NightWatch Video Media File Navigator 2.05

NightWatch (NW) is directory browser for video media files. It has full keyboard access and can use single separated keypad (also wireless keypads) for navigation. NW has all functions available in the main menu. However with single keypad the regular main menu is not accessible. Because of this there is the "keypad menu" accessible with INSERT key. NW has Auto-Play function, which goes to the next video file and play it for the next 3 video files in the list with pause of 4 seconds between. Pressing any key during the pause will cancel Auto-Play. Also it will be cancelled if end-of video files list reached. NW shows Last-Played marker (red arrow) for the last video file played in a directory if more than one video file found. When entering new directory, the last played video file will be selected as current position in the list. NightWatch is licensed under GPLv2.

Tags video media files navigator mplayer
License GNU GPL
State initial

Recent Releases

2.0526 Oct 2021 09:00 minor feature: Initial release.