rpmrebuild 2.18

rpmrebuild is a tool to build an RPM file from a package that has already been installed, or from an rpm file In a basic use, rpmrebuild use do not require any rpm building knowledge. (On debian, the equivalent product is dpkg-repack)

Tags packaging
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1804 Feb 2023 09:39 minor bugfix: - fix --cap-from-fs is not as expected when use libcap-2.32 (xujing) - reset defattr when users want to keep files permission, uid and gid (xujing) - fix -k may not keep uid or gid (xujing)
2.1711 Jan 2023 12:37 minor feature: - fix -r does not work (xujing) - fix spelling errors that could mislead users (xujing) - fix --comment-missing=n does not work (xujing) - fix --cap-from-fs does not work (xujing) - all shell are bash - clean test x var, use -z - change email to tutanota - change copyright year - change gpg key - fix warnings from shellcheck - add unitary tests for plugins and options - if batch mode, do not edit any spec part - spec_only : display spec name if successfull - echo+read in one line with read -p - add new plugin exclude_file to exclude files from spec - split tests in t directory - bugfix in nodoc plugin - rename internal variable with RPMREBUILD_ prefix
2.16-122 Jan 2021 15:25 minor feature: - fix bug if more than 10 args (thanks Dmitry V. Levin) - add signal trapping to clean directory - fix warnings from shellcheck - fix problem when rebuild filesystem package (builroot not a directory) - fix installation test for kernel and multi-arch packages
2.15-121 Feb 2020 10:51 minor feature: - fix error on rpmrebuild_files.sh line 204 (verify tag) - use env in shebang to avoid path problemes (/bin versus /usr/bin) - updated htmc doc (features, usage) - avoid shebang translation for rpmrebuild packages (__brp_mangle_shebangs macro) - fix bug on change-spec-preamble (move processing_init before CommandLineParsing) thanks Nerijus - fix cpio problem : add --no-absolute-filenames option - better diagnostic on internal error
2.14-102 Nov 2018 07:29 minor feature: The code was modified to work on old rpm releases (even 3.x)
2.13-113 Sep 2018 11:17 minor feature: rpmrebuild can now handle recommends / supplements rpm tags
2.12-121 Jul 2018 09:34 minor feature: - apply patch from Bruce Jerrick : Handle Requires(pre,post,preun,postun) - add new requires syntax with if ( redhat-rpm-config )
2.11-210 Sep 2017 14:53 minor feature: - add install option
2.1109 Aug 2016 11:31 minor feature: - add install option