Sawfish 1.13.0

All window decorations are configurable, the basic idea is to have as much user-interface policy as possible controlled through the Lisp language. Despite this extensibility its policy is currently very minimal compared to most window managers. Its aim is simply to manage windows in the most flexible and attractive manner possible. As such it does not implement desktop backgrounds, applications docks, or other things that may be achieved through separate applications. All high-level wm functions are implemented in Lisp for future extensibility or redefinition. Currently this includes menus (using GTK+), interactive window moving and resizing, virtual desktop, iconification, focus/transient window policies, frame theme definitions and much more. Also, most received events are exported to the Lisp environment through ``key-bindings'' and hooks, similar to in Emacs. These events include pointer behaviour and many internal X11 events (enter/leave, focus-in/focus-out, map/unmap, etc..)

Tags x11 window manager gtk lisp
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.13.025 Dec 2021 10:56 minor bugfix: Several fixes and some improvements in match-window and shring-yank features, support for _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS and _NET_REQUEST_FRAME_EXTENTS, cumulated release with all changes since August 2016.
1.12.9026 Aug 2017 14:43 minor bugfix: First beta for 1.13.0 ; improved KDE and Lumina integration ; allow for reproducible builds ; improve configure checks and Makefiles ; filter out Trayer from Cabinet ; update Japanese translation ; move a few program support modules from Sawfish to Sawfish Extras ; other minor changes
1.12.013 Aug 2016 08:56 major feature: - Fixed that a focus change by pointer motion was ignored after x-cycle. - Focus-mode 'enter-exit' now ignores 'pointer-out' event. Fixing flickering bugs with widgets like GtkComboBox,GtkCompletion or Firefox' URL-Bar. - Fixed that 'edge-flip-delay' did not work as expected. - Better detection of transient windows during tiling - The Tiling functions now use 'calculate-workarea' to not overlap '_NET_WM_STRUT' windows like panels and others. - let 'window-icon-image' use 'NET_WM_ICON' to get 16x16 icon. - Allow passing of extra (custom) arguments to compton. - Add 'lumina-window-matchers' for better interaction of Lumina and Compton. Also filter Lumina out from 'cabinet'. - Add double buffering of frame parts to reduce flickering while redraw of frames. - Properly filter out 'conky' from 'cabinet'. - Restructured session file installation. - Merge downstream Debian GNU/Linux packaging scripts upstream - Debian code review Fix FSF address across all files , Fix code spellings , Make build reproducible , add missing Keywords to .desktop files