Micro Hosts Editor 1.5.0

Micro Hosts Editor is a small, simple, cross-platform, free and completely open-source Hosts editor. You can easily edit your Hosts file using simple GUI.

SharePoint Migration Tool

Saketa migrator - SharePoint migration tool, the best software to migrate data from all SharePoint versions, Office 365, cloud & file systems

ACLTool 1.15

ACLTool is a command line utility to display, create, update ACLs in a uniform way on multiple platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, MacOS). Primarily NFSv/ZFS-style ACLs, but also SMB and MacOS ACLs are supported. Support for POSIX.1e ACLs is planned but currently not implemented.


An alternative to Windows' built in Snipping Tool with auto Imgur Upload or Image to Clipboard Copy for even faster Image sharing.

mulle-bootstrap 2.0

mulle-bootstrap, cross platform dependency manager using bash and cmake ... for Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, Windows ... for C, C++, Objective-C ... certainly not a "minimal" or lightweight" project with ca. 10000 lines of shell script code Why you may want it You program in C, C++ or in Objective-C, mulle-bootstrap is written for you If you need to link against a library, that clashes with an installed library, mulle-bootstrap could break this quandary If you feel that apt-get install p


Command line based user interface for editing and applying python scripts that convert lines in a file or from stdin however the user wants it and by whatsoever method is available through python including regex, parsers, string manipulation, calling subprocesses and everything else.


Tool that converts the help message of a program into a full-fledged manpage. Can use additional information from a file. The easy to use, fast way to generate a manpage. Written in python and based on the docopt parser.

SBuild Build Tool 0.7.6

SBuild is a Scala-based build tool. It features platform independence, multi project support, automatic up-to-date detection, a flexible scheme handler mechanism, Maven repository support, Ant task integration, automatic cross-project resolving of dependencies, high speed, a simple "syntax" that requires almost no Scala knowledge, behind-the-sceens compilation of build script to bytecode for fast execution time, and built-in scheme handlers for HTTP and Maven.