Heaptrack 1.5.0

Heaptrack traces all memory allocations and annotates these events with stack traces. Dedicated analysis tools then allow you to interpret the heap memory profile to: Find hotspots that need to be optimized to reduce the memory footprint of your application Find memory leaks, i.e. locations that allocate memory which is never deallocated Find allocation hotspots, i.e. code locations that trigger a lot of memory allocation calls Find temporary allocations, which are allocations that are directly

PSXSDK 20150729

The PSXSDK is a free and open source software development kit that enables anyone with C programming knowledge to make programs and games for Sony's PlayStation console. Everything was either written from scratch or based on already available open source resources. It is thus free from any proprietary code and fully legal to use. The SDK is mostly geared towards a *nix environment, but is fully usable with emulation environments such as MSYS and Cygwin.

Android Studio 1.0.0

Android Studio is an IDE and SDK for Android developement built on IntelliJ IDEA. It provides various build schemes and APK packaging + signing, rich and context-sensitive editing and refactoring support, GitHub integration, mobile device emulations for debugging, Gradle support, a flexible and multi-screen UI, Google Services and Cloud integration templates, and runs on all major platforms.