TuxGuitar 1.6.3

TuxGuitar is an Open Source multitrack tablature editor and player written in Java.

Tags guitar audio multitrack tabulature java
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.6.307 Jun 2024 21:45 minor bugfix: Stuck splash screen on Linux/Wayland. "Save As" file type on Windows. Audio export of percussion tracks. Several batch converter Updated dependencies for compatibility with.
24.0425 May 2024 19:05 minor feature: Improved button in toolbar for tuplets. "Currently played beat" highlight improved. Made caret more visible. Adapated copy-paste function to better handle different tuning presets. Enabled files to be opened with double-click in Finder on MacOS. Display menu accelerators correctly on MacOS. Removed confirmation "Do you want to apply changes now?". Made marker font configurable. Simplified "Change Tuning" dialog. Improved MusicXML, MIDI and PDF export. Added menu entries for advanced selection features. Changed Ctrl+A shortcut to "Select Entire Track". Improved note spacing. Improved editing and display of percussion tracks. Removed broken "Export to Gervill Audio File" Plugin. Many small improvements and cleanups.
1.6.203 Apr 2024 16:05 minor security: Delete VST plugin due to licensing and security concerns. See. Https://github.com/helge17/tuxguitar//312 For details.
1.6.113 Jan 2024 03:15 minor feature: Add volume controls for tracks. Add possibility to save custom tuning presets. Add embedded help viewer. Add responsive design to help pages. Add many new icons to the menus. Update and sharpen the skin icons. Align order of main toolbar items with main menu entries. Add zoom controls in main toolbar. Add shortcuts for "zoom in" and "zoom out" actions. Save/restore caret position when switching song. Copy measures: new option to copy markers, options are saved. Security for CVE-2020-14940. Add a text filter in Key Binding Editor. Save Key Signature in GP5 format. Improved import/export of harmonics in GP5 format. Alternative repeats in GP5 format. MIDI import, parsing of simultaneous events: "note off" first. MIDI import with transposition. Additional percussion sounds in Matrix Editor. Improved representation of tuplets. Correction of "Major Thirds" tuning. selection in score edition mode. Documentation on how you can contribute. More small improvements and code cleanup.
1.6.031 Dec 2023 12:06 major feature: * Add click drag selection * Copy/paste and repeat selection * Apply actions and effects to selection * Fix percussion channel issues in GP importer * Improve MIDI import/export * Enhance bend display * Adjust playback tempo in 1 steps * Improve horizontal scrolling during playback * Add named tuning presets * Add new skins * Update documentation * Improve translations, add Android translations * Add basic support for hardware keyboards on Android * Simplify and document build process * Remove all 32 bit builds * Remove QT4 and QT5 builds for Linux * Add 64 bit builds for Windows * Provide RPM packages for Linux * Improve command line handling * Many small improvements and cleanups