Homebank 5.8.1

HomeBank helps managing your personal accounting. It's designed for ease of use, and quickly analyzing and tracking your personal finances in detail, has filtering tools and pretty graphing. It can import from Quicken, MS Money, bank statements as OFX, QIF, CSV and QFX. HomeBank also detects duplicate transactions, auto-numbers cheques, handles bank, cash, asset, credit and liability account types, can schedule transactions, internel transfers, and so forth.

Tags c gtk gnome accounting personal-finance quicken money finances bookkeeping
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.8.127 May 2024 14:45 minor bugfix: "Raw amount" check menu is not saved. Scheduled transactions not automatically posted before weekend. Saved filter does not show txn with remind status. Balance not updated after edit a transaction in ledger. Display of next date column in template dialog. Incorrect window title for credit card type. Scheduled transactions are broken for "Next Payout". Windows: crash after open recent file no more existing. Save button stay disabled after edit a transaction. Changing status to none from txn dialog fail. Embedded help file misses some new files and images. Statistics report with tags filter show extra tags. 2024-05-12 Maxime Doyen.
5.813 May 2024 03:15 minor feature: New : statistics report: category sign is now also displayed. New : added a tooltip to display active filter in all report windows. Change: migrating to GTK4 preparation (GdkEvent struct). Change: migrating to GTK4 preparation (GtkApplication, GtkApplicationWindow). Change: migrating to GTK4 preparation (GtkMenu*, GtkToolbar) for ledger. Change: 'select action for target xfer' creation cancel now get back to txn dialog. Change: reports: moved the collapse/expand buttons to bottom of the list. Change: example file addition: split, tags, loan, flags, life-energy. Change: the Info field is named as it should have originally: Number. Change: added missing enums for most action of combobox. Wish : #2064754 yours account should always display a tooltip for consistency. Wish : #2064520 enable ledger txn reconciled cleared, like for none. Wish : #2063416 index for importing csv files. Wish : #2060588 widths of memo -v- amount field in split transactions. Wish : #2059733 preference to use the template list when edit a transaction. Wish : #2058696 enrich account transactions list window title with account number and institution name. Wish : #2058566 budget Report - detail pane size not adjustable. Wish : #2056654 add thousand separator when print 'your accounts'. Wish : #2055533 Payment column in auto-assignment window. Wish : #2054906 "Cancel" button on prompt for a target txn when adding xfer should not create a transaction. Wish : #2051758 add a help tip when input amount range in filter. Wish : #2045514 Balance report to exclude transfers when multiple selected accounts. Wish : #2044601 preference to always prompt for a target txn when adding xfer. Wish : #2042674 idiot-proof preference for "Sync transfert Status". Wish : #2038753 copy transaction to clipboard to paste external apps. Wish : #2037039 amend "Spending By Month" to have income option both income/expense by month. Wish : #2023696 budget report to show not-budg
5.7.407 Feb 2024 09:45 minor bugfix: Change: migrating to GTK4 preparation (GtkScrolledWindow). Change: statistic report default type is now Total. Wish : #2037200 add a used feature for tags like for payee/categories. Wish : #2044850 revert 5.7.2 print single account (statement) fit to the page width. Wish : #2051419 management dialogs to shows hidden items by default. : template deletion was possible despite used into an account. : dateentry was faultly trigger double parse/eval/update sequence. : filter for report was faultly show always show items. : update currency was not counting change to enable save. : input a mindate maxdate from the filter was possible with no warning. Export CSV not including memo field from split transactions. Add an existing category/payee/tag from manage dialog do not warn user. Export CSV not including remind status. Skip multiple Scheduled do not refresh as expected. Transfer are not included in forecast, balance mode. Cross-currency transfer do not propose target transaction. Info icon for transfers is not displayed. Date filter shows wrong date. Exclude zero-sum categories from Top Spending. 2023-12-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.7.302 Jan 2024 02:34 minor bugfix: Made 5.7.3 release * change: budget report added sign on categories like in manage dialog * change: budget report only display fulfilled for budegt category * bugfix: forecast was sometimes faultly done for excluded/closed account * bugfix: date range 'last 12 months' start was not set to 1st day of -12 months * bugfix: #2045299 'install for me only' end with error message when creating optional desktop shortcut * bugfix: #2043886 portable version could prevent to store recent-file * bugfix: #2043433 chart drill down Category link is not translated * bugfix: #2043385 budget report forced displayed subcategories can have no parent * bugfix: #2043366 budget forced category remains displayed with exp/inc filter * bugfix: #2043223 budget report fulfilled column badly rounded display 99 vs 100 * bugfix: #2042676 accound dialog exclude from any report do not refresh the graph after close * bugfix: #2020181 mate: only french flag for payment icons * wish : #2042699 chart drill down shows the cat total when drawing subat * wish : #2042683 assigment rule dialog to be wider and/or size saved
5.7.213 Nov 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: : crash was possible when no file loaded and change to main chart. Lock icon for transaction sometime disapear due to column resize. Currency don't update due to wrong api url since 5.7. HomeBank after leaving "preferences" menu with no file open. Remove/sanitize GTK listview quicksearch. Category popoverlist shows subcat income standalone its expense parent. Manage categories add subcategory fail after a search. Assign edit cancel faultly persist the rule search. App crashes when exporting a report after I delete a category that contained data. ISO 8601 date format not respected when exporting to clipboard or CSV. Budget by time do not filter txn type exp/inc. Statistics report crash when opened with a too wide date range. Wish : #2042692 count and show number of selected transactions when suppressing them. 2023-10-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.7.109 Oct 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: New : split dialog: add a confirm dialog before delete all split lines. New : dateentry only rely on token and date order detection, glib failover. Change: split dialog: add info+tooltip icon next to the amount input. Change: split dialog: amount input is named according transaction type. : dateentry d, dm, md was sometimes wrong. : dateentry 2 year digits with 40/60 windowing. Top 10 Spending Category chart legend labels sometimes ellipsized. "All Transactions" CSV export no longer includes account. Cannot create assignments from a transaction with empty memo. Budget report shows wrong Spent and Budget totals. Migrate libsoup-2.4 to libsoup-3.0. no message when split limit is reached. Forecast only limited to time span set in preferences. Budget report date range from/to does not localized month name. Main panel size not retained; account info concealed on start. Incorrect values in "tooltip" message for forcast view (subcategory). Statistics Report Total Row not reflecting displayed amounts. Trend time Report Title does not match Interval. Statistics report sometimes crashes with half year interval. Wish : #2038601 "Schedule" and "Template" linked togglebuttons are not mutually exclusive (don't act like switchers). Wish : #2034625 statistics Reportsorting by expense or income when using the Time Mode. 2023-09-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.707 Sep 2023 07:25 minor feature: New : added balance mode for statistics total report. New : added fulfilled column for budget report. New : added back the Custom indicator in Date Range widget. New : added the date as last sort in case of prior equality for transaction list. New : added two preferences parameters to be more flexible with currency rate api. New : added abbreviated weekday in date input widget. Change: migrating to GTK4 preparation (GtkContainer/GdkEvent/...). Change: the currency rate api to exchangerate.host. Change: numerous optimization and refactoring for report computing. Change: home scheduled: moved the maximum post date to an info icon tooltip. Change: avoid refreshing undisplayed items on the home main window. Change: chart legend is hidden when not enough space to display chart. Change: export PDF of transaction migrated to a standard print feature. Wish : #2030322 add weekday display in date input. Wish : #2024956 sort the scheduled transaction by date order. Wish : #2028464 manage account add sort header, search and website. Wish : #2023477 stack chart to display income above and expense below. Wish : #2019193 preference to sync transfer status by default. Wish : #2018680 replace PREFILLED for new assignement/archive from register with added icon. Wish : #2018174 change currency rate api to a more fulfilled one. Wish : #2008641 add a duplicate assignment action. Wish : #2004078 print option missing in Show all. Wish : #1964434 optimize the legend position to maximize chart size. Wish : #1933165 budget report includes Category Subcategory. Wish : #1932198 pdf print txn report, custom title, total and portrait/paysage. Wish : #1918459 adding pdf print function - show the result as a list. Wish : #1912973 ability to print "Your accounts" list in main window. Wish : #1909851 filter scheduled operations add Next payout (max post date). Wish : #1857890 home chart to show account balance total/time. Wish : #1816389 ho
5.6.605 Aug 2023 07:25 minor bugfix: When ordering the transaction list by category, split ones are not ordered. Anonymise does not deal with account notes, start balance, overdraft and automatic assignment notes. Anonymise feature doesn't fully anonymise accounts name. Changing currency account with xfer faulty change target account currency. Statistics report doesn't always show total for parent category. Statistics faulty hide items with data when result is 0.0. Filter Status always show section should always be visible. Status column included in export detail txn from report break re-import. 2023-06-21 Maxime Doyen.
5.6.522 Jun 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: When creating splits for income transactions, expenses are added as incomes regardless of amount sign. Account cannot be deleted message is not precise enough. Windows: displayed values overflow int32 in 5.6.4. Status column included in export detail txn from report break re-import. Lock icon for reconciled txn is not displayed in report detail. 2023-05-18 Maxime Doyen.
5.6.419 May 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Statistics Report using Balance Mode by time shows odd "total" column. One transaction Imported from QFX file no longer matches. Posting both sides of a scheduled internal transfer posts 2 occurrence. Rate calculation on total report values. Balance sometimes displays -0.00. Tags edit/import faultly enable space and may cause report crash. Balance report allow max min date (crash) and ignore input with All dates range set. 2023-03-20 Maxime Doyen.
5.6.320 Mar 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: budget table view is now the default. : scheduled transaction list was not display src/dst account for xfer. : scheduled transaction list total was incorrect. : account future transaction account column was not displayed oblique. Removing tag from multiple transactions. Cannot select Hidden Categories in Statistics Reporting. Account window toggle future transaction is not working. Dropdown boxes in the Edit Transaction dialog box behave inconsistently. Report half-year column header is not translated. Wayland: template window only on third attempt. Wayland: click on schedule button select first item and don't open popover. Wish : #2007714 table budget dialog view improvements. Wish : #2000290 Fortnight interval in Reports. Wish : #1996505 Sum SELECTED scheduled transaction at main window. Wish : #1956060 sort by amount in statistics report to take sign into consideration. Wish : #1886123 Remind status transactions not calculated in reports despite include preference. 2023-02-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.6.206 Feb 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: updated the example.xhb file with up to date data. Change: avoid to call the update currency api unless file last save is less than 24h. Date and column title alignement. Budget manage table view category column no ellipsis nor resizable. Changing a category name do not update the list. En_GB locale faultly translated to Arabic by a user. Update currency at program start always mark the file changed. Impossible to schedule income template with an amount equal to 0. Crash importing OFX under specific conditions. Vehicle cost report shows duplicated subcats. 2023-01-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.6.109 Jan 2023 03:15 minor bugfix: Vehicule cost report label vehicle while properties label Category. When fiscal year is not 01 jan last/this/next year is 1 year ahead. User feedback when create template or assignment. Typo in french translation. Move buttons in Manage Assignments window do not update at ends. Statistics Time 'Balance mode' ignores filters. Week 51/52 display incorrectly in Statistics Report. Quick filter transactions uncleared shows reconciled transactions. Duplicated 'This fortnight' label in date range. Category list with an show other name. New assignment by amount do not save the amount. When I hide a payee, changes are not saved. Win: crash in scheduled transaction. Future/remind list column width to 0 (hidden). Program crashes exporting Payees to csv. Moving assignment rule is not subject to saving and moving to position 99 fails. Show detail preference is ignored + column width to 0. Void transactions show regardless of preferences setting. Translation is missing for days and transaction status. Translation is missing for the new date selector. 2022-12-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.607 Dec 2022 03:15 minor feature: New : add a Manage Wallet menu entry. New : add suggested/destructive style to relevant dialog buttons. New : add search input into manage category dialog. New : all search input CTRL+F to activate, ESC to empty+quit. New : filter on individual type: expense, income, transfer. New : filter on individual status: cleared, reconciled. New : filter dialog has a visual indicator on page with active filter. New : added an info icon with detailed info as tooltip in import, account pages. New : added a warning icon when xfer with different currency prefill target amount fail. Change: dropped usage of remaining comboboxentry in profit of a popoverentry. Change: account rename dialog relayout. Change: payee edit dialog relayout. Change: category edit dialog relayout. Change: manage payee/category hid usage column by default, toggle button to show. Change: filter dialog relayout. Change: layout harmonisation of all manage dialog. Change: spacing check and harmonisation of all windows. Change: removed icons for secondary windows/dialogs (GTK obsolete). Wish : #1996223 statistics time report stack chart to show rate in tooltip. Wish : #1993088 register account popmenu should be disabled. Wish : #1989211 stats report preference to include/exlcude xfer by default. Wish : #1986501 columns visibility settings for scheduled mainwindow list. Wish : #1983995 Ability to "Copy raw amount" from a transaction in the account's transactions list. Wish : #1982036 improve columns order/width for target xfer transaction list. Wish : #1980562 setting to unlock by default the reconciled changes. Wish : #1977686 autocompletion for split memo field. Wish : #1974450 modify assignment order by specifying its index. Wish : #1973029 add tag import/export function. Wish : #1958039 Add ability to sort by search text in Assignments Dialog. Wish : #1955305 Ability to search for criteria text in "Management Assignments" window. Wish : #1933164 s
5.5.816 Oct 2022 03:15 minor bugfix: Linking xfers between accounts fails to join correctly. Manage tag edit input is empty. 2022-10-04 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.705 Oct 2022 03:15 minor bugfix: Segfault when pressing escape while editing a new transaction. "Select among possible transactions" duplicate transfer refactor. Compilation problem on Debian 11. Choose among target xfer faultly propose same sign transaction. Statistics "total" percentage breakdown incorrect. Edit txn with keyboard ok button (alt) don't update focused amount. Invalid appdata confuse gnome-software. Register apply type=income + status=uncategorized shows expense. 2022-06-28 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.629 Jun 2022 03:25 minor bugfix: Rounding problem for euro minor in deutsche mark. Split amount opposite sign don't work when using + button. Inherit old xfer enable to post to a account. Windows do not minimize independently; cannot raise main window above others. Manage scheduled list column hscrollbar. Balance report - toggle detail show no txn. Csv export invalid with semicolon in text. 2022-04-18 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.519 Apr 2022 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: windows: upgraded to GTK 3.24.33. Wish : #1960755 add a refresh button in account detail screen. Wish : #1960380 void transaction icon improved visibility in dark mode. Wish : #1950234 your account show total for single group foreign currency. Wish : #1948608 scheduled list (manage/bottom) could show category column. Wish : #1945636 detail report list amount sort in base currency. : double trigger on some radiobutton: category, budget, assign, repstats. Templates names not displayed in Transaction dialog. Children windows should be transient for their parents. 'Top Spending' home chart option button disapear. Window: main window don't open in primary screen. Tooltip is in English even if localization is set to FR. Not showing after some changes made to manage. Double click payee not working after search. Managing payees search does not refresh after merge. Windows: can't enter specials characters with alt gr. Balance 'Show Empty Line' includes days outside of selected range. 2022-01-10 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.411 Jan 2022 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: windows: upgraded to GTK 3.24.31. Dates not accepting 2 digit year. Homebank cannot import its own CSV exports. Statistics time csv subcategory export fail. QIF import uncheck similar txn with different category. Vehicle cost CSV output incorrect values in km/l column. Windows: update currency return 'unaccaceptable TLS certificate'. Statistics "total" percentage breakdown incorrect. (null) is shown in dialog when deleting a template/scheduled. Windows: scaling in 'Top Spending' text too big in UHD 3840 x 2160. Windows: button order for GtkAssistant import is confusing. 2021-08-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.309 Aug 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: New : added 4 report color themes: quicken2017, mint, material, nord. Change: added 6 more colors to ynab report color theme. Wish : #1930395 ability to copy certain amounts (sum, avg, balance). : some minor memory leak in post scheduled. : adding tags from manage tags dialog don't enable save. After editing a txn from detail list of report, the list is empty. Today button text is not translated in date picker. Main windows New and Save tooltip text remains in english. Changing a date from 'show all transaction' don't sort by date. Import back a csv reads categories as tags. Account column don't sort in scheduled dialog. Document what the account maximum balance limit does in practice. 2021-05-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.209 May 2021 07:25 minor bugfix: New : statistics report add result/detail to clipboard/csv file. Wish : #1923368 calendar "Today" button to not auto-widget. Wish : #1916365 please add Toggle detail function to Time mode on Statistics report. Statistics "total" percentage breakdown incorrect. Reorder transaction buttons not updated after date change. Top spending chart legend text overlap. OFX import deduplication unselect valid txn. Choosing to force budget monitoring does not make document dirty. Void transactions from previous periods show up in the current transactions. 2021-03-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.5.109 Mar 2021 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: report window are now when new/open a file. The tag popover list is too small in width and height. Delete unused payee/category do not enable save. Impossible to read text when using dark theme. Scheduled this/next month date filter is wrong. Windows "tag" the programm on delete item. Update to the Help Homebank for check numbers. The "Balance report" does not group correctly by week (ISO 8601). Qif export of multiple account double xfer line. Statistic by time total row doubled with subcategory. Changing the "Include remind into balance" option doesn't update balance in accounts summary. Transaction category autofill from payee is too invasive. Paste amount into split may input too much decimal digits. Crash on typing in category during add due to inconsistent XML. Difference between loading 1 OFX file or more at once. Wish : #1904569 more flexible date handling for QIF import. Wish : #1594684 balance report to select several accounts. 2021-02-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.507 Feb 2021 03:15 minor feature: New : your accounts added cleared column. New : target xfer dialog add a match ratio column. New : added checking and savings account type. New : added tooltip on 'your accounts' to show last reconciled date, minimun/maximum remaining. New : trend time, added average value and line into the graph. Change: your accounts renamed bank column to reconciled. Change: statistics report renamed the 'Balance' term with a more accurate 'Total'. Change: statistics report added a compare Exp. Inc. checkbox to clarify the interface. Wish : #1911838 integrate fr_CA categories (included with wish). Wish : #1909694 duplicate auto assignment find. Wish : #1909590 include one decimal digit in the fuel average. Wish : #1900281 homebank Stats Rept - Subcategory heading. Wish : #1898277 add a "today" button/calendar option when adding new transactions. Wish : #1897810 search or sort assignment rules. Wish : #1897696 red text in budget report for negative results. Wish : #1894425 Add switch inside app to change dark/light theme. Wish : #1893854 shortcut for scheduled main window button. Wish : #1892606 graph legend text not smaller than windows font. Wish : #1891878 your accounts add remaining before overdraft. Wish : #1890024 add a high limit for saving accounts. Wish : #1887212 internal xfer detection day gap manual preference. Wish : #1884376 payee multimatch for autocompletion. Wish : #1882876 category/payee separate usage count for transaction and overall usage. Wish: : #1882456 txn dialog to order popover category by type. Wish : #1870390 statistic report - sum/total as last row. Wish : #1866456 import option to invert expense/income for credit card account. Wish : #1857636 Allow showing only short/medium-term scheduled operations in the main window's overview. Wish : #1847622 txn status display to button and/or add icon. Wish : #1846928 top spending max items configurable. Wish : #1846822 your accounts column choose + a
5.4.306 Sep 2020 03:15 minor bugfix: Position of auto assignments is lost after reload a file. Inversion of sign in splits causes the transaction to not be savable. Cancel editing a "splitted transaction" is updating the expense value in transaction list. Scheduled entries can't have a blank memo. Press delete while the focus is in quicksearch try to delete txn. Wish : #1886299 export to csv/clipboard 1st column title naming. Wish : #1886181 default preference or remind for import similar date gap. Wish : #1880386 revert ease to combine expense/income in splits dialog. Wish : #1882081 add a gtk font size override Edit. Wish : #1871383 increase exchange rate size. Wish : #1869112 "Export CSV" feature for the "Show all..." transactions view. Wish : #1837550 export transaction from account as CSV with every split line. 2020-05-16 Maxime Doyen.
5.4.218 May 2020 15:05 minor bugfix: : multiedit from expense to income was not changing txn type. : txn dialog date revert to today when applying a template. : transaction list column popmenu chooser was faulty visible in window it should not. : reset from filter dialog for statistics was faulty set date range to last 12 months. : reset button of filter dialog removed from transaction window (reset button already there). : trend time report, changing the text for account was leading to a crash. Transaction Screeen shows wrong Status. Windows: pasted numbers from calculator loose dchar. "changed" icons are not removed from accounts summary after the data file is saved. Merging a cat to a new cat do not merge subcat. Changing the amount of multiple transactions doesn't change future balance. Keep natural CTRL up/down focus for date widget. 2020-04-22 Maxime Doyen.
5.4.124 Apr 2020 22:05 minor bugfix: Win: missing icons until 5.4. Vehicle cost report miss parent category. Register status quick filter do not reset. Inherit with keep last date off should set todays date. Auto. assignments menu faulty visible on 'All transactions' window. Automatic cheque numbering doesn't work in all cases. New scheduled/template transaction have PREFILLED added to Memo. Make - error during installation. Tooltips on toolbar buttons should start with "Manage" and not "Configure". Lost some or all of the scheduled/template transaction. 2020-04-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.410 Apr 2020 08:05 minor bugfix: Change: windows: upgraded to GTK+ 3.24.14. Change: remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for rep_balance. Change: harmonization of dialog dimension with aspect ratio. Change: split list column now follow same width rule than other list. Change: updated the file statistics: added tags, currencies, template, scheduled. Change: updated the welcome dialog: added icon, relayout, show next time checkbox. Change: reworked and improved the new file assistant. Change: pretemplate created from the register. Wish : #1861759 search "Manage Accounts". Wish : #1861432 merge tags. Wish : #1860905 sort by amount in budget report. Wish : #1851733 Reports/Vehicle Cost Report filtered dropdown. Wish : #1851729 multi line scheduled post. Wish : #1851718 popup menu on transaction list. Wish : #1847907 add reconcile data when export as CSV. Wish : #1829597 view split transaction detail from the register (expand or other). Wish : #1810621 mass prefill assignment from the register. : double click on scheduled list total line was faulty reactive. : delete tag was partially working. : your accounts list was not refreshed after new file or import. Typo: Your. Default backup path folder not initialized with wallet folder. Typo: assigment. Search not finding amounts with more than 3 digits dollar amount. Delete tooltip not translated in scheduled/template dialog. Txn dialog template list switch sort order on each save.
5.3.210 Feb 2020 11:05 minor bugfix: Change: remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for rep_balance. : edit menu was not disable for account. : statistics show legend toolbutton was state inverted. Transactions from accounts not showing Transactions Show All. After changing values in the budget, the save button is not enabled. Transaction List wrong preset status dropdown. Preference "Keep the last date" not working after creating a new transaction. Crash when deleting multiple transactions from "Show All" view. Budget "Dec" not included in total. Unable to save Split Transaction in 5.3.1 after initially working. Restore backup should be available anytime. Missing texts under icons in top menu. Budget table view balance sometimes empty + no edit. 2020-01-12 Maxime Doyen.
5.3.113 Jan 2020 20:05 minor bugfix: Toggling from category to subcategory level on Statistics Report doubles the amount. Split transaction not displaying Split in Category after edit txn. Crash may occur if you enable 'show confirmation text' in preference. no more pre-filled account when single account. Keep last date preference no more working. Add buttons disabled while adding or inherit a transfer. Some menu/toolbar tooltip text remains in English. 2020-01-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.309 Oct 2019 03:15 minor feature: New : transaction dialog shows weekdays and account currency. New : transaction type created expense/income and transfer. New : added a clear menu for recent opened file. New : added delete key shortcut to delete transaction. New : added budget pin icon to category forced to be displayed. New : ?(import: added a select only valid txn (valid = without similar or existing txn into target account)). New : filter dialog added select all/none/invert for payment. Change: xhb data file format (v1.4). Change: drop support for file saved with HomeBank older than 4.6 (data file v0.8). Change: account dialog layout change. Change: budget dialog layout change. Chnage: assign dialog layout change. Change: filter dialog layout change. Change: transaction dialog layout change. Change: merged transaction and template dialog. Change: internal transfer payment mode removed (in profit to transfer type). Change: transfer payment mode was renamed to bank transfer. Change: button add/edit/merge/delete to icon button into toolbar under listview. Change: rewritten menus and toobars to drop usage of deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager. Chnage: dropped significant g_list_append to gain in performance. Change: 'remove' string to more accurate 'delete'. Change: reworked the ui design of release candidate warning. Change: lighten stack usage for dialog. Wish : #1845388 remind the apply of assignment between import. Wish : #1844892 detect/skip UTF-8 BOM (Excel CSV files). Wish : #1842897 color trailing spaces in assignments. Wish : #1842758 Your accounts list keep state after open/register. Wish : #1840100 updates when use multiple account window. Wish : #1831975 optional visible/audible confirmation of transaction entered. Wish : #1831372 Add nett Budget value to 'Manage Budget' screen. Wish : #1818320 add "void" status to transactions. Wish : #1818052 copy/paste one/multiple transaction(s). Wish : #1813474 "Info" field for scheduled/templat
5.2.820 Sep 2019 15:05 minor bugfix:
5.2.729 Jul 2019 12:05 minor bugfix: New : dropped usage of comboboxentry in profit of a popover list for tags. New : payee column shows account or
5.2.626 May 2019 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: access to the show all transaction with the toolbar. Homebank: _cairo_arc_in_direction(): homebank killed by SIGABRT. Status "no category" filter not working. Multi currencies problem in Trend Time Report. Wish : #1829007 prefill txn dialog with account if single. Wish : #1828209 multiple edit could allow updating transaction amount. Wish : #1809022 detail txn show only category amount split part. Wish : #1792749 main window date 'other...' consistency. 2019-05-12 Maxime Doyen.
5.2.514 May 2019 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: some margin layout (buttonbox, popover). Crash when select create new xfer target txn. Budget dialog month widget label decay by one. Paste an amount with mixed dot comma is missinterpreted. Subcategories without budget not computed. Trend time report by category don't show results. Changing a transaction in future list doesn't update accounts summary. Balance column dont update after change from another account. Wish : #1818071 configurable separator for CSV import. 2019-04-10 Maxime Doyen.
5.2.411 Apr 2019 18:05 minor bugfix: Change: add more console message for i/o error. Change: improved disable state into target xfer dialog. Change: remind icon was changed to a bell icon. Change: scheduled/budget icon moved to leftmost column. : budget month label were wrong 1 offset. : payee default payment was fautly possible to internal xfer. : cancelling the select xfer dialog was creating a target transaction. Account column missing in detail list. Budget report incorrect when no budget is set for subcategory. Home scheduled column width not remembered. Homebank crashes on confirming new file. Any import crash with systems having glib 2.58.0. Size of fields in modify operation dialog. Bank type on account main list untranslated. Wish : #1752827 global assets view pie chart in statistics. Wish : #1750434 home place to show remind txn for debt tracking. Wish : #816947 showing future transactions on main screen. 2019-03-15 Maxime Doyen.
5.2.316 Mar 2019 04:45 minor bugfix: Change: conforming to Windows HIG for button order in dialogs. New : statistics report, added account. New : trend time report, added half year interval. New : added console error message for load/save preference file. New : #1817796 hungarian Categories. Wish : #1819356 sortable columns during import. Wish : #1817278 fill paymode/category independently from payee. Wish : #1816219 enable to import unlimited account. Wish : #1814452 reorder split transactions. Wish : #1811969 add tags manager. Wish : #1796564 "Show all accounts" should not be shown when no account is selected. Wish : #1797808 scheduled home list to show remaining occurence. Wish : #1791482 OFX import to allow mapping the "name" field to "info". Wish : #1674029 remind expander state into 'Your account' list. Wish : #1336928 display list of available tags in txn dialog. Wish : #619315 enable tag for trend time report. : tag with empty string was possible. : tag duplicate within a same txn was possible. : month in budget dialog were not translated. : statistics report total for tag was wrong. : trendtime report for category was wrong in filtering. : budget clear was not counting for a change. Internal transfer transactions from.ofx files does not import. Incorrect budget report when budget set only for subcategory. Rapport statistiques : opération avec étiquette absente ; gestion des dates. Typo error institition. Consistent naming for 'range'. "show all accounts" should not be shown when no account is selected. Win/GTK: copy/paste text only work once with key shortcut. 2018-10-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.2.208 Oct 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: Wish : #1783848 update demo/example with up-to-date data. : scheduled day count late was faulty equal 1 when no limit set. Import txn sort and assigment changes. Edit from all transaction don't update account changed icon. Win: QIF import does not display dates. Categories drop-down shows duplicates when you add new transactions. Incorrect balance after bulk-editing date. 2018-09-15 Maxime Doyen.
5.2.116 Sep 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: Wish : #1789698 treat search box as another filter. Backup files are not being deleted. Trendtime report crash when display payee. CSV import do not import info, payee, and tags. Revert and Restore backup menu items permanently greyed out. 2018-09-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.209 May 2018 03:15 minor feature: New : import, you can drop file to import on the main window. Change: xhb data file format (v1.3). Change: optimized XML tag. Change: preferences, reorganised the pages and elements. Change: improved the split dialog with a listview and new layout. Change: migrated split to GPtrArray. Change: improved the register selection informations. Change: relayouted payee and category dialog. Change: removed most theme icons to keep a consistent interface. Wish : #1744612 add Select All/Select None feature when importing transactions from files. Wish : #1738816 import remember last account. Wish : #1673902 add a visual marker for uncategorized txn. Wish : #1673048 option to control the autocomplete of memo. Wish : #1623931 import option to case convert txn description. Wish : #1610563 enhance the backup system. Wish : #1586211 import to always shows date tolerance. Wish : #1579494 prevent to import csv invalid date combinations. Wish : #1225122 split the amount of a transaction into more than 10 categories. Wish : #1008629 optional default transaction template for each account. Wish : #969218 include tags in scheduled/template transaction. Wish : #829418 option to help detect duplicated transaction. Wish : #668417 list of all transactions. Wish : #528739 implement import of multiple files. Trendtime report quarter bound date wrong. Report 'select all' prevent to pick some date. Date resets to 01/01/1900 while adding a new transaction. Display of quarter shows calendar year not fiscal year. Cannot rename payee in case-sensitive way. Partial date entry doesn't work anymore. : 2018-03-18 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.818 Mar 2018 07:25 minor bugfix: Wish : #1743254 add more decimals for cryptocurrencies. Wish : #1743147 enable/disable show future txn in register window. Wish : #1446505 trendtime, average line, negative amounts. : account dialog, the frac digit was not set for currency with more than 2 digits. Spelling-error-in-binary. Update currency message error. CSV export decimal char is not always the same. no warning when a file was changed from another instance. Currencies update fail due to yahoo discontinued service. Group internal xfer when sort by payee. 2018-01-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.707 Jan 2018 03:15 minor feature: New : added an icon for accounts. New : rewritten partially the charts and removed the treeview for legend. New : chart line have now a vertical line on active item. New : chart now display the 0 scale text. New : rewritten the dateentry widget to use a popover. New : reports enable to copy to clipboard in addition to export as CSV. Change: chart bar/line now span automatically. Change: chart donut hole do not trigger overlay anymore. Change: preferences, txn column list removed, as there is a now a context menu. Change: top spending is now display top 10 items. Change: r.io is now used to get currencies exchange rate (replace yahoo). Change: changes and new entries into the help menu. Wish : #1741339 transaction quicksearch into amounts. Wish : #1709374 enable to export detail list from reports. Wish : #1697241 allow custom currencies for cryptocurrency and discontinued. Wish : #1674018 usability and UX improvements for the reports dialog's toolbars. Wish : #1661986 separate view of out of budget categories in budget report. Wish : #1656589 add highlighting on legend text for report graph. Wish : #300380 beta: add pdf export for transaction (in testing menu). : chart x-scale labels were sometime overriding each others. : balance report: overdrawn was not displayed if the threshold was 0. : balance report: the amount scale was faulty offset to left at first draw. : budget report: chart bar was not showing over state. : report: a bad empty detail list problem. : some minor memory leak. Date range in Trend Time Report. Date/calendar popup registers keyboard bindings (Gnome asks). Currencies update fail due to yahoo discontinued service. Group internal xfer when sort by payee. Title bar do not backup a new file. Euro minor converts Euro to Euro wrong. 2017-09-14 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.615 Sep 2017 03:17 minor bugfix: change: win32: upgraded to gtk+ 3.22.16. wish : #1710955 warn when opening a backup file. New memo doesn't get added to quick list. New/deleted transactions and search box show inconsistency. "All date" range remains as is after "Select All" in Report. Un-editable category. Manage budget window do not expand properly. Automatic check numbering Anonymize dialog change accounts if user window. Months in Manage Budget should allow tabbing from consecutive months. 'Notes' field in 'Manage Accounts' should wrap text. Windows 10 x64 5.1.5 cannot start application. Start Balance not shown after new file assistant. The "other" side of an internal transfer is not marked as changed when an internal transfer is deleted. Internal transfers with a status of "Remind" are not created correctly. libofx: macos, cannot import newer OFX versions. 2017-05-10 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.510 May 2017 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: win32: upgraded to gtk+ 3.22.7. : updating currency rate was not updating file changes (and enable save). Category usage count does not get updated for split transactions. Statistic report filter do not update date range. Only one changed icon is displayed in accounts window when an internal transfer is edited. Segfault when pressing escape while editing a new transaction. French translation is missing in filter. Time report show all category may be wrong if split. Can't set transaction amount to 6 decimal points. Statistics Report: sorting by amount does not work with "Expenses and Income". Account window "0.00" balance sometimes displayed in warning color. "Show # days in advance the current date" preference doesn't work. BYN - new Belorussian currency is not in the list. Cannot filter on memo if split transaction. Original account shows edits when inheriting transaction into another account. Balance report does not include accounts with no transactions. 2017-02-16 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.416 Feb 2017 03:15 minor bugfix: Change: filter, reworked the layout. Change: filter, category select change now propagate to subcategories. Wish : #1661806 show overdraft amount in account window (balance column). Wish : #1655542 improve handling of end of month scheduled transactions. : sanity was not checking dst_account. : sanity orphaned account was not working. "show all" shows as enabled after opening another file. Both sides of internal transfers' accounts not changed. Display Order of Account Types (5.1.3). Main window's upcoming transactions pane shifts downwards on every startup. Main window size/position saved only when using wm (X) button. Memory Fault on homebank-5.1.1-1.fc25.x86_64 and later. Main window layout is not persisted. Balance Report crash when no txn at all. Save button in main window disabled despite pending changes. Libofx for windows bad utf-8 char import corrupt xml file. 2017-01-22 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.323 Jan 2017 03:15 major bugfix: new : your account, added expand/collapse button. wish : #1653350 cvs import default category for payee. wish : #1645126 remember the size of columns listview in the main window. wish : #1530784 easy way to see accounts in account list. wish : #1164643 totals per Financial Institution in account summary. Euro major Lithuanian template corrections. Euro major settings: list countries alphabetically. Euro major feature calculates amounts incorrectly. account combobox can be default set to disabled account. Importing QIF file with existing accounts. Sorting for account in Statistics Report doen't work. Balance report crash when no result. Exclude from budget option seems ignored. Remind operations are included in "today" balance calculation. balance report "select all" is not working. 2016-12-08 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.208 Dec 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Wish : #1645126 remember the size of columns in the main window. Wish : #1639862 multiple edit transactions date. Wish : #1638023 remind scheduled listview column width. Wish : #916690 qif option (info to desc; payee to desc). Wish : #462919 option to choose to import OFX name to payee or memo. : import, new account don't have currency, result display NaN. : import, amount was not displaying decimal part. : import, dialog to choose child xfer was popup when no match found. : txn dialog, after input a split amount/category widget were not disabled. Import shows rounded amount but import correctly. Txn changes in detail list cannot be saved. Balance report may show wrong values. 2016-11-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.1.117 Nov 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Wish : #1634615 get currency format from system again. Wish : #1634182 template chooser popover could be wider by default. Wish : #1629647 'Multiple Edit' to include account. Moving txn between account hide it into destination. Overwrite assignment doesnt work. Balance report crash when no selection in main window. Win: missing.dll for windows 7, vista, XP. Must enter Payment method twice in Add Transaction dialog. Win: libgnutls-30.dll missing XP, Vista, 7. Manage assignment display some payee instead of category. 2016-10-16 Maxime Doyen.
5.117 Oct 2016 07:05 minor feature: Change: xhb data file format (v1.2). Change: internal storage of txn into accounts. Change: transaction dialog, changed the layout. Change: template/scheduled dialog, changed the layout. Change: register, refactored toolbar grouping single and multiple actions. Change: listview, removed deprecated rule hint (alternate row color). Change: listview, added line grid (new GTK+ option). Change: preferences, reworked layout. Wish : #1610672 multiple edit should allow clearing fields. Wish : #1608025 revert prefill with shift/ctrl clicked txn when multiple edit. Wish : #1500235 automatic assignments based on regular expressions. Wish : #1500220 allow auto assignments to overwrite payee. Wish : #1484449 warn when amount sign and category don't match. Wish : #1448613 display full category name in autocompletion. Wish : #1424365 separe scheduled transaction from template transaction. Wish : #1242312 category split for template/scheduled transaction. Wish : #1102981 add comment bloc for accounts. Wish : #1094528 auto-assign Payment. Wish : #844576 payee default category and payment type. Wish : #552565 multiple currency accounting. Amount input limited to -/+ 2,147,483,647. Internal xfer assign to existing txn no longer work. Category with 0 budget should display 'over'. Dst_account remains into file for non intxfer. 2016-08-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.924 Jul 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Wish : #1507253 template at top into txn dialog. Wish : #1429411 reconcile etc. could be a linked set of toggle buttons. Wish : #532564 clean feature to delete unused payees/categories. Filter by status in the ledger. Zillion questions importing from QIF file. Changes in settings - format- numbers options is never saved. Statistics filtered on category with split display wrong results. Importing cvs file silently skips a line!. 2016-05-21 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.709 May 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: New : preferences, add preview for chart color scheme. New : doc, added every payment into the lexicon. Wish : #1509485 quicksearch split transactions memo/category. Wish : #1507252 ability to batch-edit selected transactions easily. Wish : #1501125 export to CSV for all reports list view. Wish : #1501111 double-click on sheduled txn in main window to open template editor. Wish : #1292377 enable edit transactions from report detail list. Wish : #880846 hide/show txn list column on right click. Scheduled transaction edit doesn't enable file save. Scheduled transactions disappear with no reason. Budget report categories displayed when selecting subcategories. Import window wrongly sized. no warning about old gtk3.x version when compiling from source. Inconsistency in my file internal xfer. 2015-10-18 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.624 Oct 2015 03:15 minor bugfix: Next Previous buttons not translated when importing ofx file. Assignment with same name should not be possible. App crash opening a file from previous version. input in split should not be possible. Auto assignment don't set payee on split txn. Auto assignment can mark untouched txn as changed. Translate homebank.appdata.xml. Splits without category are lost during QIF import. Statistics report crashes HomeBank after adding a new tag. Auto assignment changes split category when only payee is defined in assignment definition. Wrong number of txns in pop-up after auto assignment. Auto assignment dialog not active when no category defined. Litre symbol is not translatable. Remove period from short description. Translation: add developer note to FI Fee. Translation: typing errors. Txn dialog +/- button reset amount to 0. 2015-09-19 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.412 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: Change: win32: upgraded to gtk+ 3.16. Change: amount toggle sign button changed from text button to entry icon. Change: added/changed transaction are always showed by default filter. Using memo filter does not list memos in split catagories. no help file. F1 does nothing. Windows 10. Year on statistics is preset to 1900 instead of e.g. current year. Inconsistency in internal xfer. Win32: (gtk3.6.4 ) Dropdown list appear on the wrong Screen (dualscreen). Wish : #1469424 bank Account window should remember user column arrangement. Wish : #1338052 add option to show x days future ledger txn. Wish : #1330156 in the ledger, a way to identify graphically the past from the future. 2015-06-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.307 Jun 2015 03:15 bugfix: change: win32: upgraded to libofx 0.9.9 again. wish : #1460370 internal xfer credit should display from account. wish : #1444792 wish: button to expand/collapse all in "Manage Categories". wish : #1429413 wish: thinking of icon credit vs debit card. wish : #1416957 wish: add ability to modify transaction when posting from template. bugDont work: "Save file as". If I change the file name, it does not change. bug(libofx 0.8.3 bug) win32 : some OFX files leads to crash. bug(libofx 0.8.3 bug) win32: memo field truncated. bug(libofx ) OFX imports incorrect date. 2015-05-06 Maxime Doyen.
5.0.209 May 2015 18:45 minor bugfix: Importing CSV files automatically creates 3 new accounts. Date filter From/To fields not working in Trend time and balance reports. Saving cut file name after a dot. Budget amount is wrong (seems twice). Calendar widget can't be dismissed by clicking on the arrow or text entry.