Ardillo Event Loop 0.1.0

Ardillo Loop is an implementation of the ReactPHP Event Loop interface, enabling the development of asynchronous cross-platform desktop application.

PyConSys 1.0.1

Control units and control loops implemented in Excel and Python (Python with AI example). In Python, PID parameters can be set automatically. Excel file with numeric basics included.

FVL 1.0.0

FVL, or Fourier Video Loop, is a command-line utility to seamlessly loop frame sequence (enumerated .png images) by cutting spectrum of per-pixel transformation over time. More precisely, the time series of each pixel channel, considered as a signal, is approximated by the partial sum of its Fourier series. Using Fast Fourier Transform to switch between the signal and its spectrum, we nullify or reduce some frequencies to decrease the leap of the signal at the ends of the time interval.