MediaWiki 1.34.0

MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software package written in PHP. It serves as the platform for Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, used by hundreds of millions of people each month. MediaWiki is localised in over 350 languages and its reliability and robust feature set have earned it a large and vibrant community of third-party users and developers. MediaWiki is: feature-rich and extensible, both on-wiki and with hundreds of extensions; scalable and suitable for both small and large sites; simple to install, working on most hardware/software combinations; and available in your language.

Tags wiki php
License GNU GPLv3
State mature

Recent Releases

1.34.020 Dec 2019 03:15 minor feature: resourceloader: Remove redundant closure of some startup and base files . resourceloader: Reduce severity of unknown page module warning. . Merge "resourceloader: Remove redundant closure of some startup and b . . Merge "resourceloader: Reduce severity of unknown page module warning". . Localisation updates from . Mark wgMainPageIsDomainRoot as experimental. . objectcache: fully respect "pcTTL" in WANObjectCache instead of using . . LogPager: Add IGNORE INDEX to avoid MariaDB optimizer. resourceloader: Remove "expected error" noise from mw.loader tests. . build: Lower default Karma logLevel during local development. . Improve documentation of newRevisionsFromBatch(). . Merge "LogPager: Add IGNORE INDEX to avoid MariaDB optimizer ". . newRevisionsFromBatch: don't throw on duplicate row. . phan: Removed PhanUndeclaredTypeParameter suppression. . Improve the top section of Special:Watchlist for small screens. . Merge "Improve documentation of newRevisionsFromBatch()". . Enable preservation of grapheme clusters in highlightQuery. . Merge "resourceloader: Remove "expected error" noise from mw.loader t . . Merge "Simplify NewFilesPager::getQueryInfo". . Merge "Improve the top section of Special:Watchlist for small screens". . Merge "phan: Removed PhanUndeclaredTypeParameter suppression". . Merge "Enable preservation of grapheme clusters in highlightQuery". . Avoid uses of wfWikiId() in maintenance/. . Merge "exception: Add missing early return for UserNotLoggedIn error . . Merge "Maintenance.php: mwdeerror". . resourceloader: Convert ImageModule test to stricter unit test. . Add.pipeline/ with dev image variant. . Replace infobox usages and extend successbox, warningbox and errorbox. . Merge "Avoid uses of wfWikiId() in mai
1.34.0-rc.106 Nov 2019 03:15 minor feature: rdbms: Restore detoolbar "Queries" feature . Setup RELEASE-NOTES for commits after 1.34.0-rc.0. . profiler: Deprecate ProfilerOutputDb and profileinfo.php. . localisation: Log demessage for backend of MessageCache. . Update git submodules. . example Kask configuration in RESTBagOStuff class comment. . Don't apply styling for Special:Contributions on other pages. . Update git submodules. . session: Add demessage for the used store class. . Use varargs for MessageLocalizer::msg and similar. . Use real variargs for variadic methods. . PPFrame: Use explicit varargs in method parameters. . Use splat operator in signature, not func_get_args. . BaseTemplate: Use explicit varargs in method parameters. . build: Upgrade mediawiki-codesniffer from 26.0.0 to 28.0.0. . Revert "Parser: Add Title type hints". . Deprecate setting Parser::mTitle to null. . Update RELEASE-NOTES-1.34 for various backports. . Deprecate 'jquery.tabIndex' module. . resources: Collapse all jQuery UI modules into one deprecated mega-mo . . docs for GetUserBlock hooks. . Merge "resources: Collapse all jQuery UI modules into one deprecated . . Update git submodules. . Update git submodules. . Add release notes for discontinuation of IE6/7 support. . Parser: Hard deprecate getConverterLanguage. . Deprecate Parser implementation methods (will be private in next rele . . Deprecate Parser::areSubpagesAllowed() / Parser::maybeDoSubpageLink(). . Deprecate Parser::splitWhitespace() / Parser::createAssocArgs(). . Deprecate Parser::replaceLinkHolders / replaceLinkHoldersText. . Deprecate additional public methods of Parser. . Merge "Parser: Hard deprecate getConverterLanguage" into REL1_34. . Disable wgServer autodetection to prevent cache poisoning attacks. .
1.34.0-rc.016 Oct 2019 03:15 minor feature: tests: Prefer assertSame() when comparing the integer 0 . Refactor MediaWikiIntegrationTestCase::resetDB() for readability. . Remove Revision::getRevisionText from ApiQueryDeletedrevs. . Merge "Sync up with Parsoid parserTests.txt". . Merge "Remove Revision::getRevisionText from ApiQueryDeletedrevs". . using null for a non-nullable argument. . Use BlobStore::getBlobBatch for RevisionStore::newRevisionsFromBatch. . docs: Avoid some scalar juggling. . export: Align docs of (Rename/Reopen) methods. . title: Improve docs of get*URL(). . Merge "export: Align docs of (Rename/Reopen) methods". . phan: Enable PhanTypeMismatchArgument. LogPager: separate getter from query filter. . Use mw.util.getUrl( null ) to get the default mw.config.get( 'wgPageN . . Merge "Add assertFileContains to MediaWikiTestCaseTrait". . Merge "LogPager: separate getter from query filter". . Merge "title: Improve docs of get*URL()". . Messages collected above the form are meant to live as boxed messages. . Merge "Log entries can be rendered with parentheses in HTML". . Mark consistently with any edit summaries. . Localisation updates from . Merge "import: Update docs about WikiRevision requiring a Config". . Merge "Use BlobStore::getBlobBatch for RevisionStore::newRevisionsFro . . namespace handling on Special:PagesWithProp. . Merge "namespace handling on Special:PagesWithProp". . Merge "phan: Enable PhanTypeMismatchArgument ". . Merge "Refactor MediaWikiIntegrationTestCase::resetDB() for readability". . Gallery: Don't fire wikipage.content hook twice during init. . tests: Prefer PHPUnit's assertSame() when comparing empty strings. . Merge "tests: Prefer assertSame() when comparing the integer 0". . Merge "tests: Prefer PHPUnit's assertS
1.33.109 Oct 2019 22:19 minor feature: