Concurrent.js 0.5.14

At the highest level of its design, Concurrent.js is a dynamic module importer like require and import. But instead of loading a module into the main thread, it loads the module into a worker. It injects the concurrency behavior into imported functions and classes so they can be used as usual. Concurrent.js works on web browsers, Node.js, and Deno.

GNUnet Worker 1.0.0

As it is often the case with network applications, GNUnet is built following a single-threaded event-driven model. This is an optimal model when dealing with high concurrency scenarios, but can be problematic in other contexts (like, for example, graphical user interfaces, which normally have their own event loop). To accomplish its event-driven flow, GNUnet uses a scheduler. Once such scheduler is started, it is not designed to be invoked by other threads, but can schedule only routines reques