Geonkick 3.3.2

Geonkick is a free software synthesizer capable of generating a wide range of percussive sounds, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, shakers, and also unique effect sounds. LV2, VST3, Standalone 16 Instruments, 16 MIDI Keys 16 Stereo Channels 3 Layers/Instrument, 3 Oscillators/Layer Play, modify & blend samples with synthesis Save (JSON) & Export (FLAC, WAV, Ogg, SFZ)

Tags audio synthesizer
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.227 Jan 2024 11:45 minor bugfix: : High CPU usage by DSP. Limiter for the audition channel. , use a separate audition channel for samples preview. Instrument leveler value.
3.3.119 Jan 2024 06:45 minor bugfix: Fix out of bound index in KitModel (by @treapster) Fix warning related to clang (by @treapster) Fix not running Geonkick standalone if can't lock memory (warn only)
3.2.020 Dec 2023 03:15 major bugfix: : Windows: installation of presets. Windows: Linked statically all dependencies. Windows: Removed installation of dependencies' DLLs and environment variable path from the installer. the path to the config folder. Features: Windows: Added scaling for GUI. Windows: Added logical disks for file browser.
3.1.114 Dec 2023 03:25 minor bugfix: : For Windows: GUI getting slow after a time of working. Shading of effects group box by the global and noise group box.
3.1.010 Dec 2023 04:05 major bugfix: Features: Add envelope for filter resonance. Logarithmic apply for the entire line segment of OSC pitch and filter cutoff envelope. : Some in the filter DSP. Correct the shading of the envelope area affected by the information box displaying point coordinates. Other small and improvements related to building.
3.0.106 Dec 2023 14:26 major feature: For VST3 plugin that caused fails to load in many hosts. The VST3 plugin window size that on some hosts cause problems. Oscillator frequency envelope for