Siril 1.2.3

Siril is an astronomical image processing tool. It is specially tailored for noise reduction and improving the signal/noise ratio of an image from multiple captures, as required in astronomy. Siril can align automatically or manually, stack and enhance pictures from various file formats, even image sequence files (films and SER files). It works well with limited system resources, like in embedded platforms, but is also very fast when run on more powerful computers. Contributors are welcome. Programming language is C, with parts in C++. Main development is done with most recent versions of libraries.

Tags astronomy astrophotography photography image processing
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.2.319 Jun 2024 12:25 minor bugfix: Handling wide-char characters in filenames on Windows (cfitsio rollback). Compression error (files were not compressed anymore). Internet connection in macOS version (packaging ).
1.2.214 Jun 2024 15:25 minor bugfix: Removed background extraction samples after using it in script. Catalog parser problem with negative declination (less than 1 ). Weighting by number of stars during stacking if number of stars is the same across the sequence. Improved mouse pan and zoom control to enable one-handed operation. Added an option to the LINK command in order to sort output by date. Pixel size set by astrometry using binning_update preference. Crash when querying stats on a CFA image with a selection smaller than a 2x2 square. Crash when saving compressed and croped images. Disabled supernumerary use of openmp in demosaicing, which could lead to a crash. Ser orientation error. Crash during rejection stacking when using shift-registered sequence. Mouse scrollwheel scrolling too fast. Drag drop in image display on macOS. in rgradient (Larson Sekanina) filter. in generalized hyperbolic stretches. Path parsing error with savetif. Added handling of empty command pipe reads.
1.2.128 Jan 2024 14:50 major feature: * Fixed Anscombe VST noise reduction option for mono images * Fixed HEIF import (#1198) * Fixed Noise Reduction Anscombe VST bug with mono images (#1200) * Fixed problems with Fourier Transform planning Estimate (#1199) * Fixed data initialisation bugs in copyfits() and RGB compositing tool * Fixed exported x-column for lightcurves when Julian date is not selected (#1220) * Fixed sampling tolerance for astrometry which was incorrectly read (#1231) * Allowed for RA/DEC to be sorted in PSF windows (#1214) * Added SET-TEMP as valid FITS header to be saved (#1215) * Added configurable color for background extraction sample and standard annotations (#1230) * Fixed argument parsing error in makepsf (!593) * Fixed light_curve and csv export from plot when some images were unselected from the sequence (#1169) * Added undo/redo when platesolving with (#1233) * Fixed crash in findstar when detecting stars close to the border (#1237) * Fixed using wcs info when using light_curve command (#1195) * Allowed moving file into workdir to be picked up for livestacking (#1223) * Fixed the way we check if there is enough space to use quick photometry (#1238) * Fixed platesolving close to poles (#1245) * Fixed bit depth evaluation for 8-bit images (#1244) * Fixed division by 0 in PixelMath (#1249)
1.2.029 Dec 2023 15:19 major feature: * Fixed crash in background extraction samples removing (#1123) * Fixed crash in binning with ushort images (4d4d4878) * Fixed crash in findstar when a large saturated patch was close to border * Fixed memory leaks in deconvolution code (3e122ad7) * Fixed sorting in the rightmost columns in Dynamic PSF window (75586c04) * Added logging typed command in stdout (06f67292) * Improved path-checking and messages for local solver (Windows) (!524) * Prevent crash using recomposition tool eyedroppers without images loaded (!526) * Fix HaOiii script failure if input image has odd dimensions (!533) * Fix errors in GNUplot process handling (!538) * Fixed crash with seqextract_HaOIII command (!535) * Fixed crash when trying to export csv from empty plot (#1150) * Fixed deleting RA/Dec info when undoing an astrometry solve (#1119) * Improved error detection and messages for astrometry (!516) * Fixed sampling range specification for siril internal solver (!549) * Fixed all command descriptions (!546) * Fixed SER orientation after AVI conversion (#1120) * Fixed rescaling float images upon loading when not in 0,1 range (#1155) * Fixed initialization of guide image for clamping (#1114) * Fixed disabling weighting in the GUI when widget is not visible (#1158) * Fixed output_norm behavior for stacking to ignore border values (#1159) * Fixed the check for the no space left condition in the conversion (#1108) * Fixed DATE_OBS missing on seqapplyreg if interp was set to NONE (#1156) * Fixed photometry issue with 8-bit .ser file (#1160) * Fixed removing zero values in histogram calculations (#1164) * Fixed pixel sizes after HaOIII extrcation (#1175) * Fixed crash when passing only constants in pm expression (#1176) * Fixed incorrect channel when adding star from selection in RGB vport (#1180) * Allow to access to non-local disk (#1182) * Allow the Star Recomposition UI to scroll when larger than the dialog (#1172) * Fixed wrong Bayer interpretation after FITS-SER conversi