FormKiQ Core 1.8.7

FormKiQ Core is an Open Source Headless Document Management System (DMS) that runs in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Can be used for document workflows, records management, and other document storage and processing needs, using an extendable Document API.

Tags aws serverless headless cloud storage document database amazon web services dms document management records management document proces
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.8.719 Sep 2022 06:45 minor feature: v1.8.7 Added addPdfDetectedCharactersAsText option to /ocr API. #36 - Update Console Install Lambda to remove Console on delete. #29 - Add list of installed Modules to /versions. #39 - Add OpenAPI spec to Release Zip. Updated aws-cognito library to 1.4.2. Added ActionStatus 'RUNNING'. Resetting document actions when document is updated.
1.8.606 Sep 2022 06:45 minor feature: v1.8.6 Added support for very large OCR documents. #37 - rename contentUrl to contentUrls. #31 - Add FormKiQ Version to CloudFormation description.
1.8.325 Aug 2022 07:05 minor feature: v1.8.3 Added Antivirus Action Type. Added PUT /documents/ documentId /antivirus. Added missing 'dynamodb:BatchWriteItem' permission to API Lambda.
1.8.221 Aug 2022 03:18 minor feature: v1.8.2 #24 - PATCH /documents/ id is not replacing specified metadata. Upgraded dependencies. Added ActionStatus of SKIPPED. resetting Document Actions when document is updated.
1.8.009 Aug 2022 03:18 minor feature: v1.8.0 release Added support for Enterprise OpenSearch Fulltext API. Added support for Enterprise Filesync CLI. Expanded Document Actions to support Fulltext. Added GET /documents/ documentId /actions. Added PUT/DELETE /documents/ documentId /ocr. Added ability to specify document tags to return on POST /search. Adding tags with POST document/ id /tags gives 500.
1.7.522 Jun 2022 03:15 minor feature: v1.7.5 added /tagSchemas API support. Added DocumentActionProcessor Lambda for document actions processing. Added API - POST /documents/upload for adding Large Documents.
1.7.027 May 2022 03:15 minor feature: v1.7.0 release Added ability to "sync" files to the staging bucket directly to update the documents bucket. Added Enterprise API for OCR scanning support. increased gradle memory. migrated from yq Yaml process to ytt ( Renamed "pro" to "enterprise".
23 May 2022 04:14 minor feature: