: build-helper-maven-plugin version bump to 1.10. adjust AbbreviationAsWordInName in checkstyle_checks.xml to catch unexpected abbreviations. additional reported by IntelliJ IDEA inspections in Checkstyle code. minor: improper put that should be get. Code review of Remove drag amp;drop from GUI. create HTML web page to describe how to open against Checkstyle. Pull #2607: Update JGit to Pull #2605: Make methods private in RequireThisCheck. Tests for validating commit message should not allow period at the end of commit message. doc: Correct xdoc/javadoc for ParameterNameCheck. unify IT test code. minor: separated tests so one subject per file. Deactivate 'allowSamelineSingleParameterlessAnnotation' property of AnnotationLocation in Checkstyle config. Create test for checkstyle-X.X-all.jar on Travis. Pull #2586: Update slf4j-simple to 1.7.13. Pull #2585: Update FindMaven Plugin to 3.0.3. PMD: resolve problems from DefaultPackage rule. minor: wrong variable usage in AbstractOptionCheck. Remove usage of System.out.println in IT resources. Unify naming of all files with IT inputs. UT to validate google/sun style xdocs. Unify naming of all files with test inputs. spelling: strange japanese. Improve documentation for CovariantEquals check..
6.12.106 Nov 2015 18:25 minor feature: ParameterName: Add 'ignoreOverridden' option to skip methods with @Override annotation. RedundantModifier at final methods in anonymous class. Performance-Optimization: Do not recompile Pattern for each file/line. Skipping validation for non empty classes when allowEmptyTypes is true. NeedBraces: allow no body loops. Make 'processJavadoc' property 'true' by default. Spelling: strange japanese. Removed excess hierarchy from several Checks. Deprecated AbstractIllegalCheck. Removed xdoc google style links to master. Removed xdoc links to master. Added xdoc example url validation. Added xdoc check order validation, all xdoc are sorted. Validate existence of config file sooner. Reorganized checkstyle_checks.xml. Describe token sets in 'writing checks' section in xdoc. Update System Rules to 1.13.0..
6.1202 Nov 2015 09:05 minor feature: CommentsIndentationCheck doesn't report errors at end of block. NoWhitespaceAfterCheck. NPE in EqualsAvoidNull check. FinalLocalVariable false-negative. Exclude lines with package in LineLength check. NPE in NeedBraces.isSingleLineFor. JavaDocMethod: Exception thrown for incomplete @return tag if next line is empty. reusability of JavaDoc checks. blank line indentification for EmptyLineSeparator check. Support for @SuppressWarnings( quot;all quot;). Make SuppressWarningsFilter case-insensitive. NPE in ModifiedControlVariable on SuppressWarnings. Do not recognize '//' as valid Javadoc. Make JavadocType check customizable by list of tokens. FALSE positive in JavadocStyle check on inheritDoc tag. Ignore missing Javadoc for 'serialVersionUID' fields. Exclude lines with imports in LineLength check. IllegalTypeCheck, requiredTokens is set to IMPORT only. CLI should print a file name where exception is happen. LeftCurly: add Anonymous class to allowed tokens. Deploy snapshots versions in CI. require all filters appear in checkstyle_checks.xml. removed xdoc of CustomImportOrder.samePackageMatchingDepth. added xdoc check validation. Run CheckStyle on Full Test Directory. invalid xml examples in xdocs. flush audit outputs sooner. unify test input locations for whole project. removed excess hierarchy from few Check. Bunch of refactoring and code optimizarion. Update list of missing tools. Sonarqube found problems in Checkstyle. Replaced outdated link for bamboo-checkstyle-plugin. forbiddenapis' plugin added to maven config. Update list of related Tools. skip all analysers during deploy. usage of error-prone plugin is commented out till problems with Eclipse resovled. Inconvenience to deUTs after recent changes in BaseCheckTestSupport. PMD violations for ShortVariable rule. PMD violations PreserveStackTrace. PMD violations EmptyMethodInAbstractClassShouldBeAbstract. PMD violation ConfusingTernary. rename CheckUtils.isVoidMethod to isNonVoidMethod. Decrease visibility of package
6.11.209 Oct 2015 11:05 minor feature: Make ConfigurationLoader.loadConfiguration public. Create UT to check that all checkstyle modules have xdocs. Split config.html into few pages. Create xdoc documentation for FileContentsHolder. Add GENERIC_START and GENERIC_END into list of acceptable tokens in xdocs of NoWhiteSpaceAfter and WhiteSpaceAround. Add COMMA into list of acceptable tokens in xdocs of NoWhiteSpaceBefore. minor refactoring, helper method was added. jgit resource leaks in commit validation. Ilja Dubinin was added as developer. Add WILDCARD_TYPE into list of acceptable tokens in xdocs of WhitespaceAround..
6.11.105 Oct 2015 06:45 minor feature: Add lambda support to indentation check. Coverage has been increased to 100 in 'checks' package. Resolve Doxia Site Renderer warnings. Update plexus-compiler-javac-errorprone to 2.6. Update JGit to release failure due to unknown Javadoc tag..
6.1128 Sep 2015 20:05 minor feature: Restore 'url' option for ImportControl. New option 'requiredTranslations' to Translation check. New option 'switchBlockAsSingleDecisionPoint' for CyclomaticComplexityCheck. java grammar for unicode escape. Add basic thread-safety to Javadoc checks. NPE in FinalLocalVariableCheck. NoWhitespaceAfter, NoWhitespaceBefore and WhitespaceAround don't support GENERIC_START nor GENERIC_END tokens. Add support of lambdas which parameter types are omitted for HiddenFieldCheck. RedundantModifier check at final classes in interfaces. Print missing cause of exception to console on error. not working excludeScope in JavadocMethod check. RedundantModifier check to recognise inner classes accessible from global scope. CustomImportOrderCheck rule priorities. false negative in AtclauseOrder check. IllegalStateException in JavadocTypeCheck. Allow COMMA again in NoWhiteSpaceBefore. HiddenField false positive violations for anonymous classes. Added support of logging severity for all audit events. Allow @return tags from annotation types. redundant modifier false positive for abstract classes in interfaces. Ignore classes nested in interaces or annotations in Final Class Check. Detect nested enums marked as static in RedundantModifier check. NPE in MutableExceptionCheck.isExtendedClassNamedAsException. Change message in SummaryJavadocCheck. Update HTML documentation to describe all options for all checks. Make link for each row of Google style coverage table. Add docs about while idiom to InnerAssignment check. additional reported by IntelliJ IDEA inspections in Checkstyle code. SuppressionsLoaderTest UT was stabilized. ROOT locale added in checker creation for UT; travis updated with a new check. Update Error Prone to 2.0.5. Add quot;Input quot; preto test input files. Create MacOS matrix item for Travic-CI. POM still references repo. Make coverage 100 for TokenTypesDoclet. Make coverage 100 for all classes at package Use Sta
6.910 Aug 2015 10:25 minor feature: Change default value of property quot;format quot; to quot; Abstract.* quot; in, New option for, Fixed NPE in MultipleVariableDeclarationsCheck Issue. Added column number into violation messages for RightCurlyCheck and LeftCurlyCheck. Fix BooleanExpressionComplexity check violations in Checkstyle code. Add new option for RightCurlyCheck. Updated configuration for Eclipse Mars in xdoc. updated Xdoc and Javadoc for ImportOrder and CustomImportOrder. Remove from dependecies deprecated jar commons-beanutils-core.jar. RedundantModifier for inner classes and enum constructors. Add missing xdocs for allowMultipleEmptyLines property of EmptyLineSeparatorCheck. Add setter for 'ignoreEnums' in LeftCurlyCheck. JavadocType does not check parameters in inner classes. ImportOrderCheck. Fix separation for static imports. Fix for SuperClone and SuperFinalize checks reporting violations on native methods. Fix FallThroughCheck fails on if with no else. fix JavadocParagraph allows new line before the next paragraph. Fix RegexpHeader causing exception with default config. Fix OneStatementPerLine on multiple field initialization bug. extend target list fo SuppressWarningsHolder. provide human message for SuppressWarningsHolder. Raising exception for CustomImportOrder.SAME_PACKAGE. Enable CustomImportOrder. Add UniquePropertiesCheck into checkstyle_checks.xml. Refactoring of FinalLocalVariableCheck to avoid 'fall through' violation. Add Organize Imports instructions to site. Fixed compilation error for CustomImportOrder input file. ImportOrder enabled in configuration. Number of updates for. Fixed incorrect Google Java Style links. Refactoring of RightCurlyCheck. Apply various improvements over Checkstyle test code. Apply various improvements over Checkstyle code. Remove unnecessary consecutive lines in Checkstyle code. Fix some SonarQube violations. Enable NonEmptyAtclauseDescription check on Checkstyle code. fix for UTs on Windows7 and do not conflict with WindowsServer. Investigate
6.8.105 Jul 2015 07:05 minor feature: Cannot use config file bundled in jar. NullPointerException at java.util.regex.Pattern from StackOverflow at java.util.regex.. StackOverflow in RightCurly: Curly brace ' ' should be on line by itself not reported for method with annotation..
6.830 Jun 2015 18:05 minor feature: Detect only label as illegal token in, Add possibility to configure targets for, Set default value of max property to 4 for, Restoring method FileContents.getFileName() to keep backward compatibility for some time. Rename CheckStyleTask to CheckstyleAntTask, Rename and move Remove AnnotationUtility and ScopeUtils from API package. New option for correction of parsing of attributes in, Replace hardcoded message in, Solution to wrong variable reported because of name shadowing in, Clarify misleading command line tool (CLI) output. solution to CLI fails when it could not find output file. Fixed exception in, Solution to quot;Incorrect config file cause CLI finish with error but no output with details quot; solves #1180. Fix exception in, Fix value pair representation in, Do not generate violation for empty, Fix exception in. gitignore with Eclipse's.externalToolBuilders and.checkstyle from Checkstyle CS Eclipse Plug-in. 100 test coverage for Fix empty html pages for extending Checkstyle and style configurations. move non-compilable input to resources-noncompilable. Minor update in, PMD violations: UncommentedEmptyMethod, EmptyMethodInAbstractClassShouldBeAbstract, AbstractNaming. Fix violation of EmptyStatement, UncommentedMain, AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters, AbbreviationAsWordInName Checks in Checkstyle code. Ineffective suppressions are removed from checkstyle's configs. Checking existance of config file before processing target file. Changed Integration Tests to use /src/it/. Updated description for UnusedImports, RedundantImport, Change quot;Beginning Development quot; page to reference JDK1.8. UT coverage for RedundantImport. AvoidStarImportCheck check, Added UTs for getAcceptableTokens() and getRequiredTokens(). CyclomaticComplexity applied with level 11. NPathComplexity: extend documentation to make clear how it works, suppression rules for NPathComplexity. Content section was added to e
6.701 Jun 2015 09:45 minor feature: Remove FastStack from API. Util classes should be moved out of api package. method TreeWalker.setClassloader() was renamed to TreeWalker.setClassLoader() with deprecation of old method. New quot;ignorePrivateMethods quot; property for, New quot;crlf quot; option for lineSeparator property in, Make message-based checks invariant to Locale. Fix no possibility to set English language explicitly in config. Do not verify overriding methods in, Fix, Fix, Add support for canonical class names in, Fix, Fix equals and hashCode in SuppressionFilter, SuppressElement, IntRangeFilter, LocalizedMessage and remove obsolete toString. Add quot;/ quot; quot;+ quot; and quot;- quot; to list of allowed tokens in, Extend, Fix exception in, Fix exception in, Magic Number annotation detection enhanced for arbitrary parent nodes in, Improve standard package regexp for, Fix NPE in, Include enums in, Fix parsing of allowedAnnotations property in, Change location of left curly braces to end of line. Make coverage 100 for all classes at package 100 test coverage for removing dead code and refactoring in, Replace deprecated PosixParser with DefaultParser. remove dead code from, remove dead code from, Make tests of Main class platform independent. removing abandoned test input files. Fix typos. Fix PMD violations for number of rules. Enable multiple Checkstyle checks on Checkstyle codebase. Update commons-cli to 1.3. Update wagon-ssh to 2.9. Update maven-assembly-plugin to 2.5.4. Update cobertura-maven-plugin to 2.7. Complete descriptions in checks index. Remove obsolete space from general error message. Add missing space in error message for, resolving Findbugs violation:, huge refactoring for CLI Main class. Option allowPublicFinalFields does not exist in.
6.627 Apr 2015 17:05 major feature: New option for MagicNumber to ignore magic numbers in field declarations. New option for ModifiedControlVariable Check to ignore validation of variables defined in for which are not change in for iterator part. Extend LeftCurly check to verify static initializers. Extend EmptyBlock check to verify synchronized blocks. Fix generics with arrays handling in NoWhitespaceAfter. Fix upper/lower case conversation, enhance tests . Introduce new handler SynchronizedHandler for checking identation. added validation for header in setHeader in to provide better feedback when an invalid Pattern is specified. Delete System.exit() and delegate exit control into separate method. Repair ignored test. Fix AnnotationLocation violation in Checkstyle codebase. Fix AvoidStaticImport check violations in codebase. Fix AtclauseOrder check violations in codebase. Resolve Javadoc problems found by Checkstyle. Replace all occurrences of FastStack with ArrayDeque. Fix PMD violations from numerous ruleset in Checkstyle. Fix PMD violations from numerous ruleset in Checkstyle. Update Apache Commons Lang to 3.4. Use use Java 7 instead of custom logic for relative paths. Add test for non existing cache file. Use entrySet iterator to fix FindBugs violations. Integrate Gitter with Checkstyle. Resolve some problems in Javadoc reported by Java 8. Disable Findbugs for 'grammars' package. Update Maven Compiler Plugin to 3.3. Update FindBugs Maven Plugin to 3.0.1. Update Maven Javadoc Plugin to 2.10.3. Use SVG badge for all TODO/FIXME were removed , some of them converted to issues . all findbugs validation rules are activated. .
6.529 Mar 2015 07:25 minor feature: Class checkstyle.api.Utils was moved to checkstyle.Utils. New sortStaticImportsAlphabetically property for ImportOrder check that allows alphabetical grouping order in static group. New allowSingleLineStatement property for NeedBraces check to allow one-line statements. New ignoreAnnotationCanonicalNames property for VisibilityModifier check, to ignore fields with particular annotations. New validateEnhancedForLoopVariable property for FinalLocalVariable check to enforce final variables in for each clause. CustomImportOrder checks import sorting according to ASCII order instead of case-insensitive alphabetical order. Fix failing EmptyLineSeparator check on multiple imports or fields. Fix ignoreSetter property of HiddenField not working for one letter fields. Token WILDCARD_TYPE was added to WhitespaceAround check. SuppressionCommentFilter does not suppress StrictDuplicateCode warnings. AnnotationsUseStyle yields warning on quot;( ) quot; of Array types. Fix bug with lambda params in FinalLocalVariable check. Final Local Variable Check, extended acceptable tokens. Add support of logging severity for all audit events. Fix typo in violation message of ModifierOrder check. Add anchors to sections. Extended guide for newbies. Remove printStackTrace(...) from whole code. Move content from available_checks.html to checks.html. EmptyCatchBlock check, updated docs. Add post field for mailing lists. Automate Code Coverage Validation. Update all Maven plugins to latest versions. Resolve all violations that were found by default PMD maven plugin rule sets. Add maven-project-info-reports-plugin to POM. Several fixes for problems found by Findbugs. Add OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrder to Available Checks page. Add test to verify that all checks are present on website. Remove deprecated getLines() methods from Utils. Deprecate FastStack and replace it with ArrayDeque. Huge amount of refactoring and improvements, some of them without issue reference. Use Guava Closeables to manage
6.4.105 Mar 2015 18:25 minor feature: Visibility Modifier Check, updated option setter. Generic Whitespace Check, updated method references processing. Hidden Field Check, updated docs for 'ignoreFormat' option. Clarified all Indentation Input files for certain expected values. Update of maven plugins. Fix incorrect author anf typos in release notes for issue.
6.401 Mar 2015 13:05 minor feature: New Check: Empty Catch Block Check for Google Style Guide. New option for Visibility Modifier Check, to allow public immutable fields. Added support of Windows line separator to Javadoc parser. Fixed UTs. Fix NPE when setting classpath field. Illegal Type Check, updated memberModifiers option setting. Boolean Expression Complexity Check, fixed NPE. Final Local Variable Check, fixed false-positive. Abstract Class Name Check, updated default regex. Empty Line Separator Check, fixed Exception if file doesn't have header. BooleanExpressionComplexity misidentifies integer expression as boolean expression. Fixed typo in 'ignoreOverriden' property of IllegalThrowsCheck. Annotation Location Check, extended typo fixing. Javadoc comments for JAVADOC_TAG and JAVADOC_INLINE_TAG related nodes. Linkcheck report, fixed errors. Refactored UTs. Site: feeds icons were added. TreeWalker update, added logging warning if AcceptableTokens are broken. Acceptable tokens are specified for all checks. Suppression Comment Filter, extended docs for messageFormat option. Site: moved 'Extending Checkstyle' to Developers groups. Update some maven plugin in pom.xml. Reformat and fix example for AnnotationUseStyle. Require at least Maven 3.0.1 to build Checkstyle. Site: moved 'Extending Checkstyle' to Developers groups, issue #606. Replace `StringBuffer` with `StringBuilder` to improve performance. Repair typos in UniqueProperties description. Replace verbose type arguments with diamond type. Fix for typos in documentation. Use Collections.addAll() instead of adding elements individually. Added missed @Test annotation on test-case 'IndentationCheckTest.testMethodCallLineWrap'. IndentationCheck. Refactoring: got rid of anonymous classes. Fix table display. In config_whitespace, a comma was incorrectly replaced with a period. Update config links in Google Style html page.
6.303 Feb 2015 13:25 minor feature: New option to HiddenField, to skip builder methods - setterCanReturnItsClass. New option to Checker and TreeWalker to specify file extensions. New option to Empty Line Separator Check, for managing empty lines between class members. New option to Indentation to avoid C style. New option to Illegal Throws Check due to twitter custom checks. New option to Javadoc Method Name Check - ignore method name regex. New option to Illegal Type Check to control valiadtion baseon modifiers - memberModifiers, updated default illegal types. Extended Method Name Check to ignore overriden methods. Allow basedir property of Checker module to be set to NULL. Custom Import Order Check, third-party package meaning is adjusted. Final Local Variable Check, fixed false-positive. Illegal Type Check, fixed false positives on same file names, added support of analyzing imports. Suppress Warnings Holder - fixed throwing exception if annotation uses constant value. No Whitespace After Check, fixed NPE, fixed false-positives at multidimensional arrays. message is extended according to google/guava/issues/1891. Annotation Location Check, fixed typo in property name. Code examples of filters' usage. Changes to checkstyle's configuration for Checkstyle (Prefixes are removed, indentation for SWITCH block is changed). Custom Import Order Check, rewrote compare method. Switched Checkstyle and all resources to UTF-8 encoding. Logging of exceptions to console. Got rid of javadoc warning. Resolved maven compilation warnings. Refactored tests from blocks package. Turn on -r recursive by default in CLI. Fixes for suppression examples. Repair Sonarqube problems found in Checkstyle.
6.229 Dec 2014 11:45 minor feature: Serious compatibility problems with versions 5.9, 6.0 and 6.1 . Added basenameSeparator configuration option for TranslationCheck. Added google and sun configs to jar. Added UT for lambda expressions for InnerAssignmentCheck. Build and install the tests jar artifact. Final Local Variable Check, fixed false-positive - native method's param should be declared final. Final Parameters Check, added option allows ignoring primitive types as params. Unsatisfiable Indentation module scenario with difficult annotations. Fixed false-positive in GenericWhitespaceCheck. Fix InnerAssignment check for lambda expressions. Generic Whitespace Check, fixed bug - ' gt;' is followed by an illegal character. InnerTypeLast within methods. AnnotationUseStyle closingParens check failed. RequireThis triggers when try-with-resources defines resource with same name as method. NullPointerException with SuppressWarningsHolder and enum fields. ParameterNumber check option to ignore methods with an @Override. MutableException check requires class to explicitly extend some other class. Need Braces, added option which allows one line if-statements without braces. Redundant Modifier Check fixed bug with warning on final variables in default methods. Redundant Modifier Check, fixed false-positive Redundant modifier final error for @SafeVarargs method. Summary Javadoc Check, added 'specify period' option. Suppress Warnings Check, annotation param in constant. Suppress Warnings Check, annotation param in constant. Checkstyle is switched to jdk7. Abstract Aware Type Check marked as deprecated, removed Redundant Throws Check. JUnitTestCaseCheck was removed from Checkstyle. Remove StrictDuplicateCodeCheck and whole package. removing ignoreDirectoryName option from PackageDeclarationCheck. All UTs Inputs are now compilable. Fix for typos in documentation, fixes for Sonar violations, pom formatting, latest JUnit 4.12, .... . New maven profile quot;assembly quot; for quick buil
6.1.130 Nov 2014 00:25 minor feature: Generics in postfix expression before method referencec can be parsed now. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if Indentation and FileContentsFolder are enabled. Create ParseErrorMessage if error message is null during Javadoc parsing. Added to all identifier definitions at javadoc grammar. Fixed NumberFormatException while logging in AbstractJavadocCheck. Indentation check fails for switch statements. v CLI flag for querying the installed Checkstyle version. Checkstyle logo was changed.
6.115 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: Huge performance optimization for JavaDoc parsing. In scope of issue , quot;FileContents.getLines() quot; performance fix. Fix for MultiMap empty collections garbage. Preformance fix for RegexpCheck. Removing unnecessary char copying to reduce GC-pressure. Using BitSet for indent levels for performance. Various documentation/spelling issues with AnnotationLocationCheck. Multidimensional arrays can be parsed now. AnnotationLocationCheck, package location was chaged, one option was renamed.
6.024 Oct 2014 03:15 minor feature: Support of single-line and block comments in parse tree. ANTLR4 grammar for parsing Javadoc comments. AnnotationLocationCheck. AtclauseOrderCheck. JavadocParagraph. JavadocTagContinuationIndentation. SingleLineJavadocCheck. NonEmptyAtclauseDescriptionCheck. Update for existing JavadocMethodCheck to satisfy Google's style requirements. All binaries are now compiled by Jdk6. Jdk5 is not supported any more.
5.918 Oct 2014 10:05 minor bugfix: Support of Java8 syntax. Enourmous update on Indentation Check. Fixed IllegalInstantiationCheck, so it won't recognize a constructor reference (Java8) as instantiation. Since Java 8 we can have methods body in interfaces.Default modifier has been added to modifier list. Fixed bug in DefaultComesLast check. Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in CustomImportOrderCheck.