librtas 1.3.13

librtas provides an interface for Run-Time Abstraction Services (RTAS) calls on the 64-bit PowerPC architecture for low-level hardware configuration. It allows to examine hardware states, influencing its state (LEDs), retrieving firmware logs, or loading new firmware. librtasevent allows to parse arbitrary RTAS event responses.

FUSE for OS X 2.7.2

FUSE for OS X provides foreign filesystem support under Mac OS X. It's the successor to MacFUSE. And like the Linux variant it provides a user-land filesystem driver API, which is easier to develop for. Command-line tools are provided, and a kernel module which facilitates binding drivers like sshfs, procfs, AccessibilityFS, GrabFS, LoopbackFS, SpotlightFS, and YouTubeFS to the file system.

P-Touch 2430 PC 1.0

P-Touch is a label printing tool for the Brother P-Touch 2430 PC. It only prints 1 or 2 lines of text in 9mm or 12mm bands, it doesn't print graphics.