PanConvert 0.2.5

PanConvert is a multi-platform GUI for instrumenting Pandoc to convert between various text, file and markup formats. It allows selecting files, or ad-hoc conversion of entered/pasted markup. Pandoc needs to be installed, and handles MarkDown/CommonMark, LaTeX, OPML, ODT and EPUB formats.

Tags python qt5 pandoc text-conversion markup format
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.2.508 Feb 2017 04:19 feature: Added seperated Log-Viewer Added Make the Windows Position + Size savable Added Make the Log-Viewer Position + Size savable Added Make the Dialogs Position + Size sabable Added Date / Time of the Log-Messages Added Adjust the LogViewer Position manually Fixed From / To Formats Dialogs Added Multilanguage Support Supported languages: English, German, (Spanish: 40 ) Added Blank Translation File Fixed Error when inserting a new Path in Preferences
0.1.518 May 2015 14:25 feature: New Features: Added Batch Converion Mode (Files, Directories, Recursive Directories). Added OpenDirectory-Buttons for path input. Added Help-Buttons for from-formats, to-formats and options.
0.1.411 May 2015 09:45 feature: New Features: Added Preference for Open/Safe-Path (Standard is the Home-Directory). Added a Help menu for the pandoc user guide. Added a undo function. Removed save button, changed to save buffer (Only in Memory).
0.1.310 Jan 2015 03:05 feature: Added Support for the binary format docx in the from section (Manual Converter only). Added Preferences for the Manual Converter. Added Support for error-messages from the Manual Converter. Bug fixes for binary Handling of the Manual Converter.
0.1.225 Nov 2014 11:25 minor bugfix: Fixed message after filewrite to filesystem (e.g. odt-Export). Changes to multiple arguments.