react-crud-icons 1.2.3

Set of 67 SVG icons for CRUD applications (hand-picked among thousands of icons at Material Design Icons), packaged as a React component with light & dark themes and tooltip.

CSS Hooks 1.0.0

CSS Hooks brings advanced CSS features to native inline styles. With hooks, you can define hover styles, implement responsive design, and more, all without leaving the `style` prop.

Deskreen 1.0.11

A cross platform Electronjs based desktop app that runs on your computer. Deskreen helps you to make any device with a web browser a second screen for your computer. Features: * works with WiFi or LAN * use any device with web browser as second screen for your computer (using Display Dummy Plug) * use any device web browser to mirror your computer's screen * use any device web browser to view a single application window from your computer's screen * supports multiple screen sharing sessions to