Flowblade is a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL 3 license. Flowblade is designed to provide a fast, precise and robust editing experience. Flowblade employs a film-style insert editing model as workflow. In insert editing clips are generally placed tightly after other clips when they are inserted on the timeline. Edits are fine tuned by trimming in and out points of clips or by cutting and deleting parts of clips. Flowblade provides powerful tools to mix and filter video and audio.

Tags multimedia video non-linear-editor artistic-software linux python gtk
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases Apr 2024 12:30 minor feature: Fix monitors size detection for multiple monitors.
2.1429 Mar 2024 15:02 minor feature: Dec 2023 14:46 minor feature:
2.1204 Dec 2023 04:52 minor feature: ate: November 29, 2023 With Flowblade 2.12 we are getting a couple of important structural updates such as Data Stores feature and the possiblity to use up to 21 tracks in a Sequence. DATA STORES: Users can now decide where project data such as proxie clips, container clip renders, thumbnails and audio levels is stored. Data location can be selected for each project individually, and project data can also be destroyd per project so that other projects are not affected. See documentation for more info. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TRACKS INCREASED TO 21: Flowblade has always avoided UX with free scrolling of Timeline in 2 dimensions. The rationale has been that this provides a more stable and maximally controllable view of the Timeline. This in turn has necessitated having a maximum a track count of 9. For 2.12 we added a paged and auto centered view of Timeline in the vertical dimension. This provides most of the stable view advantages of the previous approach, while simultaniously making it possible to increase the maximum number of tracks available to the user. FASTER PROXY RENDERING: It was pointed out that creating proxy files with the FFMPEG CLI application GPU rendering was much faster then Flowblade proxy rendering, even if GPU was used for rendering by Flowblade. The reason for this speed difference is the additional overhead necessery to support multitrack playback with arbitrary filtering and image and audio mixing that is required for video editor rendering. Proxies can now be rendered using FFMPEG CLI app if system supports GPU encoding. On testing we were getting 4-10x speed improvements with this approach. TOOLS AND CONFIGURATION REMOVAL: Flowblade no longer offers user configurable toolset for Timeline editing. The use cases of additional available tools are well covered with the default toolset and user configurable ordering of tools was longer considered an important feature. OTHER NEW FEATURES: New filters Unpremultiply, Grayscale Luminance, Copy Channel and Jul 2023 14:53 minor feature: Jul 2023 18:13 minor feature:
2.6.115 Oct 2020 03:15 minor feature: Flatpak: broken Jobs rendering - Proxy, SlowMotion, Reverse, Container Clips. Autosave with Control + S saves going into old autosave file.
2.606 Jul 2020 06:45 minor feature: Add Albano Battistella into translators list . container clips, clip replament happens for gmic. . Update README.md. . Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. . container clip work. . container clips work. . container clips, video enc. work. . Add jobs panel. . container clips - jobs display work. . container clips and gmic tool regression. Drop presets from G'Mic tool rendering options. . container clip work. . container clip work. . tline render cleanup - first working. . container clip work. . container clip work. . G'Mic container clip - alpha. . Remove test.py, it is not used. . container clip mlt xml, alpha. . container clips, gmicheadless.py to using ccrutils.py. . contaoner clips, gmicheadless.py - ccrutils.py 2. . Add Blender container clip. . Add two buttons go at start or end of the timeline. . contaoner clip blender work. . . . Add jep-fa as contributor. . container clip blender work. . container clip Blender work. . container clip Blender work. . container clips, Blender frames hit desk with edits, PoC. . container clips Blender work. . comment. Display Alt + I/O for going to mark in/out for all usecases, Shift + . . Add Alt + K shortcut to clear Mark In/Out. . Make possible to change render path in bathch render window. . Make range overwrite work with only tline Mark Out defined. . Jobs GUI updates, cancelling, auto open on add. . Add jobs completion messages. . jobs - rendering sequentially. . jobs single selection cancel, container clips disk cache management. . container clips - drop to unrendered media if rendered media missing . . Add disk cache size warning. . container clips - delete unneeded frames, GUI. container clips Blender prop editing work. . container clip blender - video clip. . Make NO_DECORATIONS default button style. . Blender container clip - creation progress GUI. . Blende container clip render abort and code cleanups. . Blender container clip GUI work. .
2.413 Dec 2019 09:45 minor feature: Remove all decode utfs from projectaction.py, assumption is that thes . More decode removals. . Misc. non-py3. . . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . Add files via upload. . print cleanup. . . . Merge branch 'master' into dvdlvr-patch-694-big-buttons. . . . Roll back prefs attribute name change. . Undefined name: IconSize.DND - Gtk.IconSize.DND. . Simplify testing with 'in'. . . . . . Make monitor tc infos pop better. . Media icons update, round rect and 0.5 opa outline. . Add keywords to label constructors. . Media icon touchup. . Middlebar. Middlebar whitespace touchup. . Make application give info when running from Flatpak. . Create creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Update creating_user_folder_bindings.md. . Make possible to render compound clip from non-active sequence. . Batch render window GUI touchup. . Small pn prev commit. . Autofollow compositor, new look. . Compositions mode work. . Create Sequence menu to cut down Edit and Project menus a bit. . Merge branch 'master' into comp2. . Compositing mode menu. . Kf editor copy/paste work. . Kayframe values copy/paste, first working. . Geom editors GUI update. . JKL playback new speed 1.8x, GUI. with cairo blending. . Drop compositor Dodge. . renderencoding: add h.264 proxy format. . . . py3 - rerendering proxies. . Comment. theme: override background-image from system theme. . theme: change selected_bg_color to something calmer. . theme: change assets to something calmer. . . . Comp2 work. . Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com
2.227 Aug 2019 03:15 minor feature: Delete fractal_5.pgm . Delete fractal_7.pgm. . Delete hatched_1.pgm. . Delete hatched_2.pgm. . Delete hourglass_1.pgm. . Delete mountains.pgm. . Delete radial-bars.pgm. . Delete rectangle_in_to_out.pgm. . Delete rectangle_out_to_in.pgm. . Delete sand.pgm. . Delete sphere.pgm. . Delete spiral2.pgm. . Delete spiral_abstract_1.pgm. . Unbound luma files #632. Delete bi-linear_x.pgm. . Delete spiral.pgm. . Delete spiral_big.pgm. . Delete spiral_medium.pgm. . Delete spiral_small.pgm. . Delete spots.pgm. . Delete square.pgm. . Delete square2-bars.pgm. . Delete square2.pgm. . Delete star_2.pgm. . Delete symmetric_clock.pgm. . Delete vertical_blinds_in_to_out.pgm. . Delete vertical_blinds_in_to_out_big.pgm. . Delete wipe_bottom_to_top.pgm. . Delete wipe_diagonal_1.pgm. . Delete wipe_diagonal_2.pgm. . Delete wipe_diagonal_3.pgm. . Delete wipe_diagonal_4.pgm. . Delete wipe_left_to_right.pgm. . Delete wipe_right_to_left.pgm. . Delete wipe_top_to_bottom.pgm. . luma files #632 2_. luma files #632 2_. Make ALT + N open next media item in monitor. . . . Failed attempt to create freeze frame media item. . xdg work. . xdg work. . xdg work, this will autoconvert you to XDG folders. . Rotomask initial commit. . Rotomask work. . Rotomask work. . Add Gradient Tint. . gmic lauching by removing rotomask import. . Mkae possible to create.dot for testing and failed XDG folders in us . . Remove some dead code. . Make Multitrim tool exit on empty click like other trims and remove r . . Make timeline autoexpand if possible when making track heights larger. . Add pref to loop clips in monitor, #623. . Add value snapping options in kftool. . kftool edit for all single value keyframab
2.005 Feb 2019 03:25 minor feature: Posbar GUI. image clip selected color. . Improve monitor switches and add tooltip. . MonitorTCDisplay to work with darker themes. . Make Bins names editable in treeview. . Tools tooltips dict. . Add Bin and Sequence items to application menu. . Tooltips work. . Tooltips for all confirmed tools. . New Insert and Move cursors. . insert icon pos on small tracks. . Tool tips update. . rename installdata. . . . . . Update README.md. . appdata: names, add more data. . appdata: remove tabs. . Comments. . Individual tooltips for GlassButtons. . Posbar marks GUI. New top row layout pref and cursor context. Add Flowblade theme selected color as default. . GMIC tool player buttons icons. . Make box selection and edit avalable as Move tool additional actions. . 2 panel GUI. Top level tooltips update. . Work on workflow preset info. . by removing lossless mpeg2 rendering. . Make filter kf editors update values on mouse release on timeline, #540. . Offer pref to switch mouse horizontal scroll direction, #499. . Add pref to NOT move to clip start on kf edit init. . Keep filter editors open on most edits #537. . Add multitrack ripple delete functionality. . . . Add files via upload. . Geom edits inputs text. Add files via upload. . Kill error bell because of Gt.Entry usage is just fine by us. . More height for geom editors on larger screens. . . . . . Out-of-clip key frame editing work. . Keyframe editor out-of-range keyframes GUI+editing done. . No more changing to default edit mode on media drop. . Work on kftool. . Work on kf tool. . kf tool, keyframe dragging works. . kf tool work. . Kf tool work. . Kf tool work. . Menu order and Insert cursor. Don't make non-active tool menu items non-sensitive. . Prettify fps GUI strings. . filter MLT version dropping code, bit of KF tool stuff. . MLT version filters dropping, a better. Kf tool menu actions done. . Kf tool frame 0 kf dragging. . Kf tool position drag. . Tone down sele
1.1601 Apr 2018 08:45 minor feature: Update RELEASE_NOTES.md . Update README.md. . Update INSTALLING.md. . Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. . Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. . Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. . Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. . Update README.md. . Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. . Comments. Add comments to project properties default values. . Mark as 1.15 dev version. . Add audio sync error infos to translations. . Add atomicfile module. . Add support for 'w' and 'wb' file modes in atomicfile. . Save project file using AtomicFileWriter. . Save using AtomicFileWriter in _save_changed_xml_file(). . Add additional exception handling to AtomicFileWriter __exit__(). . Alphabetize Flowblade imports in persistance.py. . Compositor autofollow and SDL2 work. . SDL2 some playback happening. . SDL 2, window sizes and referesh attempt. . more consumer SDL2 params. . Update ROADMAP.md. . Update ROADMAP.md. . Update ROADMAP.md. . Update ROADMAP.md. . Update ROADMAP.md. . . . version test...again. Maybe this time. . Add Reverse Luma Wipe, #446. . Update ROADMAP.md. . Auto follow work. . Auto follow, first working. . Add Playback panel to prefs window and move related items from Edit p . . Tline cursor sensitivity work. . Sens.. Tline sensitivity - Insert, Overwrite. . Tline sensitivity - Trim + cursor. Tline sensitivity - Box. . Tline sensitivity - Compositors, first working. . Cursor update, light theme. . Trim sensitive cursor. with file system configurations by JeanLucCoulon. . Create _template.md. . Update _template.md. . Update _template.md. . Update _template.md. . with batchrendering and unicode. . Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. . with ruler marks in 23.98 and fractional framerates. . Transition re-render work. . with sequence names unicodes. . Rerender single transition done. . Fades rerendering work. . remove test code. . Make G'MIC tool work with G'MIC version 2. . Tline frame scale. Single transition rerender info messages, first work
1.1405 Oct 2017 09:25 minor feature: sync. Titler drop shadow and outline features, first working. Import media items from another project feature, first working. Add Lossless FFv1 profile. 7. sync. Allow rendering to mkv container is matroska found, these have differ?. Add Window mode menu item. Change volume editor range to enable bringing volume up too. Import sequences GUI. Sequence import work. Translation related changes. Translation related changes. Import sequence - append, first working. Import sequence - insert, first working. Workon compound clips. interpret.xml and.mlt as video files. Default name for selection compound clip. Sequence compound clip feature. Google+ group link Markdown. Work on reverese clips. Reverse clips, first working. version mistake in readme. Work on audio sync and compound clips. Save compound clips in hidden render folder. Reverse order of SCOPE_MIX_VALUES so when Opacity is 0, things will b?. Copyright and github link fontsize increased to 10 for readablity. Audion sync work and + and - for timeline zooming. Convert github link into hyperlink. Separate names by comma. Change zoom in to key equal. Separate developer's names by comma. Update shortcuts dialog. contributers' name is now Center-justified. Translation Tab is in more harmony with other tabs. Correct top padding of the title in Translation Tab. Reactivate duplicate profiles by SvdB, profiles are looked-up des?. Update README.md. Make Range Overwrite 3 point edit work with In set on Timeline. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Add project_properties dict for misc persistent project properties. Allow shrinking timeline vertically when fewer than max tracks. Compositor Auto fades GUI. Clip Edit menu GUI. Allow user preferences for Fast Forward / Reverse speeds. Create flowblade.xml. Sample xml file. Files / Changes to handle shortcuts. Documentation for Shortcuts patch. Clip pop-up menu work. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. unicode
1.1219 Mar 2017 03:15 minor feature: Synchronized source codes (rev. 1408). Sync with r1440. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Update INSTALLING.md. Update README.md. Update README.md. Archlinux dependencies. depends header. Update INSTALLING.md. Update INSTALLING.md. Update INSTALLING.md. Update README.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Update ROADMAP.md. Add 'end' key support, for parity with 'home' key. Add text info for END key action. Add mouse scroll pref GUI. Add "Go To End" to Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. Add one more 'end' key handler to match 'home'. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Mouse scroll pref functionality. Update bin file count after deleting files. Add option to hide file extensions during import. Round FPS to whole numbers for NTSC time code. Changes to please deb package lintian warnings. Ripple Mode work and hide ext pref. Ripple Mode icons for light themes. Add comment to give on info on neeeded pref default values. Ripple Mode Trim, create needed data. Remove R action from app menu to enable using it when writing. Remove Ripple mode toggle action from Edit menu. Trim ripple overlay work. Ripple work. Ripple mode start frame bound. Ripple mode edit actions. Synchronized with origin. Updated and synchronized with. Updated and synchronized with the upstream repository. Updated Hungarian translation files (and.pot). Add AVFilters avfilter.zoompan avfilter.perspective avfilter.lenscorr?. Update README.md. Make key 3 and tool selector menu toggle trim ripple mode. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Ripple Trim. Repple Trim, make compositors move too. Overwrite Box Tool GUI and state changing. Box move work. Box move mouse move functionality. Box move selection box hit and tool state changing. Update Archlinux dependencies. Add AVFilters Color Channels Mixer. Merge branch 'master' of
1.1014 Dec 2016 03:15 minor feature: Update terminal version display. Timeline match frame work. Timeline match frame first working. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Update RELEASE_NOTES.md. Trim view ground work. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Trim view work. Trim view work. Trim view work. Trim view work. Trim view one roll first working. roll edit always initing to to side view after edit and some ?. Rool trim view work. Roll trim view work. Make trim view work with keyboard trimming. Slip trim view work. Slip trim edit view work. Make slip view update interactively. Trim view work, feature complete alpha. Trim View select menu added. maximize problems for small screen sizes. Work on filter stack arranging. Filter arrange work. Filter stack rearrange feature done. Monitor trim view modes done. Update KNOWN_.md. Update KNOWN_.md. Make Home key move display to timeline beginning. Update KNOWN_.md. Update KNOWN_.md. Add menu actions to turn all filters in timeline on/off. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Delete range action, v1. Tracks range delete done. Update track loack icon. Trim view. Simplify dark monitor insert icons. More icon simplifications. Middelebar development. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade. Middlebar testing. More icon. Middlebar buttons grouping update. Middlebar buttons re-grouping. Middlebar stuff and stop entering monitor trim view from audio tracks. Middlebar cont. Mmiddlebar cont. Shift to snap to X or Y in geom editors. Remember fade/transition lengths between dialog invocations. Make Media Icons display length at bottom and range at top. Make Media Relimker remember last folder and other. Add track activity actions to all tracks menu. New layout. monitor toprow indicator. Make Components Center middlebar layout available. Monitor new layout, first working. Show file name in media item tooltip, helps with. adding watermark dialog freeze. Tool integration establishing work. GMIC export, first w
1.808 Dec 2016 05:03 major feature: Main Features: Keyboard trimming with arrow keys; clip Snapping; clips display media thumbnails; EDL export is now available; G'MIC Film Emulation Filters; Hungarian translation; play/pause toggle with single button; play/pause toggle with single button; new anti-aliased the monitor control icons and modified the clear marks icon. Bugfixes and enhancements: "Change Project" functionality fixed, and works much better now; if first loaded media does not match current project profile, user is informed and given option to switch to matching profile; fix assoc file launch from e.g. Nautilus; improve missing rendered transition media overlap info; compositors can now move by dragging from middle too, not just edges; do gi.require() for Gtk and PangoCairo to silence warnings and specify Gtk+ 3; make MLT version detection work for two digit version number parts; fix adding media while in proxy mode; check and give info on IO errors when saving in main app and relinker; add keyboard shorcut 'R' for resyncing selected clip or compositor; display image sizes for graphics files in info dialogs; make CTRL + Mouse toggle media items selection state, not just add to selection; make KeyFrameEditor prev button update keuframes info; fix updating non-existing clip in effects editor after delete; make Compositor GUI edit update keyframe count display; add user selectable scope overlay opacity; add timeline start indicator triangles; remove non-existing files from recents list; fix launching uninited renders; fix too long filename layout bug in filter editor; fix unicode project name bug; display warning icons for non-profile-matching video media; reset titler for new project.