Prestashop Out of Stock

Effectively manage out-of-stock products with the PrestaShop Out of Stock module. Enable customer notifications, transparently communicate stock availability, and gain control over handling temporarily unavailable items. This module prioritizes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prestashop CSV Pricing

Efficient pricing management is vital, especially for stores with extensive product catalogs. The PrestaShop CSV Pricing module simplifies the process of importing and updating prices via CSV files. This not only saves time but also reduces errors, ensuring pricing consistency, efficiency, and accuracy, regardless of your product inventory's scale.

Prestashop Private Shop

For exclusive shopping experiences, consider implementing the PrestaShop Private Shop Module. This module empowers you to create a restricted section within your store, tailored for selected customers, whether they are VIPs or wholesale buyers. You have the flexibility to limit access to specific products, categories, or the entire store, ensuring personalized attention and offerings for a truly exceptional retail experience.

Prestashop Labels

Efficiently manage product presentation with the PrestaShop Labels module. Simplifying product management, it allows you to apply informative labels like "New," "On Sale," or "Bestseller." These labels serve as helpful guides for customers, aiding them in making informed decisions and contributing to a delightful shopping experience.

Module SEO PreStashop

Enhance your online store's digital presence with the powerful PrestaShop SEO Module. It plays a pivotal role in boosting website visibility and improving search engine rankings. This module enables you to fine-tune critical SEO elements, including product pages, meta tags, and sitemaps, ultimately driving organic traffic, attracting a larger audience, and strengthening your online presence.

PrestaShop Registration Form

The PrestaShop Registration Form module streamlines the customer sign-up process on your PrestaShop store, providing a registration procedure that's both user-friendly and adaptable. It efficiently collects vital customer data, empowering you to fuel targeted marketing campaigns and create personalized shopping experiences. This enhances initial customer interactions and nurtures long-term relationships.

Prestashop Friendly URL

Pretty URLs is a PrestaShop Friendly URL module that removes auto generated ID from the URLs of product, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, CMS and all other pages of your store. Clean links are search friendly and an essential requirement for SEO. You will not lose your current search rankings as it 301 redirects old URLs to new ones.

Prestashop Registration Module

Prestashop Registration Fields Module allows you to add fields like customer address on the registration form. Admin can also validate new registrations from the backend. There are more options to add text, dropdown, upload, image, checkbox & 8 other field types and make them dependable. It also has an option to restrict new registrations with validation from Admin and filter customers by custom fields (Text, date field only)

Prestashop Pretty Url

Prestashop Friendly Url allows you to make your URL clear and remove the Ids and numbers which are generated automatically. By using this module your site will be SEO friendly and can be optimized easily in Search engine rankings

Prestashop Product Video

Prestashop Product Video allows you to add informational and instructional videos to your product page and enable customers to get more information about your product. You can embed videos from Facebook, Youtube and other social media sites.

Prestashop Countdown Timer

Prestashop Countdown Timer allows you to increase your sales by putting banners of sales promotion on your product pages. Different layouts and put the banner in any corner of the product page. The timer is also displayed, which will use to have urgency in the customer mind.

Prestashop Gift Card

Prestashop Gift Card offers you the features of enabling your customers to buy gift cards and gift them to your friend and family member for special events like Wedding, Anniversaries, Eids etc

Prestashop Custom Block

Prestashop Static BLock allows you to add HTML, multimedia blocks to the home page, product page or cart page. You can also schedule these block to show for the specific time and date.

Prestashop Pre Order

Prestashop Pre Order is a Prestashop module which allows your customers to subscribe and purchase any product they want to and order it later. It also has email notification which informs customers about the product when available in the stock.

Prestashop Affiliate

This module allows customers to signup for the affiliate program and earns for referring each customer. This will boost your sales by allowing customers to promote your products and services and earn rewards with it. You can approve/disapprove affiliates. You can view list of visitors referred by customers. Set minimum order value for affiliate reward. Calculate reward percentage with or without tax. You can enable/disable affiliate reward on user registration. View statistics of sales from affi